His Dark Obsession by Moonlight Muse Chapter 48

His Dark Obsession by Moonlight Muse

Chapter 48


I rush through the halls trying to pick up her scent, but there’s nothing at all, no fvcking scent. They’ve sprayed something here; the entire place just smells the same…


I punch the wall, looking down at the paper. There has to be some fvcking clue in here? I glance up when I see Chasyn run down the hall, his face pale.

“What is it? Is Maryka in danger?” I ask, knowing if his mate is hurt, he could at least feel it.

He shakes his head before he runs off down the hall, not saying anything. I’ll find her. Somehow.

Rolling the papers up, I stride down the hall, desperate to find her. I don’t like her out of my sight, alone, especially if I don’t know where she is or who she is with. I should have asked someone to watch over her. I don’t trust anyone here…

I run through the halls, trying to think where they may have taken her, but nothing seems out of the ordinary. It will be somewhere hard… there has to be a clue in here! Unrolling the papers, I flip through them, trying to slow down and read through them. Frowning when I reach the hostage section…

There’s got to be some clue in here…

“Attention to all contestants. You have until midnight to find your Lunas and return to the grand hall. There are no restrictions, you may go wherever you wish as long as you uphold the rules of the tournament. If at any point your cameras are switched off, you will immediately be disqualified.” Franco’s voice comes from around me.

My irritation only rises. So this is a game to them? Obviously, it fvcking is.

I look down at the little video camera attached to my shirt. Now that made sense. Of course, we wouldn’t have needed them for a fvcking paper exam.

Until midnight… so that means they must be somewhere safe. No one is going to risk the mates of the future Alphas.

I try to calm the unease within me, trying to think straight. Leaning against the wall, I read through the last section of the paper carefully.

Fifteen minutes later I’m still staring at this paper, a hostage situation where the Luna is kidnapped, and the palace is overtaken… There’s a lot of detail of what happens in the palace, of course, there is, as they have a sh*t tonne of questions they pretended needed to be answered.

I’m certain if I didn’t realise Evangeline was gone, most of us would have completed the entire paper. But aside from the passage describing the takeover of the palace, not one part of the text mentions where the Luna is taken to.

“Come on Zed.” I tell myself, trying to read through it again. Each passing minute frustrates me and it’s only when I’m about to rip the fvcking thing up does my attention fall to the first paragraph.

“… The Luna in her panic leaves a message to the Alpha but she is unable to escape and hides the letter…” Is this the clue?

Leave me a letter… Where would Evangeline leave me a clue? I ponder it over for a few moments before I glance down the hall… Our quarters.

Breaking into a run, I head for our quarters. I can see the cameras set up here are there, but they don’t cover the entire place, but they still fvcking irritate me.

I frown seeing the lock on the bedroom door and unlock it. I hate that they fvcking have access to my place. I push open the door, not caring when it slams off the wall as I scan the place. I still can’t smell her

Where would she hide something?

The bedroom.

I rush to the bedroom and begin ripping it apart. It has to be here somewhere. There’s no other place that we even spent time at… I pause when my mind goes to the apartment in the city. I frown, it’s not a place l want the world to know of, but if nothing is here, then I’ll have to go there.

Twenty minutes later I’ve torn the bedroom and closet apart. There is nothing here at all.

I enter the bathroom, but I find nothing. Returning to the lounge, I head to my office. I’m a little slower here, hating when this place becomes a fvcking mess, plus with all this paper I might miss the letter. Who knows how big this scrap of paper might be?

I’m beginning to doubt myself and pull out the test papers again as I walk out of my office. It’s also a mess now just like the bedroom and I have found nothing. I’ve been here for over an hour now…

I look around the lounge, spotting the couch. We did have a moment here… I pull out the drawer on the coffee table. It’s empty.

I rip off the cushions of the couch. Nothing. I search in the creva*s*ses but find nothing.

“Fvck!” I snarl, kicking the sofa. The f0rce makes it tip over. I glance at the ground beneath it, but there’s nothing here. I run a hand down my head, my head pounding with irritation. I’m hungry too and I need blood. I’m about to turn away when my attention falls to the sofa, spotting a small cut in the lining underneath.

Tilting my head, I walk over to it and grip the ripped area; I tear it open fully, wondering if there’s something in here. I frown as I scan the inside. There’s no clue or letter, but my eyes fall on the slim phone that now lies at the bottom.

I pick it up, turning it over in my hands. Is this the clue? I’m about to switch it on when one of the guards enters.

“No use of phones, Alpha Prince.” He says, bowing his head.

“So, this isn’t the clue?” I ask coldly.

“No Alpha. Please do not use the phone.” He says quietly.

Í nod.

If this isn’t the clue, then what the hell is this and how did it get here?

Frowning, I head to my office, placing it in my desk drawer before heading back out. I need to look elsewhere.

I stride towards the door, about to leave, when my attention goes to the door frame, there against the dark walls, is something at the top of the door frame. Reaching up, I take it, my heart s**ping a beat when I see my name on it.

Tearing it open, I skim through it.

“Congratulations on finding the clue. Your Luna is in the eastern side of the forest.”

The eastern forest?

I glance at the time. It’s going to take me time to get there… if I head out now, I should get there within an hour…

I’m coming Little Mouse.

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