His Dark Obsession by Moonlight Muse Chapter 84

Continuation from His Dark Obsession by Moonlight Muse to

His Fated Obsession (Book 2) Chapter 05


“Where is she!” I growl murderously at the guards as I storm down the halls.

“T-the Luna and King are at the Chamber of Sight, Alpha..”

I have just arrived home after feeling something rip through me and a strange sense of power. I knew something had happened to her, to make it worse even Kash isn’t picking up.

Something has happened and I’m going insane.

The serum to block the mind link has faded and since we were out a new dose was not given. The moment I am within range to mind link, I reach out, but still no one is telling me anything.

‘KASH! I thunder through the link

‘sh*t… Zed, she wanted to go there herself! Give me a chance to explain, she gave us no option and trust me she can take-‘

‘I don’t fvcking care! I told you to look after her! If anything happens to her, I swear I will burn the whole fvcking world down!’ I growl as I run down the halls.

I hate this feeling, what if something happens to her down there.

Reaching the entrance to the dark tunnel that leads to the chamber, I find several of the council and alphas standing there. Chasyn included, along with Kash.

There’s a powerful energy radiating from the chamber door and a glowing inscription covers the door. Yet none seem to fvcking be bothered.

“How could you just let her go in there!” I snarl at Dad.

I can see the worry in his eyes but there’s also determination as he blocks my path. Zerachiel’s growl rips through the halls making the walls shake as it echoes back at us.

“Tell him to step aside or I will k*ll him!’ He snarls.

“Zed, calm down.” Dad tries, but I push back.

Shoving past him, my eyes blaze as I fight against the power radiating off that door. I f0rce my way closer and that’s when I realise they all couldn’t get close enough.

Well why fvcking let her go in there.

“How do you expect me to calm down when my woman’s in that place where only a fvcking royal can step inside!” I thunder. “Yes I know I’ve taken her there, but she had me beside her, she wasn’t alone!”

I reach the door, ready to break the thing down if I need to but the chamber doesn’t seem to repel me, the power easing the closer I get.

I rip it open, the stone door smashing into the wall behind it, making the entire place shake.

My heart thuds as I stare at the woman who was about to open the door. A woman who is pure power.

My heart thuds as I look at her, for a moment I don’t even recognise her… It’s like I’m looking at a Goddess… the sheer level of energy that radiates off her is incredible. Her hair is pure white and the look in her brilliant blue eyes as her entire body glows radiantly, takes my breath away.

“Evang-” She cuts me off, flinging her arms around me as her plush lips press against mine. Intense sparks, far stronger than ever before, course through me and I know it’s because her wolf has awakened.

The ple@sure is dizzying, and I feel my mind clearing up. She wraps her legs around me and I pull her even closer, k!ssing her dominatingly and possessively. I can feel the rage inside of me, still bubbling with fear and rage but there’s a relief as I k!ss her harder.

She’s ok, but what if something had happened? I deepen the k!ss, and she M0@ns softly against my lips, her ar0usal fills the air and she pulls back blushing lightly. Just like the Evangeline I know…

“Zed.. We can’t…” She whispers in that voice that makes me just want to fvck her.

“What were you thinking?” I snarl, trying not to let my fear or rage get the better of me. Zerachiel’s own anger is barely controllable.

“I’m ok” She tries to rea*s*sure me.

She went into that chamber, alone, anything could have happened to her. Zerachiel’s rage and my own are blending into an inferno that is slipping from my control.

I frown as just then, I hear the members of the court and Dad hurry over and she gracefully slides her legs down and I step back.

“This is absurd.”

“Turn.. Luna Evangeline..”

“Oh, I’ve seen the brand and even if it’s similar to your mark, it is not the same mark of the king!”

“Just shut up.” Kash growls.

I frown as I cross my arms and try to focus on what they are saying, the mark of the king?

“Turn.” I command, she obeys, turning gracefully.

Her s3xy body is as enticing as ever, and although the temptation to cover her from their gazes tempts me, the thought vanishes and my mind goes blank when my gaze falls upon her back.

The mark of the king. It’s clear on her back, glowing brightly as it compliments my brand… completing it. I’m far too stunned to focus on anything.

‘How is she queen?’ Zerachiel asks, almost sounding offended.

‘Because she wears the sign of your ruler.’ I reply, there’s a pride within me as I look at the woman who holds her head high.

One might say she’s grown so much, into the Woman that now stands before me. Grown from the scared little omega who was terrified of everything, but that isn’t the case.

Because from day one she was brave, from the moment she stood up to me despite just being seen as an omega with no wolf or power. Even when her fate was sealed she attempted to escape and fought for her freedom.

She’s always been a queen, she was always meant to be a queen, but unlike what I believed, she isn’t born to rule beside me but destined to be the true ruler of this kingdom, the queen of the wolves.

I can hear their disbelief as they stare at her back.

But no matter how much they try to deny it, she’s holding the light of the moon on her back.

The sign of the king cannot be imitated, because when you step out of the chamber it is said to glow like the moon itself. just as hers is now. No magic or tattoos can do that.

“Bow to your queen.” I command coldly, their remarks of doubt, making my blood boil.

Her eyes are fixed on me and I know she’s waiting for me to tell her it’s ok. But I’m not ok with her doing this without discussing it with me first.

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