His Dark Obsession by Moonlight Muse Chapter 64

His Dark Obsession by Moonlight Muse

Chapter 64


I frown, watching Dad sharply. What scriptures?

“What the hell is this?” The whispers that run through the crowd are growing. The confusion and unrest, iritating me.

‘Will you still not talk to me?’ I ask my Lycan. I don’t think I’ve tried as hard before, as I have for the last few days to talk to him, but he hasn’t spoken since agreeing for me to fvck Evangeline. I need him to realise that we are fvcking one. I need him to back me up.


‘If this all points to me becoming king, then don’t you have any input? Should I aim for the throne?’

‘Since you don’t even have faith in me as it is? What do you want me to do?’


‘I need you, please.. I have never begged anyone in my life, and I am now. I’m setting my pride aside and asking you for something. Give me anything.’

I close my eyes, feeling defeated.

‘No. It’s your duty as king that will ruin us… What I care for is our mate. Only her, and if I have to, I will destroy you. I don’t care about anything else.’

That stung. What have I done for him to hate me so much that he wants to k*ll me?

‘I care for her to0; I will never let harm come to her… She has become my greatest possession to protect. Why are you so adamant I’d hurt her?’

Franco’s speaking, but I can’t focus when I’m getting the chance to talk to my Lycan.

‘Because you always do. You put the world before her … Every single time… and you fail, you fail her, you fail it all… you do what you need to for this corrupt planet. You will never choose her.’

He sounds exhausted, pained even, and broken. Doesn’t he get I’m almost there too I want to do the best I can. I just wish I had my counterpart by my side.

‘I ‘Il never put the world before her. I fvcking promise you, on my life, I swear it.’

He chuckles darkly. ‘You will swear upon your life?

An oath you’ll break, if she asks it of you. You are a fool.’ His voice fades away, and my heart thumps in anger.

‘Why do you think Evangeline will ask me to k*ll her?

And you think that I would do that? No, I fvcking wouldn’t. There’s no way that I would.’

‘Even if it means the end of our kind? The end of mankind, and the end of this world? For the so- called greater good?” His cold voice comes, holding an ominous tone, making my gut twist.

‘No, I’m no hero…’ But a part of me doesn’t like the sound of that…

He says nothing more, and I’m left in the depth of my mind, alone.

“Zedkiel Vilkas, come to the stand.” I snap back to reality and glance at Evangeline who is standing there, her arms crossed, concerned as she listens to the members of the court.

I walk to the stand oozing power and dominance.

These people should know I’m not just anyone I’m listening, and I’m giving them time… but no one can defeat me. I stride over to where Dad is standing, with Danciana standing beside him. She has remained impressively quiet in this matter, which is strange for her. Perhaps she’s enjoying the show.

Dad grips my shoulder in silent encouragement, but I think he’s more nervous than I am.

My short discussion with My Lycan has shaken me a little, but I will not let it get in my way of this trial.

“Supreme Alpha Ambrose, you speak of the scriptures. Will you please share these so-called scriptures that none of us have come across?” Philip sneer. My eyes flash and I turn sharply.

“You may be part of the high court, but you will remember that you are speaking to the king.” I snarl, disliking his att*itude.

He backs away and I sneer at the fear that flashes across his face, he knows I can k*ll him in a flash.

“It’s fine.” Dad frowns. “I speak of the very scriptures that we all know of! The scriptures of our Goddess and our birth. Ones that may be forgotten to most or brushed upon, but they are there!”

The scriptures… I remember them, vaguely… We were made to study them as children, but it’s just an old story of how we were created… right? I’m certain they don’t tie with me.. I don’t know what dad is getting at.

“Explain to us Supreme Alpha.” Cole says calmly, motioning for Philip to stand down. Wise move, because after this sh*t is done, I won’t forget his disrespect.

“The scriptures speak of the Lycan that the Goddess created on the full moon. Has anyone stud*ied those? What is the story of Zerachiel!?”


I look at him sharply, and Dad smiles faintly, watching me.

“Does the name sound familiar, son?” He asks me quietly. I don’t reply, turning away, my heart thundering.

‘Zerachiel… Why don’t I remember it from the old texts?’

‘Because I never let you.’ Zerachiel’s cold voice comes in my mind.

We really aren’t meant to be one, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a Lycan hating their host this much… I can’t help but feel bitter.

Dad continues, and the silence only seems to grow as, everyone hangs onto his every word. “That is a part of history that is always glossed over. Allow me to share the full details of the scriptures of our origins.”

I looked at Evangeline, motioning her closer. I could do with her touch. She walks over and stands beside me as she listens to father too. Slowly slipping her hand into mine, I thread my fingers with hers and give it a gentle squeeze.

“The Moon Goddess may have been the ruler of the moon, yet she always remained-“

“Lonely…” Evangeline whispers.

Dad smiles “So you know?”

Evangeline nods, and it feels like she’s connecting the dots. “Grandmother made me read those scriptures… time and time again…” She looks across at the elder woman who sits emotionlessly at the stand, not even looking this way.

“Then continue.” Dad says.

Evangeline’s heart thuds, but she obeys. “The Goddess was always lonely with no companion to reside with her, and so from the shadows on the full moon, the very first Wolf appeared. His name was Raziel.. He had no solid form, an ent*ity born from the darkness of her pain and sorrow.

He became a companion for her, yet she wanted more… something to occupy herself with. So, she decided to make her first creation, to place upon earth, A creation she could tend to and look down upon, for the rest of her eternal life,” Evangeline says, and with each word, her frown is deepening as she continues.

“Raziel was against the idea, saying it would cause her more pain than good. After all, her plan was to create something that under the full moon, would take on the form of a wolf, her most beloved creature and during the day, would walk amongst humans upon two legs.

Raziel, who had by this time fallen in love with her, and the idea of being able to turn into a two-legged being himself, offered himself as the test… And so -“

“This is nonsense! What has it to do with Zedkiel!” Sinclair spits.

“Shut it pup and let her fvcking finish! Aeron, if you wish to still have a mutt to call son by the end of the fvcking day, put a muzzle on him before I end up k*lling him.” I snarl warningly.

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