I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 120

I will never be yours By Melan pamp 

Chapter 120 

Selena POV: 

His lips are devouring mine when he is about to take off my bra. I feel a mind link open up and stop his hand while I break the kiss, he understands what’s happening and stops when I pick the link up. 

“A big group of rogues is outside our borders!” Zoey says and I look at Kian “There is a big group of rogues outside the borders!” I say to him when he lets go of me and heads over to the other side of the desk and starts to pull on his clothes. 

“I’ll be right down!” I tell her and end the link when I take my shirt and put it back on. 

“I want to know it all later and we will discuss what to do with everything!” Kian says and places his arm around my waist before we start to head out of the office and down the stairs. Coming down I see Cannon and Declan are right out of the door and Jessie I guess is already outside. 

Following after them we rush over to where Zoey is standing with some other of what I guess are Kian’s guards, walking closer I see several wolves and men outside our borders walking around and sniffing. 

guess they were following you over here!” Jessie says and I hear Cannon sniff in the air and walk closer to the borders. I know they can’t hear or smell us from outside our borders but we can both hear them and smell them inside here! 

It takes a long while before the group starts to turn around and walk away from here, Cannon still stands and sniffs in the air. 

“What is it?” Kian asks after a long time. 

“There are several vampires amongst them and I can smell something I remember having smelled before but can’t place it right now, Cannon says and turns to look at us. 

I get a shiver down my spine with the thought of any vampire might have survived from that house. 

Kian pull me closer to him and turn me to look at him. 

“You got everyone from that house, not one of them survived!” he says but it doesn’t help my feeling someone might have been away when it all went down. 

“We can’t be certain! And where do all the other vampires come from?” I say when Jessie walks by us and head over to the pack house. 

“The food is ready and I’m not going hunting after some freaking vamps without food!” she says and just keeps walking away. 

“We are not going after any vampires!” Kian says and starts to pull me with him back to the pack house. 

“Then what do you suggest we do? Stay in here to rot away?” Jessie shouts from a bit in front of us. 

“For now, yes!” Kian says when we come to the pack house and walk inside. Everyone is inside when Kian stops me in the hallway. 

“I have to make a call to my father!” he says and looks at me. 

“Take the phone in my office! I will bring you some food!” I say and he gives me a nod before he starts to head up the stairs. I see him reach the top of the stairs when I head over to the kitchen and grab me and Kian some food. 

“Is everything alright?” Emma comes over to me and says in a small voice when I’m about to place the food on a tray. 

“Yes, for now it is!” I say to her and place the plates down before I head over to fix us something to drink. 

“Here take this!” Emma says and hands me two glasses she has filled already. 

“Thank you!” I say and take them from her before placing them down on the tray 

“If you have any problem just mind link me and I will come up right away!” she says next to my ear when she walks by me and heads over to the table. 

Taking the tray I start to walk out of the kitchen and head up the stairs, hearing the others get into a wild discussion about why there are vampires with the rogues. 

Coming up the stairs I head over to my office and push the door open before walking inside and placing the tray down on my desk. Kian is talking to his father still and what I can make out of the conversation is they are talking about the vampire council and waiting for him to be done I take my plate and start to eat my food, hadn’t realized how hungry I really where when I see Kian smile at me when I eat my whole plate without looking up at him or taking a break. 

Take my glassand empty it while I sit back and wait for him to be done, it takes a moment before he is done, and place the phone down. 

“If you are hungry why don’t you take my food as well?” he says and get up on his feet before walking over to where I sit. Looking up at him when he leans down and picks me up from my seat before walking over to my office chair and sitting down with me in his lap. 

“You know I was good where I was!” I say to him when he smirks at me before pulling me closer to him. 

“Well, I wasn’t!” he says and leans closer to take a sniff on my shoulder. 

“What did you have to discuss with your father?” I ask him when he raises his head up from my shoulder and looks at me. 

“I will answer that when we have talked about your problems first!” he says and doesn’t take his eyes off me. I sigh and know there is no point in trying to get out of this discussion. 

“I have to train with Michael to get my gift under control! The gifted rogue who is the child from the witch I told you about has some dark magic I have to shield myself against, it’s important I master it before meeting him again!” I say and take a deep breath 

“And I have to decide what to do with my work, if I quit it I will have to find something else to help and provide for this pack. I can’t be without a work!” I say when he traces his hand down my cheek. 

“Anything I can do to help you with the training I’m here! I won’t let you go up against the rogue if there is any risk for you and that’s final! When it comes to your work, I won’t agree with you going back there! You are my Queen and luna and you have enough with this pack and everything else!” he says and I’m about to protest when he shakes his head at me. 

“No! That’s final! I will pay for everything you need for this pack if you don’t want to merge it with mine. It’s all up to you! I have bought all the land between the kingdom and this pack. Whatever you decide I will start to build the kingdom this way instead!” he says and I’m too shocked to say anything for a long moment. 

“You have done what?” I say when I find my words. Seeing him smile at me 

“Yes, I brought it all the first thing I did when I found out where your pack where located and I brought all land around this! Nothing will come between us!” he says and lean forward before capturing my lips with his. 

“It’s your choice and you don’t have to make any decision about it now! He says to my lips when I take my hands behind his head and pull him closer while deepening the kiss. Hear him chuckle when I release him. 

“You don’t have to stop!” he says when I have let him go. 

“Now you have to tell me what’s going on with the council!” I say and hold his gaze with mine. He leans back in his seat and I hear him sigh. 

“I have to make a visit to the vampire council, we have to find out what’s going on and our contacts want me to go over there!” he says and I feel my heart takes one extra beat in my chest. Don’t like the sound of him going away from me for a couple of days. 

“I don’t want you to go alone! I can come with you!” I say to him when he places his hand on my cheek. 

“That will never happen! You will not go near any vampire or anything @ssociated with them again!” he says and my heart is about to beat out of my chest and all blood leaves my head. 

He hates vampires and everything about them or what is he saying? Then how will he feel out what’s to come?

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