I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 117

I will never be yours By Melan pamp

Chapter 117 

Selena POV: 

Looking at her for a long moment I wait for her to continue with what she has to tell me, I feel the tension in the room rises! 

“One of the children is highly gifted!” she says and I have to hold on to the table with my hand to not fall off my chair. 

“One of them? You’re telling me that there is more than one!” I say in shock and look at her, she gives me a nod while I sit back in my seat and try to take this in. She could be wrong, couldn’t she? 

“There is more than one but I’m not going to tell you how many, some things you and Kian will have to find out together. I’m only telling you this because you have to know something about it!” she says and I start to feel nauseous by all this information. 

“One of them is highly gifted and you have to protect the child from any dark magic!” Michael says and I turn my head to look at him. He sits there with a calm expression on his face and it does nothing to help me calm my raising heart down. I’m not surprised if I ever have children they could be gifted like me but somehow I’m not prepaid for this now. 

“This is too much!” I say and withdraw my hand from Emmas and get up on my feets again. I need to walk around in the room for a bit and try to get my head around all this. How am I going to handle this with a threat at our borders and I have felt how strong he where! 

“I know it is but I’m afraid there is more to it!” Emma says and right about now I’m ready to portal away from here, don’t know if I want to hear more! 

come and take a seat! You need to sit down for the next part!” Michael says and I stop in my track and look at him. He has a serious gaze on his face and whatever it is I better sit down again, walking over to the chair slowly to try and gain some more time for this. If I could pause this moment and come back when I feel more prepaid it would be better. 

Reaching my chair, I sit down whit my hands in my lap and take a deep breath. 

“When he marked you even if he didn’t complete it you got some of his traits in your system, the gifted child has picked up them from your body!” Michael says. and a gasp leaves my lips. The man I hate more than anything who took my mate from me and almost K*lled us both by doing so left a part of him with me! Now he will always be a part of our lives and our child! 

How can I ever break this news to Kian? Another man’s trait will run in the veins of our child, will he ever be able to love that child? I should have been stronger than I was then none of this would have happened! How can I live with myself knowing if I only had been stronger or not gone to the office alone that day this would never have happened! 

A sob leaves my lips and I have to place my head in my hands when tears start to run down my cheeks, I don’t want to do this to Kian! 

Hearing a chair getting moved and Emma’s footsteps that walk over to where I sit when her arms come to wrap around my shoulders. 

“I’m sorry about all this Selena!” she says in a sob and I try to hold it together the best I can. 

“How am I going to tell him this? I wasn’t strong enough or this would never have. happened! Now our child will have a part of another man, will he ever love it?” I say when I hear Emma sob beside my ear. 

“Don’t talk like that! You couldn’t do anything about it and if you are going to blame anyone I have as much guilt as anyone else. If I hadn’t been occupied with. Cannon then I would have seen it before and made sure it never happened!” she says and I can’t handle this! 

“What trait are we talking about? Is the child a vampire?” I have to know what we are facing. 

Both of us have seen the child as a werewolf but it needs some blood, what other traits there are we don’t know yet! The child has some other gifts that are powerful, but we only see a bit ahead. What we both know is that you will need some blood. during the pregnancy and it’s important to keep the child from dark magic!” Michael says and that is the last drop than makes me flip over. 

Pushing Emma’s arms off my shoulders I push back my chair and start to pace. around in the room, my mind is a mess with all this information! 

How am I going to break this news to Kian? Everything comes crashing down on me at once. 

How can I ever tell him all this? His first mate d*ied during her pregnancy and here I promised him I won’t d*ie if I got pregnant. Only to find out there is more than one and one of them has traits from the man who took me from him, and I have to drink blood during the pregnancy. We are facing a dark threat I have to make sure the child won’t be exposed to dark magic!” I say in a raised voice when my tears keep running down my cheeks. Trying to wipe them off when new ones only keep coming, this is hard news to tell anyone. What should be happy news and a time of love for each other are filled with worry and pain right now! 

“Have I missed anything!” I say and throw my hands up in the air while I turn to look at them both. Michael sits at the table with a calm expression while Emma has tears running down her cheeks and she looks really sad about all this. 

“I’m so sorry Selena! I never wanted this to happen! We will help you with everything we can, you are not alone in this!” she says and right now it does nothing to help me with how I feel about all of this. 

I love Kian and this is the last I want to have to put him through! He doesn’t deserve this! 

“Talk to me, Selena! This is not your fault and I’m sure he will take it well once you break it to him and if he doesn’t, I will make sure he gets a grip!” Emma says and I know she is trying to cheer me up, but right now nothing can! 

All this has been too much to know at once even if I know it’s better with all the cards on the table, I need some time alone. 

“I can’t Emma! Not right now, I need some time to myself!” I say and wipe away my tears. 

“Alright! I’m here whenever you want to talk!” she says and I open a portal besides me. 

“Mind link me when you want to go home, I will open a portal!” I say and take a step to the side. 

“Where are you going? I can come with you!” she says and I turn my head and look at her. 

“I need some time alone!” I say when she gives me a nod before I turn my head. back and start to walk into my portal and close it after me leaving her with Michael.

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