How do I delete Reddit post history?

  1. Reddit is a news aggregation website that allows users to post threads.
  2. Called “posts”, and then other users can comment on the posts.
  3. All posts are archived by default.

How to Delete ALL Your Reddit Comments!


How do I delete history on Reddit?

There are a few ways to delete your Reddit history. The easiest way is to go to the “History” tab of your user preferences. There you can delete all of the items individually or by selecting all and clicking delete.

How to Delete Reddit History?

It is possible to delete Reddit history, but not all of it. You can use the Clear Cache feature on your browser to remove your browsing history for that session. This will not delete any posts you have made or comments you have left. To do this, go to the Clear Cache tab in your browser’s settings and select “Clear All History.”
To delete all of your posts and comments, you will need to delete them individually. To do this, visit https://www.

How do I delete Reddit app history?

To delete your Reddit app history, you have to go into your phone’s settings and then scroll down until you see the Reddit app. Once you find it, click on it and then click “Clear Data.” This will clear all of the data from the app, but this will not delete any posts or comments that you’ve made.

How do I delete history on Reddit app?

You can delete your history on the app by going to Settings and then selecting Clear History.

How do I delete Reddit history on phone?

You can delete your Reddit history on your phone by opening the Reddit app, tapping the menu button, and selecting “Settings.” From there, tap “Clear History” to delete everything.

How to Delete Reddit History?

To delete your Reddit history, go to the Preferences section and select “delete all my browsing history.

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