His Dark Obsession by Moonlight Muse Chapter 81

Continuation from His Dark Obsession by Moonlight Muse to

His Fated Obsession (Book 2) Chapter 02


I finished bathing and have wrapped the undyed cotton cloth around my waist like a sarong. The additional square isn’t big enough to cover my torso, but I manage to fold it into a triangle and knot it behind my bre-asts.

I walk to the mirror and even I’m not ready for what I see. The woman in front of me isn’t the one I saw this morning. There’s something different about me, from the power that I hold in my eyes… even my skin doesn’t look the same…

My heart thunders and I take a few breaths to calm myself.

Picking up a towel I wrap my hair up in a turban hiding away the white and look down, I feel rather bare, the makeshift skirt doesn’t even fall past my knees, and is sitting below my belly b*tton and the top is not much more than a crop top.

I suddenly feel worried, wondering what Zed will think, and shake my head. It’s ok, even if I have changed, he’ll still love me. But how long do we have together? I miss him…

‘Kash, I’m ready to come out.’ I say through the link as I slip my feet into the slippers.

‘Goddess! f*uc*k, I wasn’t expecting you in my head.’ I smile, thinking it comes so naturally.

‘I didn’t even realise I mind linked’ I reply as I unlock the door and step out of the bathroom and the two guards opposite are now watching, frowning at what I’m in.

“Luna, do you need us to go retrieve some clothes for you?” One of them asks, both averting their gazes.

“No, I will need you to escort me, though.” I say.

They nod, lowering their heads and I’m grateful neither asks where we are going, but when we head down towards the older part of the castle, I can feel their unease.

“Luna, where are we going? Umm, sir…” They look at Kash when I don’t answer, who simply shrugs.

“Wait and see. She’s the Luna isn’t it our job to listen?” He questions, making them both go quiet.

We head lower and with every step, I can sense their panic rising, and we are soon nearing the chamber.

“The king just mind linked, since someone seemed to have reported where we’re headed.” Kash remarks, glaring at the guards, who look guilty.

“We are concerned for the Luna.”

Kash shakes his head. “He wants to talk to you before you go in. We need to tell Zed, too.”

“No, when Zed returns, we’ll tell him. Let him focus on what he’s doing. He’s leading the hunt, isn’t he?”

I stop and look at him, and he’s frowning at the men. I guess… I just don’t want him hearing this from someone else. And I think it’s best we don’t mention you can mind link. For now, anyway, it’s pretty useful to have.’

‘I agree… Zed’s been uneasy about having the mind link blocked for the contest.’ I reply, scanning the dark stone hall.

I cross my arms and it’s not long before Alpha Ambrose and Chasyn both appear, looking a little flustered.

They look at me and despite having my powers reigned in I can see it in their eyes they have noticed the change.

“Leave us.” Chasyn commands the guards, and glances at Kash, who c*oc*ks a brow.

“I’m not leaving, Zed’s orders.” He says coldly.

I can sense the burning hostility from him. Is this why he dislikes Lucia, because of whatever issue he has with Chasyn.

Chasyn nods. “Of course.”

“Evangeline.. does Zedkiel know that you are going in there?” Alpha Ambrose asks me quietly.

I shake my head, placing a hand on the towel that covers my white hair. “I have been in there before… but this time I wish to seek help.. he has the answers and this time I’m certain I’ll be able to get him to answer me.” I say quietly.

“At least let Zedkiel be here with you.” Chasyn says worriedly.

I shake my head. “There is no time to delay, I will be fine.” I reply determinedly.

“Very well.. we will wait here.. call for witnesses.” Alpha Ambrose says, looking at Chasyn, whose face now changes to one of shock and confusion.

“You want to..” He looks back at me and I know they’re mind-linking, Chasyn’s heart thuds and Luna chuckles.

‘The King feels like you will step out of that chamber with far more than you are bargaining for.’

‘Hmm?’ I ask, confused.

“You’ll see, we must hurry. It’s time to enter. Midnight is almost here.’ She says.

I slowly reach up and remove my towel, letting my white locks fall down. I shake my head before I hold the towel out to Kash, but Chasyn takes it despite how shocked he looks.

“Yeah, that’s a long story.” Kash says, although I don’t miss his irritation at Chasyn’s innocent move.

‘Luna.. do you think he’ll want to help?’ I ask softly as I take a deep breath and turn away, focusing on  nothing but the chamber.

I walk down the last stretch of the hall, the soft murmur of Alpha Ambrose talking to Kash fading away.

‘I am his daughter… now that I am here… the bond between us will be strengthened. I hope he has the answers that we yearn for.’ Luna replies after a moment.

I nod as I slowly push open the chamber door, the wave of power that hits me is as powerful as ever, but this time it feels different. I step out of my slippers and place my foot into the chamber.

A powerful surge of energy rips through the cave and hall, my hair whips around my face and I raise my hand to shield it from any flying pieces of dirt as I f0rce myself to step into the chamber allowing the door to swing shut behind me.

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