His Dark Obsession by Moonlight Muse Chapter 83

Continuation from His Dark Obsession by Moonlight Muse to

His Fated Obsession (Book 2) Chapter 04


Zedkiel is the king of vampires…

“Is that why you hate him and refused to show him the sign of our true king?”

“Don’t make a*s*sumptions… I was angry. The rage within me knowing that my mate was taken from me drove me to the brink of insanity. I cursed Evelyn because I was jealous that Zerachiel got to live… only I didn’t realise the Eternal God had cursed my daughters too.” He lowers his head, gazing into the rippling water.

My heart squeezes as I look at Raziel… even though he had simply wanted his love, in his rage, he had cast a curse upon his own child.

“Zedkiel has drank from you. for his and this kingdom’s future, you must make sure nothing happens to you like every other time… because when Selene created a protector for her daughters she gave him powers to rival my own.” He warns me.

“Zedkiel will be fine.. even if something does happen to me.” But even as the words leave my lips, I don’t believe my own words.

“Will he? You wanted my truth, then take it and heed my words!”

My stomach twists and I clench my fists. I have seen Zedkiel’s rage, how he k*lled Odette without even the blink of an eye… without me here-

‘See, I told you you go back on your words!’ Evelyn snarls.

Luna growls, pushing her to the back of my mind. ‘No. I won’t. Believe in me, Evelyn.’

‘You always fail me.’ This is the last I hear before Luna shields her off.

I look at Raziel. “Is there a way to break the curse you created?” I ask quietly.

A low growl leaves him, and he raises his head, his burning eyes now upon me. I can feel that heated gaze, feel it burn through me.

“I cannot say. but you hold the answers already… look within.. this is the start of your path…”

I frown, knowing he’s trying to tell me more, but it’s obvious he can’t.

What is he trying to say? Think Evangeline, think! I close my eyes, furrowing my brow as I try to think of everything we know. The Oracle’s voice rings in my head, making my heart thump.

‘Go back to where it all began.’

This is where it began…

‘Do not run from the Gemini Bane, for only then do you have a chance.’

I’m not running from Evelyn.. from this curse.

‘You are a curse and a blessing, and only one may survive.!’

We complement one another… we are sisters.. Two opposites.. I hear Evelyn scoff, but there’s not as much hatred in it.

“To break the centuries-old calamity, learn who you truly are.” I whisper out loud.

“And who are you?”

My chest heaves as overwhelming emotions wrap around me. ‘When that answer comes before you, only then can you rise from the earth and take your true place.’

“I am.. the goddess…”

‘Pay for the Goddess’s crime and the cycle shall end but remember, you must do so before the stars align, or your time shall come to an end’

My heart thunders as I realise what I need to do… I don’t know how, and it may sound crazy, but there has to be a way to go back to the source.

“How does one contact the Eternal God?” I ask, my eyes snapping open, my heart thundering. He doesn’t even blink, as if expecting this question.

“You are a goddess, you may cross into the other realm… yet it means your mortal body shall remain here.. and if you do that-“

“Evelyn will take control.” I finish. “And until I break the curse, I can’t allow that to happen.” I will find a way.

“You will find the answer. You are on the right path. Now… you prepared for the Blood Ritual and have come for your first shift. Do so before the time passes.” He says, gazing at the crack in the cavern ceiling.

“I didn’t come here to-“

‘Listen to him.. we need to shift.’ Luna urges.

Although I’m not a royal, I simply nod. If he wants me to, then I should respect his wishes. I turn my back to him and untie the back of the cloth I have around my bre-asts.

‘Focus and relinquish control to me… let me come forth.’ Her voice is pleasant and full of warmth, and I take a deep breath, willing her forward.

Searing pain flashes through me as every bone of my body seems to break. I gasp, my eyes stinging with the pain and for a moment I can’t breathe, but then it’s gone. I feel power dance through me, as my vision becomes so much sharper, my hearing… all my senses. I turn towards Raziel and he’s watching me like a father, proud of his pup.

“Luna…” He pads into the water, but is only barely halfway through before he remembers and stops. Sadness washes over him and he looks away.

“It’s been so long.. this is the right thing to do. She has come so far this time… there is hope until all is lost…” She says, and I realise that just like Raziel has been doing so this entire time, she’s conversing with him via the mind link but in this chamber, the voices are not only within your mind but all around us.

“Yes… I have done all that I can.. the rest is in their hands..” He stretches his paw and a blinding gold light swirls around the cavern, spreading and swirling into every corner of the Chamber before it wraps around me. I feel my feet lift from the ground.

The water from the river is rising, splashing across the chamber’s floor. The wind is whipping violently, but in my cocoon of golden light, I am simply protected.

My eyes close as something tugs me away from the chamber.

My vision clears and I’m in a beautiful hall. The sun shines through the stained-glasswindows, bathing everything in a golden light. It’s a throne room. I spot the two identical dazzling thrones, of equal power and stature.. yet one is directly in the centre of the room and the second is to the left. A handsome man in black is seated on the throne to the left, his arm resting lazily on the armrest, one leg bent, the other sprawled ahead.

My heart skips a beat as our eyes meet. Upon his’ head is a gold band, and he jerks his head towards the centre throne.

My eyes widen as I find myself walking down the center towards that seat. Zedkiel holds his hand out to me, a smirk on his handsome face as he helps me take my seat on the throne.

I gasp as I realise what this means, making Luna chuckle.

‘How can he be king of our kind, when the Goddess is walking this earth?’ She whispers as the blinding gold light becomes brighter and then Zed’s face vanishes. The entire room fades away and I’m being pulled away. Suddenly I’m back in the cave, and there are rivets of icy coldness rushing down my back. I gr0@n as I’m f0rced back into my human form.

But the coldness on my back isn’t going away and the golden light continues to swirl around me.

“Despite my imprisonment. This ritual to select the true ruler was given to me by Selene herself. It is not part of my imprisonment, and I will always appoint the true ruler…” Raziel’s voice comes, but it’s getting fainter, “Take us to victory… child.”

Suddenly, the whirling energy and the gold light abruptly vanish. Silence settles and all that remains is the thumping of my heart. I’m on all fours on the chamber floor.

Even Luna is silent…

I have got my answers. There is now a goal that I will achieve.

I look around, spotting my discarded clothes that are now soaked and put them back on. My heart is still thundering but I’m thankful that I attained what I came here for.

I’m almost at the door when I freeze, hesitating. Unease fills me, Zed.. this throne belongs to him…

‘And it still will, alongside you.’ Luna says softly. ‘Will he be mad?’ I ask.

I enjoy having someone I can voice all my doubts to, well I don’t really need to voice them as she lives in my head.

“The goddess fears her mate?’ Luna teases. “No… I just…”

‘He will be mad, not for the throne but for you coming here without his permission and I hope he gives you one of those punishments you dreamed of.’ She says, making me gasp, my cheeks burning at the memory of having Zed teach me a lesson.

‘That-that is a secret!’

She simply laughs, and I am about to reach for the door when it swings open and a powerful aura rip through the chamber. The seductive scent of my mate hits my nose, and despite the deadly aura that he’s emitting, his eyes burning red, his chest heaving, clad only in a pair of grey sweatpants, he looks like a god.

So, befitting…

“Evang-“ I cut him off, flinging my arms around his neck, crashing my lips against his as I wrap my legs around his waist not caring that I’m wearing just some soaking cotton, or that there are several people just mere few meters away, or that I’m shamelessly k!ssing my mate because I honestly don’t care.

Explosive sparks rush through me and Luna purrs in my head, clearly having missed him, too. A soft m0an leaves my lips as Zed k!sses me back roughly. His hand grabs a fistful of my hair, and his other arm wraps around me, pulling me flush against those delicious abs. Only a little piece of w*et fabric between my pvssy and his hard abs.

The Chamber door swings shut but I can only focus on him.

I can sense the anger in him, but at the same time he’s unable to stop k!ssing me, and that just makes this all the hotter. I feel my c*ore knot, that ache only growing.

I’m his weakness… I’m his addiction.. I’m his obsession and I want to be it all.

I tighten my arms around his neck, biting back a m0an when he runs his tongue along my lips, k!ssing me roughly. I gasp for air and pull away, blushing deeply because I can smell my ar0usal.

“Zed.” I whisper. “We can’t..”

He frowns as he moves back, looking me over.

“What were you thinking?” He growls. His anger making his voice thicker.

“I’m ok.” I say softly.

Hearing footsteps, I quickly slip my legs down and smoothly try to fix my Wrap as those who were standing metres away now approach.

“This is absurd.” Franco mutters as Alpha Ambrose watches me intently.

“Turn… Luna Evangeline.” He says quietly.

“Oh, I’ve seen the brand and even if it’s similar to your mark, it is not the same mark of the king!” Franco says, clearly at the edge of his patience.

“Just shut up.” Kash growls at him, and I glance up at Zedkiel. He crosses his arms, looking so handsome that all I want is to be in his arms.

“Turn.” He commands. My heart thunders, and I slowly turn my back to them all.

Silence follows, and I hear a whistle from Kash, with a few sharp intakes of breaths.

“It is now complete..” Alpha Ambrose says quietly.

“How is this possible… she-she is an omega, not a Lycan! How-” Philip murmurs.

“Yet she has an aura far more powerful than ours.” Chasyn cuts in. “The proof is before us. You saw her step out of that chamber.”

“That’s the mark of…” Someone else mutters.

“The mark of the true king.” Alpha Ambrose says. “Luna Evangeline Rose Vilkas, is our true ruler.”

My heart thunders, but I’m not able to focus on anything but Zedkiel. He hasn’t said anything. His face is not giving anything away, but his heart is racing.

Please say something…

“Bow to your queen.” He commands coldly.

I still look away, from the corner of my eyes I see the men go down on one knee and the king himself lowers his head slightly, but all I care about is my mate who is staring at me in a way that is terrifying me…

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