I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 109

I will never be yours By Melan pamp

Chapter 109 

Selena POV: 

Feeling his chest rise and fall under my head I listen to his steady heartbeats, some part of me is afraid it will stop if I take my head away from him. 

I woke up earlier when I started to feel hot, knew even before the pain started in my body what was about to happen. 

“Kian, I need for you to wake up! I want you to open your eyes and talk to me, I miss hearing your voice!” I say when I’m hit with a lot of pain. Digging my nails into his skin where I’m holding my hands, it takes a moment before the pain starts to subside a bit and I can take a large breath. 

Hearing a soft knock on the door before it’s opened and Emma comes walking inside. I knew she would come when the heat would start and I almost start to cry at the sight of her. She walks over to the bed with a tray and places it on the sideboard. 

“I have a potion for you, it will help you with the pain! Then I brought you something to eat, you need your strength for both of you!” she says and takes a seat on the chair beside the bed when I turn my head and look at Kian for a moment, I don’t see any improvement on him at all! 

“Come, Selena, he will be here even if you let go for a moment!” I hear Emma say and I guess she knew how I feel about it. 

Taking my hands and head away from him I sit up in the bed and make my way over to the edge where Emma is, she gives me a cup with the potion and I take it without hesitation before giving the empty cup back to her. 

“You know I will pour you a bath, it will make you feel better and I can see to Kian for a moment when you take some time,” Emma says and gets up from her seat and starts to head over to the bathroom. I take the sandwich and start to eat small bites of it while I hear Emma turn on the taps in the bathroom. 

Turning my head and look at Kian just to make sure he’s there. 

Hearing Emma walk back out to where I am I place the half–eaten sandwich on the tray and empty the glassof juice, before turning my head and look at her. 

“How long has he been out?” I ask her, I know I was out for a day, and has he been out as long? 

“He has been awake from time to time, he where down the night you came in and stayed with you, then in the morning he went to take a shower and Cannon found him in here unconscious on the bathroom floor!” she says and then it means he hasn’t been out more than a couple off hours. 

“Come! The bath is almost ready!” she says and takes my empty glassand places it on the tray before she grabs my arm and starts to help me over to the bathroom. 

Walking slowly inside the bathroom and over to the tube, she helps me get the shirt off me! 

“I will get you a new one from his closet!” she says when she helps me get inside. the tube after I have tossed my underwear on the floor. 

Letting my body sink slowly in the water, it’s hardly warm and it’s perfect, I know I wouldn’t be able to stand some hot water right now. 

I hear her walk out of the bathroom for a while when I start to wash my body, it feels somewhat better to be clean and after I have washed my hair I rest my head on the edge and close my eyes for a moment when another wave of pain hits my body. 

It’s not as hard as the one before and I know it’s because of the potion but this is only the beginning. 

“Here I have a new shirt for you once you are done in the tube!” I hear Emma’s voice when she walks inside the bathroom and places his shirt on the sink. I see her walk over to the tube and take a seat on the edge when her eyes meet mine. 

“How do you feel?” she asks me and I take a deep breath. 

“Fine for now!” I say when she places her hand in mine. 

“Hang in there! I haven’t seen any improvement yet on him but let’s hope it turns soon” she says and there isn’t anything else to do. 

The water starts to feel cold and I want to get back to him, pulling the plug I rise from the tube and she hands me a towel. Wrapping it around my body I get out and take another to dry my hair. 

“Here is the shirt!” she says and hands it to me, taking it to my nose I sniff at it and it’s his smell. Pulling it over my head it reaches down to my thighs. 

“I don’t have any new underwear I will wash the old ones, I’m sorry,” Emma says. and sound troubled. 

“I don’t care about the underwear can be without,” I say and start to head out of the bathroom and over to the bed, almost reaching the bed when another wave hits my body and I have to hold on to the bedpost for a moment. 

“If you lay close to him it might help!” Emma says when I start to crawl up in the bed and lay next to him. Placing my hands on him and snuggle my face in his chest, his scent and warm skin help to ease the pain. I feel Emma’s hand on my shoulder and I already know what she wants. 

“It’s alright Emma! Leave me with him and I will let you know if it gets too hard!” I say when I hear her sigh. 

“I wish I could do more for you! I’ll be close by if there is anything” she says and takes her hand away. 

“Thank you, Emma!” I say to her when I hear her take the tray with her and walk out of the room. 

I lay with my head on his chest and hold my arms around him for hours, pain comes and goes and each time it gets worse, I even bit him hard in his chest when I couldn’t stand the pain any longer. 

Seeing the sun is about to go down I’m exhausted and feel desperate! 

“Kian you have to come back, you can’t do this to me!” I say in a sob when pain courses through my body and I dig my nails into his chest again. I pant out and fall with my back to the mattress, this is too painful when my tears start to run down my cheeks. 

Placing my arms over my head I cry out when another wave of pain hits me, I’m lost. in trying to breathe through the pain when I feel the bed dip and his hands come to my arms when he peals them off me. 

Tingles play under his touch when I find myself staring right into his amber eyes I never thought I would see again!

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