His Dark Obsession by Moonlight Muse Chapter 60

His Dark Obsession by Moonlight Muse

Chapter 60


I want to know exactly what happened that night.”

I say quietly.

He takes a silent breath, obviously remembering that night and, by the looks of it, it wasn’t a pleasant experience.

It has been ten years since that night, but it’s still as fresh in my mind as if it had just happened yesterday. The town was roughly an hour’s drive or run from Dark Falls. It was in an even more isolated place than Dark Falls. Hidden on the other side of the forest and these mountains.

Sinclair and I were on a hunting trip, and we had found a target and given chase. It was snowing heavily, and this was something we did every winter.

I made sure each year I made the hunt a little harder for him, and that year we were going to go through the rocky terrain and up through the mountains.”

He begins.

I can tell he doesn’t like speaking of it, but he still continues and begins pacing the room. I cross my arms and lean against the wall.

I smelt blood and something burning, yet there was no sign of a fire. Feeling concerned, I thought to check it out. Perhaps there might be an animal or someone who might need help.

It was snowing extremely hard, and I was afraid there was a blizzard coming, but I knew I couldn’t turn back without checking. But I could never have imagined what we were about to come across… The entire town was burned down, and the streets were running with blood, mixed with the snow. It was a scene that even a horror movie could not rival. The houses were burned and charred, but it was clear the fires had d*ied out hours ago. He sits down on one of the sofas, clasping his hands in front of him.

“It was just like what you saw in there… the blood.. rivers of it..”

“It was a human town, correct?” I ask.

Yes, and I was alarmed. I didn’t know if I should call the authorities when it was obvious this was not a human attack. But then there was no connection and not enough time to contact your father, either.

So I told Sinclair to look for survivors and with every house we checked, all we found were dead bod*ies.

We had scoured the entire place, and I was ready to head back when Sinclair found her, and I remember him shouting to me to come quickly.. He continued and now looks up at me.

There she stood, a little child, covered in blood from head to toe. Her eyes were the only thing that I could see as she stood there clutching a teddy bear.

She was simply walking through the streets, terrified and confused. I realised all the bod*ies were of humans. She was the only werewolf in a town of humans, and I knew I had to get her out of there before the police showed up.

I frown as I take it all in. Was her mother a human?

“Was she injured?”

“No, aside from being drenched in blood, she was unharmed. She remembered nothing. The only thing she knew was her name, Evangeline.”

So what about the name Rose? I question.

“Mother gave it to her.” He shakes his head as I ponder over it.

“And you realised she was an Omega from her scent?” I ask.

He nods and I stare at the ground.

I don’t know why… although she smells like an Omega, enticing, tempting and the pheromones…

What I saw in the poo… she had something else to her. She has some kind of power, but what it was, I have no clue.

Yes. She’s clearly an Omega, but a strong one.

“Mother always said the same. She actually thought her wolf may even be stronger than most when she shifts, she felt she would be an asset. After a visit to the Oracle she only seemed to be even more determined, and gave her the very best teachings.

But on her eighteenth birthday, she didn’t shift and

Mother was completely shocked.” He continues.

Yeah, we both know how she just tossed her aside.

I sneer, wondering what the Oracle told them. Then, I will be asking that old hag.

He looks disappointed but shakes his head. “She is better off with you. Look at her life now. It’s far better than what it would have been if she had remained in my pack.” He counters.

“You didn’t know what kind of life she’ll have. None of you knew that… You threw her to a monster. Let’s try to remember that. You knew she wouldn’t last the night.” I growl.

“I’m glad she did.” He says quietly. “I was… that night, I felt- something just seemed right about giving her to you. I didn’t trust my son if she was to remain in my pack, and I have raised her as my own.

I do love her, and I wanted the best for her. She was always a curious child, and she was the warmth of our home. I didn’t want her future to be torn from her and although I knew it was a risk, however, I trusted Mother’s decision on the matter.”

“Lies. There was no way she was safe with me and just so you know, I almost k*lled her. Several times.”

I say coldly. “It was your duty to protect her, yet you just gave her up to save that fool you call a son.” I snarl.

I don’t know why I’m so angry or deviating from the conversation, but I’m fvcking pissed. This man was supposed to take care of her.

He watches me but remains silent.

Wise move.

İ turn, and I am about to open the door when I pause. “You are not to mention what you told me to anyone. I don’t want Evangeline to gain unnecessary attention.”

“I understand.”

I leave the room and return to my own quarters. The door is ajar, and the guards are standing outside. I step inside to see Kash standing against the wall.

Whilst Evangeline is sitting on the bed as they discuss something. Or more like Kash is trying to make conversation, and she’s only replying.

They stop talking when I enter and her eyes light up as she hurries over to me, wrapping her arms around my wa!st tightly. Her heart’s thumping, and I know she’s still worried. I hug her back, feeling the sparks dance along our skin.

Thanks for keeping her company. I say to Kash, who shakes his head.

“No problem, it was nice to get to know your Luna a little. I’ll catch up with you two tomorrow.”

“You still have a lot to share.” I remind him.

“Tomorrow brother.” He says, leaving our room and shutting the door after him.

“What did they say?” She asks me quietly.

I run my fingers through her hair, wondering when I had become so accustomed to her? Was this still an act? Her eyelids flutter shut at my touch, and I bend down, k!ssing her lips. She kisses me back and the sparks I feel are fvcking intense. Her scent fills my nose, and I suddenly remember the distinct smell of blood I had caught off her this morning, when we…

I pull back and she looks at me worriedly.


I don’t believe she did it, but that blood… everything was fvcking with my head.

“Let’s go have a bath… we can discuss what the Oracle told you.” I say quietly. I’m drained and could use a break just as much as she could.

She blushes before she nods. “I-I had Alistair bring my oils and stuff.”

“Go run us a bath.” I say, knowing exactly what she was trying to get at.

She nods, her cheeks still a pretty hue of red before she hurries out of the room. I exhale and walk over to the window, repeating the message on the Oracle’s back in my head.

“Through time, the curse becomes stronger. Destroy the curse of the Gemini…” What Gemini? It didn’t make any sense.

‘End the war within yourself…’ The war within myself… that would be the fact that my Lycan hates me.

‘You are both each other’s blessing and a curse.’ Did she mean me and my wolf, or me and Evangeline?

‘Return to the place of your greatest fear, for he holds the key.’ My greatest fear… the Chamber of Truth.. that place that destroyed it all for me..

The smell of oils and whatever she is adding to the water make me glance at the door, and I silently walk over, looking through the door that is slightly ajar.

Water is gushing into the bath, and she’s sitting on the edge of the tub and there’s a sadness on her face as she stares at her hands, tears silently streaming down her cheeks.

I push the door open, and she looks away, trying to hide her tears.

Pulling my top off, I tug her up and begin to undress her. She doesn’t argue, simply crossing her arms over her br3asts coyly once I removed her top.

Watching her, I can’t help but admire how beautiful she is once again.

It’s strange how she was so confident this morning, and now she’s blushing again.

I leave her to remove her br*a and p*nties, turning my back on her and instead remove my own clothes and get into the tub turning the taps off. She gets in quickly and as much as I want to delay her sinking into the bubbles and admire her p*uss*y, she’s far too distraught to tease right now.

She doesn’t need to be told to sit against me, and when she does, leaning against me like a good girl, I instantly lock my arms around her, enjoying the feel of her br3asts resting against my arm and her as*s against my c*oc*k.

Fvck, I wouldn’t mind another round of earlier.

“What did she say to you?” I ask quietly, brushing my thumb over her n!pple.

She tenses, and I frown as she takes a shaky breath, placing her hand over mine as I continue to play with her pink bud. “The question I asked her was… H -how do I stop history – history repeating itself… H- How to get rid of this curse.” She seems to struggle to get the words out.

“Curse… what makes you think there’s a curse?”

She doesn’t reply, but I can feel her struggling just like earlier. I stop playing with her n!pple and instead turn her to face me, I can feel my Lycan’s restlessness in my head but I can’t risk him coming forward. Not right now.

She stares at me but doesn’t say anything, her heart thumping loudly.

I feel a cold wave wash over me as I realise she can’t say. Something is stopping her from telling me. With this realisation, I lean back.

“It’s fine, doesn’t matter… So did you get an answer to your question?” I ask. She nods, but she doesn’t explain.

“You can’t say.” I state quietly, and she nods, looking devastated.

“Doesn’t matter. We’ll deal with it.”

I had my message to help too.


She’s hugging herself and I reach for her hand, kissing her wrist softly when my gaze falls to her bracelet and I freeze. It’s not the bracelet, but a certain charm that caught my attention.

“A Gemini…” I say, looking up at her. She looks surprised before her face pales, and she stares at it.

“What is this?”

“L-Lucía gave it to me, because my star sign is a Gemini…” She trails off before she turns completely ashen. “I’m a Gemini.”

We both stare at one another and I don’t know how, but I think we somehow have a lead. Even if it doesn’t make any sense right now, it’s still a lead.

Evangeline is the Gemini.

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