How do you delete an episode account?

  1. You may request to delete your personal information by contacting us at [email protected]

How To delete an episode account

I recently tried to deactivate my episode account but was unable to. The site said that I could not delete the account until after February 28th. Is there a way to do so before then? It’s been almost two years since I signed up for it and we have gotten rid of our DVD player ages ago. Thanks!

Good news: You can delete your Episode profile and all associated information directly from our website any time you’d like! For help deleting your profile as quickly as possible,

please follow these steps…

1) Go to and sign in using your email address and password.

2) On the next page, click on “Profile” and you’ll see a window like this:

3) Below, there will be an option with your name called “delete my account.” Click that button!

Please note that if you are signed into your account via Facebook Connect or Twitter, it may take up to 48 hours for those sign-ins to disappear from your profile page as well.

When you delete your account, all of the information contained in it will be permanently removed. Your data (such as lists of shows you purchased or wishlists) will no longer be accessible via Episode and future account requests from your email address may be denied.

Please note that some information can only be deleted by contacting customer service directly: if you have used our app on multiple platforms (iPad/iPhone/Android, etc), if you have connected to an online provider like Netflix or VUDU and others, or if we sell personal information to third parties like These steps are outlined at .

If for any reason you read this after 20 February 2014 and you are still unable to delete your account, please let us know by sending an email to [email protected] .

If you have any problems or questions about deleting your account, please feel free to use our contact form at . Otherwise, enjoy the rest of your day!


How do you completely reset your episode?

You can replay any story from the beginning by tapping on the options in the right-hand corner.
Tap “Play” to replay a story from its start.

How do you delete an episode account on iPhone?

On the top right, tap and hold Remove Accounts.

How do you start over on episode?

Once you have completed a story, it can be replayed by following these steps:
Scroll to the bottom of the screen.
Tap on the three dots in the lower right hand corner.
Select ‘Replay’.

What happens if you delete episode?

Deleting an episode typically frees up about 10% of your device space but the progress data will not be deleted.

How do you reset an iPhone app?

To restore the default settings on the iPhone, delete any third-party apps by tapping an app icon for a few seconds to wiggle icons, then touching and holding until an x (to delete) appears in top left corner. Tap that x and confirm deletion. This will free up storage space.
Search the App Store again to purchase the app
Only tap/do what is needed

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