His Dark Obsession by Moonlight Muse Chapter 78

His Dark Obsession by Moonlight Muse

Chapter 78


“Take care…” I say softly, clutching the phone tightly in my hand.

“You too. Make sure you get some rest and don’t spend all night looking over the books.” Zedkiel’s voice comes.

I feel my stomach twist knowing I am about to disobey him and not only that, but I am going to go back to that chamber.

“I won’t… I love you. Take care of yourself.” I mumble.

“I will. Love you too.” He says quietly before hanging up.

My heart is still racing from his words. Oh, how I miss him…

“Still can’t get over the fact that that’s our Zed.” Kash smirks from where he is sitting on the ground, going through several thick written files regarding the scriptures.

Lucia is in the corner making notes on every minor detail she’s finding and then Isa is doing a second over on what Lucia has been through already in case there’s something they miss. I have a feeling Kash had placed them like that since he didn’t trust Lucia, which upset me a little, but I don’t let it get to me.

Isa has her hair pulled up in a messy bun as she’s bent over the papers.

“Yeah, I know! Zed has never been like this.” She gives me a wink and smirk, but I’m still not sure what to make of her. Is there a past there?

I don’t reply, simply giving her a smile before I glance at the time. If I am to make it… I need to take the ritual bath soon.

“From what you said and the king’s explanation, I don’t think there is anything more… but this means that Raziel cursed one of his two children..

“Evelyn, to be precise.” Kash says, looking up.

I nod. It’s as we figured. “So, he’s the reason..” Lucia murmurs.

“Wait.” Isa says, suddenly standing up. “The scriptures say, The Eternal God cursed the twins to a life of doom. What if there are two curses here and the reason it’s never been broken is that everyone overlooked one..

The room falls silent as we stare at her, and I look back at the open print of the scripture. Her words weigh heavily in the air, but the numbing truth is, she has a very good point.

“I think you’re right..” I say, rereading it. “It says Selene upset Osiris and Set.. what if they hold answers that we need?”

“So, we need to go to them?” Kash says rubbing his shoulder. His jaw is clenched, and I frown. Is it just me, or has he been ma*s*saging his shoulder quite a lot? Is he hurt?

“I think so. I think if Zedkiel tries to reach cut to them, he may even be able to reach them. After all, he is a hybrid. Why are they attacking? Surely there’s a reason behind it, perhaps one that can be averted. Furthermore, I do think that they may have parts of the answers that we don’t and all it might take is communication.” I say firmly.

Kash nods. “I hate to admit it, but that makes sense.”

“So we have these facts; First there are two curses, Raziel’s and the Etern al Gods upon you and Evelyn.

“Do not run from the Gemini bane. I’m a*s*suming Evelyn is the bane.. so, you need to embrace her. One is a curse, the other a blessing.. ” Isa trails off and the next part of the Oracle’s words ring in my mind.

“Only one may survive.” Our eyes meet and I see a glimmer of concern in her eyes.

“When you learn who you truly are, and pay for the goddess’s crimes and the cycle shall end.. which means.”

“This circle of rebirth.” I say quietly. “When you rise from the earth.. what if it means from the Chamber. it is technically beneath the surface of the earth..”

The room falls silent, and I suddenly feel like I know where my future lies. What I need to do.

“Do any of you have any idea of what the meaning of the stars’ aligning could be?” I ask.

“No. but there is a special phenomenon that is reported to occur soon. So rare it is a*s*sumed the last time it happened was over a thousand years ago.” Lucia says, her face pale as we all turn to her.

“And what might that be?” Kash asks, c*oc*king a brow at her. She tilts her head, and I know she can see he doesn’t trust her.

“The planets will align, and the Gemini constellation will touch the full moon…” She says quietly. “I enjoy astronomy… it was announced on the human news a few days ago.”

Why does it feel like that could be the answer…

“K.” Kash’s annoying response comes as his sister casts him a scathing glare.

“That makes sense. You’re smart Lucia. You always have been!” Isa says, clearly proud of her.

“When is that happening?” I ask, feeling my anxiety building. Even Evelyn is restless, and I know she has answers that she refuses to give me…

“Two full moons from now.” Lucia replies.

That means we roughly have around six weeks.

“Then we have no time to lose. I will go to the Chamber tonight. I will fulfil the cleansing ritual and everything I need to before I do. Let’s do this the right way… We need answers and I am not wasting any more time.” I say firmly. Surprisingly, no one argues. Even Kash nods, frowning deeply as he ponders over everything that we’ve discussed.

“Then you need to go at the time that a royal usually would. We have two hours, that gives us plenty of time to spare.” Kash says.

“Can you please have the clothing and bath prepared? I’m going to try to talk to Evelyn before then.” I say quietly, looking at the girls, who both nod.

“Yeah, of course. I’ll have everything organised.”

Lucia says at the same time. “Shall we tell Prince Chasyn?”

She adds at the same time that Kash speaks. “Shall we tell the king?”

Both exchange looks, and Kash frowns. “We don’t need to include him, unless he already knows everything that’s going on?”

Lucia looks down, shaking her head, and this time I have had enough.

“Kash. Don’t… just as Zedkiel trusts you… I trust her.” I say firmly. “An insult to her… is an insult to me.”

“Shall we tell the king or not?” He replies, and I exhale. I hesitate and then shake my head. “No, not until I’ve entered the chamber.”

He nods. “And Zed?”

“Let’s not worry him. I know what I’m doing.” I say firmly.

He nods. “Fine.”

“I’ll keep an eye on things.” Isa says to me, and I smile, feeling genuinely grateful to her as she glares at her brother.

“Thank you.”

With that finalised, I walk to the far corner of the office and take a seat on the floor. I close my eyes, taking a deep breath.

‘Evelyn, I know you’re angry… but I want to help you, I want to help us, to end these curses forever.’ I say with determination.


‘I’m not lying.”

‘You heard the Oracle’s words.. Only one may survive.. if we destroy the curse, it’s at the cost of my life! I will be the sacrifice.’ She hisses. I can feel that darkness in my head, the urge to destroy everything, but I feel stronger too. Somehow, I’m able to subdue her darkness.

Her words… I can’t deny that those words have been playing in my mind…

“Tell me our story Evelyn, I know you have suffered … tell me the truth and I promise… I promise I won’t let you d*ie.’

And I truly mean it.

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