I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 108

I will never be yours By Melan pamp

Chapter 108 

Selena POV: 

Looking at her for a long moment and trying to wrap my head around what she just told me, nothing of it makes any difference to me! I’m here to claim what’s mine and if he d*ies and it takes me with him I’m fine with it, I wouldn’t want to go one and live without him anyway! 

“It’s alright, I’m not changing my mind! He is my true mate and I will claim him” I say with a firm voice when I try to get my head to clear up from this high. 

I hear a sob leave Emma’s lip and I reach for her to get her in my arms, she understands what I try to do when she throws herself in my arms. 

“I can’t stand the thought of losing you but I understand why you are doing this and I would do the same!” she says in a sob. She wraps her arms around my shoulders and holds me tight to her, I hate to do this to her but I won’t change my mind. 

“If I’m not going to make it I have had the best of times with you! Don’t forget it and make sure to take care of everyone!” I say to her and wrap my arms around her for a moment. 

“You know I have seen both!” she says and I already understand what she has seen. 

“It’s alright Emma! He’s my mate and it’s time for me to claim what belongs to me!” I say and nothing she says can get me to back out from this! I feel Jessie’s head next to mine when she hugs me from the side. 

“Please don’t leave us!” I hear Jessie say and I almost start to cry from her words, she is the hard one and rarely shows any feelings. 

I have to close my eyes for a moment and breath before I do this. 

“I will claim him and whatever happens after is out of my hands! He is my mate and he where ready to give up his life for me, now I will do the same! If I don’t make it you two know what to do, and you Jessie will take over the pack!” I say when I feel her squeeze me harder from the side. 

“I’m not ready for this!” I hear Jessie say and she breaks down in a sob. Now not even I can hold it together! 

“Let’s hope this isn’t goodbye!” I say and feel how tears run down my cheeks when I take one of my arms and wrap it around Jessie to hug her too. 

We stand there for a short moment when Emma breaks the silence. 

“I have seen both, and I don’t know which one is going to happen. What I do know is you will go into heat almost right away when you have marked him since we have pushed your heat away for so long and you started to go into heat with Elijah!” Emma says and just by hearing his name being spoken out loud has me shivering throughout my body, if I could erase that memory I would! 

“It’s alright Emma!” I say next to her ear, she squeezes me harder for a moment in silence and I know there is something more she isn’t telling me. 

It takes a long moment before I feel her take a large breath beside my ear. 

“It will be painful for you if he doesn’t make it!” she says and it doesn’t change my mind, I already know it will be painful if he d*ies. 

“It’s alright Emma! I have already felt him be taken away from me and this time if he doesn’t make it I will be happy to follow after him! He is my true mate and I don’t want to continue living without him!” I say to her and give her a light squeeze, I love them all and I know they will make it without me if it comes to that. I on the other hand will follow Kian! 

“Now you all have to get out of here and let me do what I intend to!” I tell them and take my arms from them, I have no more time to waste. 

They both take a step toward the door where Cannon and Declan already are waiting for them. 

“I will be waiting outside the door to help you once the heat kick in and I will bring you something for the pain!” Emma says and looks at me for a moment, giving her a nod as a response before I see them both walk over to the door. 

They take one last look at me before heading out the door and closing it after them. 

Turning around to the bed I see Kian laying unconscious on the bed, he has a quilt up to his chest and he looks pale and sick! A part of me dreads to move forward and touch him if the bond is gone and if he is beyond salvation. I can’t lose him and only the thought has my legs to start moving, climbing up on the bed I make my way over to him and stop beside him. 

He is laying there unmoving and I take my hand and slowly place it on his chest, having to take a deep breath before my palm touches his skin. The moment I touch. him tingles play under my palm and a sob leaves my lips at the feeling, my mate! 

“Kian! My love! You have to fight this, you have to fight with me do you hear what I’m saying? I can’t lose you! I’m sorry it took me so long to get here, I should have done this a long time ago. Please come back to me!” I plead to him between sobs and hold his cheek in my hand before getting up and straddling him. 

Placing my hands on his chest I lean forward and press my lips to his a moment when I feel my tears run down my cheeks. 

“I can’t let you go without a fight and wherever you are going I’m coming with you! Fight with me, my love!” I say and trace my nose down his neck and over to his shoulder, finding the spot for my mark I let my canines slip out. 

Biting him hard until my canines hit his bone I let my energy slip over to him through the bit and hope he can get some strength from it and come back to me. 

His blood runs in my mouth and I feel exhausted when I withdraw my canines and lap over the bite. Laying over his chest I can hardly keep my eyes open. 

“Come back to me Kian!” I say to him before falling asleep on his chest.

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