I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 04

I will never be yours by Melan Pamp (Kian and Selena)

Chapter 04

Selena POV:

Laying on the hard floor in my cell I have no idea for how long I have been unconscious, I remember my mate squatting down in front of me, and later when the big bulky guy tossed me over his shoulder and carried me in here. When he threw me to the floor I just managed to try and shield my head but that was it. My body was already in a tremendous amount of pain so the impact on the floor didn’t make things worse.

I start to feel cold, I only got a shirt on me and nothing else. It’s what I manage to put on before I ended up in the fight, I wasn’t supposed to be there in the first place and right now I regret going there!

This was another stupid mistake I’ve made, I got warned before I went over there but still couldn’t resist going. I know if I make it back I will be hearing about this until the end of the day.

I sigh and try to roll over to my left side, everything in my body hurts. I just hope the wolfsbane will leave my system so I can heal up a bit. Laying there I listen to my surroundings and hear several other prisoners, some are in pain and others are just quiet. I’m not sure how many of them are going to survive the night. Trying to open my eyes I wait to my eyes have adjusted to the darkness, without my wolf my senses aren’t that quick to adjust.

Looking to the side I see a bunk and it would probably feel better laying on it but I don’t have any strength to move over there. There is a bucket in the corner of the cell and I guess if I ever need to use the toilet that would be it. Trying to wiggle my fingers I feel my pinky finger is still crushed and I just sigh and place the hand down. There is no point in trying to do anything.

All these years I have been avoiding even coming close to his kingdom only to end up here by a stupid mistake, I promised myself the day I was f0rced out of his kingdom to never look back leaving my family and friends behind.

The day I was ordered out of his kingdom was my eighteen birthday and when I ran I was f0rced to shift on my own for the first time. I never got to say goodbye to my family and friends, I just left without a word. I have had the opportunity to contact them after but never have, a part of me wants to and I miss them more than anything.

I just know if I did I would have to give them an explanation and I don’t know how to explain without telling them he is my mate. To be honest, I don’t want him to ever find me and couldn’t risk him getting a lead on me. I have been good at hiding my tracks through the years and up until now I haven’t made a mistake.

I don’t know if he even have tried to look for me but I didn’t dare to take any chances.

Through the years I have thought about rejecting him but I already know he won’t agree to it, since I’m his second chance mate it would probably weaken him to the point he would d*ie and if he finds me I would certainly be locked up in a cell for the rest of my life.

I sigh and try to move my legs up to my chest, I just need the wolfsbane out of my system and I will

have a good chance to escape this place! Before he finds out I’m here in his cell. A shiver runs down my body just the thought of what he will do if he finds me here.

Hearing the door down to the cells opens up and several men walking down the stairs with heavy steps, I can only guess they are here to check the prisoners.

Rolling back slowly to my back I close my eyes and try to even out my breathing, hoping they will just peek inside and leave me alone. Hearing them walking closer and going through every cell they stop behind mine and open the door.

One of them walks inside and stops beside my body on the floor! Feeling how the person start to hit my leg I just lay there and keep my breath and heart still. I’m not intimidated by them and with just a few more hours I hope to heal up.

“Still alive!” Says the voice beside me and another pair of feet comes inside.

“Kian is right! Something is different with her, she doesn’t have any scent” hearing them booth discussing my scent I have to keep myself from moving a muscle at the same time I dread his wrath if he is on to me.

“Let’s wait a few hours, he wanted to see if she will survive the night! ” One of them says to the other before they start to walk back out of my cell.

Hearing them close the door and lock it I take a deep breath and open my eyes again.

This is going to be a long night down here, just anxiously waiting to heal up before Kian comes down and finds me.

I hear the men walking around in every cell and I hear them saying at least two prisoners are dead. I’m not surprised by the amount of wolfsbane they have given us and I guess everyone has been interrogated similarly to what I have been.

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