I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 13

I will never be yours by Melan Pamp

Chapter 13

Selena’s POV:

I manage to almost reach the bridge when I hear a furious growl and quickly swirl around, only to be met by a big black beast with glowing amber eyes.

There is no doubt in my mind who it is, and he locks really angry. I haven’t seen any wolf before in his size and I know I have nothing to put up against him like this. He is beautiful and at the same time terrifying!

Stagger a step back when he growls and shows every tooth to me! I know it’s a threat to not take another step.

Several more wolves come walking out of the woods on every side and Kian walks some steps ahead of them.

I slowly take another step back and just another more step and I have reached the bridge. Looking at the bridge I see a hole under the railing and I will probably fit perfectly under there, the way down might hurt, and could be a high fall before I land on the ground.

It might be my only chance! And one I am willing to take.

Looking back at my mate he has taken some more steps closer to me and I know he will soon be able to reach me. He looks at me and a deep growl leaves his throat and a shiver runs down my body. He is furious!

This is my chance and I won’t give up without a fight! Taking a large inhale I quickly swirl around and run to the hole, tossing my body under I hear him right behind me, and when my body slides down the hole his jaw comes right next to my hand.

I just manage to escape him!

Don’t get any time to take a breath of relief when I start sliding down a steep slope. My body slides through bushes and over branches, tearing up my skin and I feel how my whole side hurts.

Nothing stops my fall and when I come to the end of the slope there is a drop and before I know it I fall. I just know when I hit the ground it will hurt a lot!

I hear a roar just before I meet the ground and pain shoots right up my thigh. I bite my tongue to try and prevent myself from screaming out the pain.

Looking over at my thigh I see a big branch sticking out.

Taking a big breath, I try to gather myself! Looking up to my right I see Kian and his men standing high up on the side of the slope. I know there is no way they can get down to where I am from where they stand and right behind me is the river running by. I have a clear path in front of me right now, but further away I have no idea if he can get down to me.

Getting up on my feet I know there isn’t time to stay here! I need to keep running.!

Looking up at him I see he follows every motion I make. I sigh and look down at my thigh before I take my hand and grab the branch. I can’t run with it in my leg and I have to get it out. Taking a large inhale, I just pull it out of me, my head starts to spin from the pain and I fall to my hands and knees for a moment.

Just breathing through the pain before I gather myself and rise up on my knees and look at the wound. I start to slowly close up and I know my wolf is about to come forward.

Giving me hope I will have a chance to escape!

Getting up on my feet I take my hand and hold over the wound to stop the blood from oozing out. Turning my head up to look at them I see Kian looking at me with his intense gaze on me.

The others stand beside him and everyone has their eyes on me. Averting my eyes from them I start limping on the way ahead of me, one step at a time.

Every step hurts and I have to bite my lip to keep myself from whimpering out. I won’t give them that kind of satisfaction!

I will make it!

I hear a growl and look over my shoulder. Kian is walking beside me and two other wolves. The others aren’t anywhere to be seen and I fear he has ordered them ahead to find a way down to me. I haven’t come this far to get caught by them!

Trying to reach my wolf I almost succeed. Picking up my phase I start to walk faster and feel how my body heals up bit by bit and just a little moment more and I will be able to shift.

I start to run slowly at first before I feel how I get stronger with every step I take and coming around a corner I can run at full speed.

Suddenly finding myself in the river when the path come to an end, I have to start swimming when the river carries me away. It goes fast and I have to swim with all I got before I can reach land. There is no way I can swim over to the other side! The river is too wild and when I reach land I grab a tree and start dragging my body up from the water.

Have to catch my breath for a moment before I can get up on my feet again. Looking up I find Kian and one other looking down at me. I haven’t managed to get them off me.

It’s now or never!

Getting up on my feet I start running and finally, I can reach my wolf. Forcing her forward she takes over my body and we shift in the air.

Coming down on paws I hear my mate roar and I know he has seen me.

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