I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 118

I will never be yours By Melan pamp

Chapter 118

Selena POV: 

I have been sitting on my favorite spot on the cliff looking out of the lands below me, up here I’m always alone and every time I need some time to myself, I go here. 

With everything they told me I needed the break and gather my thoughts, I have to tell him at one point and hopefully, we can figure it out together but I will wait until I’m sure she is right about this. 

Getting up from my seat I have to go back to my pack and stop hiding here, I have obligations even if I want to take a long break from this mess. Opening a portal beside me to my office I get inside and walk out in my office into my pack house. Sighing to myself, I have a job where I at one point need to go back to or quit. Can I even go back there in the first place and if I don’t how am I going to provide for my pack? 

Walking over to the window I stand and look outside when I hear my office door being opened and Jessie comes walking inside. 

“Finally, you are back! Gotten over yourself?” Jessie says and takes a seat at my chair in front of my office desk. 

“I’m not in the mood!” I say as a response, right now I’m not up for any teasing. 

“Well, I think you should get a grip on the situation instead. From what you two have been through do you even think he will care if the baby has traits from that idiot? You K*lled him and survived and came back to Kian! The child is yours and his only” she says and I’m not surprised she knows. 

“So, she told you!” I say and turn around and walk over to my office chair and take a seat. Resting back, I turn my head and look at her, she sits there calmly and looks. at me. 

“Yes, she did before you mated with him! Both me and Emma were clear on this. and it wasn’t important to tell you before, now we will help and take care of the next problems. So when are you going to tell him?” she says and I drag my hand down my face and take a moment before answering her. 

“I will wait until I know she is right and I’m pregnant, as of now I only have her words and I won’t get him upset if it isn’t true!” I say and look at her. 

“When where she ever wrong about a vision!” she says and I know it too but it doesn’t change things, I will wait! 

“I know but still!” I say to her 

“You know what I’m certain he will take it well once you tell him and if he doesn’t we all are here for you!” she says and I know they are, I hope we will figure this out together once I tell him. Until then I have a lot to handle! 

“I have a lot to do in the meantime and can’t focus on it right now, I need to talk to my bosses and decide if I’m going to come back or not.!” I tell her. 

“Well, I took the liberty to tell your bosses you will have to take a long time leave if you ever come back again. They have their hands full with Elijah being gone and they found your secretary dead and when you were kidnapped from work. They find footage on it when the guy carried you out of the building and the police are involved. You know how it is with humans and for now, you don’t have to think about work at all. Once you have decided you can talk to them! I think you should quit! There is no way you are going to have time and be at work with everything going on!” she says and I know she is right. I have a large sum of money right now but it won’t last forever. 

“I know you are right!” I say and it feels better to know I don’t have to care about work for the moment, I will decide later on. 

“Well tell me what’s going on with the rogues? Are they running to the cave or from it?” I haven’t been here and have no idea what’s going on only what Emma told me. 

“They have been running around in the woods and outside our borders several times a day, we have no idea what they are looking for. A patrol run into them yesterday and they got attacked pretty badly, everyone survived this time! So, I ordered everyone to stay inside our barrier and wait to see what happens next, no point in being outside at the moment!” she says and sits back in her seat. 

I don’t like the sound of that and not knowing how the enemy mobilizes outside our borders is dangerous. We have to do something about all this! 

“I know what you are thinking but I suggest we wait a bit, Kian has sent more men over and I believe they will soon be here! We can take and scout the area tomorrow” she might be right and it’s best to wait a bit before going out. 

Feeling a mind link trying to reach out to me I open it up and feel it’s Emma. 

“Where do you want to go?” I ask her the moment we connect. 

“Where you are!” she says and I open a portal in my office and it doesn’t take long before she comes walking inside with a bag in her hand. Closing the portal after her when she takes a step closer to where I am. 

“How do you feel?” she opens the question before I even have closed the portal properly. 

“She’s fine and has decided to wait and tell Kian until she knows for sure she is pregnant! She doesn’t really trust your words” Jessie says and chuckles. I just roll my eyes at her. 

“Emma, I trust your words you know that, I just want some time to find out myself I’m really pregnant before telling him all this,” I say and turn my head to look at her. 

“It’s fine and I understand, I got some more of that tea for you if you want?” she says and I give her a nod when I feel Kian trying to reach for me, and even before I open the mind link I know he is angry!

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