How do I recover my locked Amazon account?

  1. If your account was locked because of a billing issue, you will need to contact Amazon’s customer service.
  2. If the account was locked for security purposes, you will need to answer a security question in order to unlock it.
  3. If your account was hacked, you can contact Amazon’s customer service to get the account unlocked.
  4. If you believe that someone has stolen your password, then you should change your password immediately.

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Can I unlock my Amazon account?

No, you can’t. Amazon requires that you contact customer service for assistance with account issues.

Why has Amazon locked my account?

Amazon is very strict with their account security. They will lock an account if they believe that there has been suspicious activity on the account, or if the account shows signs of fraud.
Amazon will send an email to the owner of the account informing them of their decision to lock the account. The email will include instructions on how to unlock the account.

How do I unlock my suspended Amazon account?

To unlock your account, you need to provide a phone number and email address. You will receive an email from Amazon with instructions on how to proceed.

What does it mean if your account has been locked?

If your account has been locked, this means that it is temporarily disabled and you will not be able to log in. The most common reason for an account being locked is if a spammer tries to access your account by guessing your password. In order to unlock your account, you must provide the email address associated with the account or answer a security question correctly.

How long does Amazon suspend your account?

Amazon suspends your account if you violate their terms of service. The length of the suspension varies depending on what you did to violate their terms of service.

How do I contact Amazon to close my account?

Amazon does not allow you to close your account. They will only delete your account if you do not log in for 18 months.

How long does Amazon hold your account?

Amazon does not share the length of time they hold an account for. This information is not available on their website, and they do not provide it to customers on request.

How can I unlock my PC?

There are a few ways you can unlock your PC. If you have a Windows 10 PC, then you can use the password to log in. Alternatively, if you have a Windows 8 or 7 PC, then you can use the key on your keyboard to unlock it.

How do I unlock my Windows 10 account?

Click the Windows menu in the lower left corner of your screen.
Open Settings and select Accounts.
Select Sign-in options.
Select Other accounts and click Add another account.
Type in your password for this account, type in a username, and click Next.
Your Windows 10 account will be unlocked after you enter the password for the second account.

Can I merge two Amazon accounts?

Yes, you can merge two Amazon accounts. The only thing to keep in mind is that the account with the most orders will be the account that your items are shipped to.

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