His Dark Obsession by Moonlight Muse Chapter 63

His Dark Obsession by Moonlight Muse

Chapter 63


This is wrong. He shouldn’t have to have such a public trial when there is plenty of questionable behaviour from others. I mean, Sinclair, for example.

However, I can’t say anything because Zedkiel asked for it to happen.

She’s there clawing at the back of my mind, and I’m not going to let her get the better of me. It’s almost as if she takes advantage of me whenever I’m distracted…

I sigh heavily, glancing over at Sinclair, who didn’t make it to the exit, being in far too much pain and was now being treated by the healer who he had pushed away. Zedkiel had done some serious damage, but he had refrained from showing his true power… I knew that.

Zedkiel isn’t a people person, nor does he like to be around people… but his adamance with becoming king is clear and I know it isn’t for the pomp and glory. He is a man willing to put the work in to protect the kingdom.

Alpha Ambrose is conversing via the mind link with the members of the high court but without Zedkiel having the mind link, we have no idea what’s going on.

Does Zedkiel have a good argument, one good enough to win this?

Kash comes over, running his fingers through his hair. “Really?” He says to Zedkiel quietly.

Zedkiel casts him a cold glare. “There’s nothing to say anymore. It’s been revealed, and people have questions. Then so be it.” He replies.

Kash glares at Sinclair. “Well, I want him dead. I’m done with that fvcking toddler. What the fvck was with that whining? He’s a sore loser.

I almost smile at Kash’s words. He’s always been rather composed from what I have seen.

“I always said he’s just a pup, and he acts like one.” Zedkiel says, looking down at me.

“You said you had news..” He adds quietly and although he’s looking at me, I know he’s talking to Kash.

“Yeah, I do, and I think I should tell you before this trial, or whatever you want to call it.”

“Come on, let’s go somewhere secluded.” Zedkiel says. Taking my wrist, he pulls me along as Kash follows. “You want me to come too?”

“Later…” He whispers in my ear, making my cheeks burn before he moves back. “And no, I’ve just decided to say that for the sake of it and then I’ll make you stand outside the room.” Zedkiel adds mockingly.

I blush but shake my head. “Ok, I only thought that because you know you said it’s a serious conversation.” I mumble, making him smirk.

You’re the future queen until you decide otherwise.

“You may want to hear this.” Until you choose otherwise…

He is still letting me choose… but that freedom I wanted… Do I still want it?

“I don’t think she would,” Kash mutters, pushing open the door to what is, to my dismay, the men’s showers. “No one’s here.” He adds.

I enter hesitantly and Zedkiel pushes the door shut with his foot as he looks down at his hands, unwrapping the bandage from them. I find myself admiring his broad shoulders and chest. I lick my lips, my gaze on his n!pple…

It would feel good running my tongue over them… Kash coughs, making me blink and look at him guiltily to find that he’s watching me, amused.

I blush and look down in dismay at being caught.

“What?” Zedkiel says, glancing up.

“Nothing.” Kash replies, his smirk fading as he seems to be thinking about something. “so, I’ll cut to the chase. It’s worse than you predicted, Zedkiel.

The enemy is moving closer and fast. Their numbers are vast, and soon they’ ll have taken control of the entire outer forest. If a full-on attack occurs, there are chances it will alert the humans and not only that but we may be outnumbered.”

I look between them seeing the way Zed clenches his jaw with frustration and I can sense the tension from him.

“Is it as predicted?”

“Not entirely, the rogues are not in cahoots with them, in fact from what I’ve seen they’ve been clearing out the rogues and I think it’s why there have been more attacks lately because they are being f0rced from the outer forests.” Kash says seriously.

Zedkiel turns, punching the wall, and I flinch. “Fvck!”

“I don’t understand.” I say quietly, not wanting to get in the way of their conversation. I knew there was unrest, but what did this mean?

“Simply put, we were thinking there’s a group of vampires gathering with some rogues who, as you know, are just feral dogs without a mind of their own but it’s not the case. They aren’t out there to get a few rogues to rebel against us. There’s an army wanting to destroy us all.” His words are quiet, and I realise that all I have heard is that there is unrest’ but this… this is making it sound like there is far more to it.

“Why? I mean, we don’t mix with vampires, so why would they cross to this side, to our territories?” I ask, not able to think of ànything that Grandmother Philomena or my tutors had ever shared regarding this matter, but then again, this situation is something that arose over the last few years.

“I have no idea.” Kash says, shaking his head.

“I have my a*s*sumptions.” Zedkiel says, crossing his arms as he leans against the wall. “Aside from the obvious one of wiping us out, this land, this entire area that these packs all occupy, is perfect for any supernatural species to reside in, especially considering our ties to Dark Falls. This ground that the Moonstone Pack territory is built on was always in our family, for them to want something that was never theirs, is not going to happen. Not on my watch.”

“How many are there?” I ask.

“Combine all our packs, throw in the elderly and the children, then maybe double that.” Kash says, making me tense, my heart thumping – but his next words only make me feel worse. “That’s their fighting f0rce. Wherever they’ve gathered from, they have not brought any children or women forward.”

My stomach twists and I feel sick. That’s too many. They could destroy us al..

“How far into the outer forest are they?” Zedkiel asks.

“Well, when I managed to get close enough to figure it out, I’d say they were a quarter of the way in, breaking through the barriers around the forest.” He says, rubbing his shoulder for a second.

“Give it a couple of months max.” Zedkiel says.

“And can’t you talk to them?” I ask, looking at him worriedly. He is a hybrid, after all.

“Vampires don’t talk, they k*ll.” He replies.

I tilt my head, stepping forward, “Do they? Well maybe, but past that front, there may be more… they are beings just like us… there must be a reason they are adamant to attack. Why now?”

Those are answers we don’t have. :Let’s get back out there. I’ll talk to Dad.”

“Yeah, just make it clear you made me go there; he’s going to lose it when he finds out.” Kash says.

“Do I ever let you take the fall?” Zedkiel counters as Kash pushes open the door, glancing back as Zedkiel pulls me close. He smirks and lets the door bang shut after him.

Zedkiel doesn’t move, his hands ma*s*saging my waist teasingly.

“What is it?” I ask. We need to go too.

He smirks, c*oc*king a brow, pulling me against that firm body of his. I bite my lips when his manh00d presses against me through his shorts. It’s strange how something that terrified me now excites me.

“You’re getting your claws. That slap was pretty satisfying.”

I can’t help but smile before I shake my head, hating what Sinclair did. “It’s my fault he’s being so petty towards you…” I sigh, but Zedkiel doesn’t seem bothered, placing a soft k!ss on my neck. My eyes flutter shut, and I sigh softly, enjoying the sparks of ple@sure.

“Back in the stands… Did something happen to you?” He murmurs, my heart thunders and he slowly moves back, observing me intently.

I can’t say…

I look at him, wishing he could read my mind as I feel her clawing within my mind.

‘I will ruin you both!’ She spits.

Clenching my teeth, I try to nod, but I don’t know if it even looks like a nod. He doesn’t react, simply caressing my cheeks as he stares into my eyes, until I’m no longer able to hold his gaze and hug him tightly instead.

We’ll break this curs.. somehow, I won’t let it win – we won’t let it win. Whatever this is, I’m certain she’s behind it. Gemini means two… I am certain it means me and her… I just need to find out more about either the curse or her… What exactly is she, or who?

“Come on, let’s get out there.” He says, cares-sing my back for a moment before he leads the way back outside.

Everyone is returning to their seats, and the atmosphere is gloomy, just like it was earlier, if not

After a few moments, Alpha Ambrose motions for everyone to settle down and he stands up.

“We all know the reason behind this sudden public trial.” Alpha Ambrose says clearly, a frown on his face. “I know that the court and the people are disturbed by my decision not to share the truth behind my son’s birth. However, his lineage does not take away from the man that he is! I am your king and if I was at all worried that he wouldn’t make an ideal king, then I would have spoken up and stopped him from joining this tournament!”

His words clearly take many by surprise, but it seems to calm them a little only for Alcazer to begin clapping, “Really, father? After the amount of people that he has k*lled? Including my Luna in a fit of rage?

You will still say that he is ideal!?” He mocks.

My heart thunders, no… that was my fault… I didn’t expect Alcazer to speak up… I glance at Zedkiel, but he’s emotionless.

“Alcazer, you know the situation-“

“He is not wrong, Supreme Alpha, I lost my daughter to his wrath. How can you side with him? I am beginning to think you indeed wish for him to win this compet*ition.” Celia’s father says and I realise people are beginning to agree with him.

“No, that isn’t true. Dad is the Alpha king for a reason. His judgement is far better than ours. There is far more good in Zedkiel than bad.” Chasyn adds in his defence.

Zedkiel scoffs and I look at him to scold him that his brother is trying to help, but I see the slight emotion in his eyes. “He’s delusional.” He murmurs.

“Just admit it warms you.” I whisper back.

He raises an eyebrow, and I raise my own in reply. “See? I’m right.”

“Then I want to know why my daughter was k*lled and he was not put on trial!”

“Your daughter messed with my woman. I warned your elder daughter, my brother’s Luna, to step aside yet she disobeyed me! A Luna should treat others well, yet your daughters are both pathetic and neither was nor is fit to be a Luna, let alone a queen.” Zedkiel says coldly.

He isn’t helping his case. “A warning or a punishment could have been fitting!”

“Not when they were tearing the clothes my woman was wearing right off her!” Zedkiel growls murderously, his aura enveloping the entire ground.

I can feel its power and silence falls as everyone listens to that statêmnent and I feel many eyes on me.

“That is not a disrespect that any Alpha would allow to happen to their Lunas. Do not question me on a decision I stand by. It’s just a pity it wasn’t that one who didn’t d*ie. She was the instigator.” He snarls, glaring at Celia who cowers back, her face ashen.

The court elders knew this, I am certain of it, from their expressions.

“I do have a question for you, Alpha King Ambrose…

Why are you adamant that Prince Zedkiel remains in this tournament when you have three other sons contesting? Or are you afraid that they will be overthrown, and you are so desperate to keep the crown within your family!?” Sinclair snarls.

I gasp at his disrespect and I’m not the only one as Grandmother Philomena rises from her seat and a ripple of shock washes through the crowd. Alpha Ambrose stands from his seat and the rage that I can see in his blazing red eyes makes my heart hammer.

“Sinclair, you may be my sister’s son, but I will not tolerate any disrespect!” Alpha Ambrose thunders, making Zedkiel look up sharply, staring at Sinclair with realisation and disgust. A gasp rips through the crowds but I’m confused. Yes, the king had mentioned to me at the greenhouse that he had a sister, however, I didn’t think the previous Luna of the Silver Mountain Pack was his sister… Why was this kept a secret?

There’s no time to even ponder over it because Alpha Garry Flint of the Moonshine Pack stands up and raises his hand.

“I demand a vote, that the third prince should be f0rced to forfeit and step out of the tournament immediately.” He declares.

I’m about to speak, but Alpha Ambrose beats me to it. “I am the Alpha of Alphas, and I will not allow such a vote!” He growls dangerously.

“Why are you so adamant that he takes part, father?!” Alcazer asks.

“Silence! I demand it, because the scriptures and the prophecy point to him being the rightful King!”

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