I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 131

I will never be yours By Melan pamp

Chapter 131

Selena POV:

Following after the guards down the hallway I walk with heavy steps, I know I have to pull through even if he doesn’t come to the appointment. He could as well only get the news after and don’t have to face me!

Walking down the hallway we p@ssby his bedroom and I see them still fixing it up, turning my head back we come to the stairs and start to walk down. I guess we are going to drive over to a doctor or wherever he plans for me to go.

Down in the hallway, we walk past his office and I hear some voices inside before we turn around a corner and walk away from the entrance when they stop right in front of a door.

A nurse opens it up and I see a doctor inside with all the machines I could think of and a delivery bed, feeling how my hands start to sweat at the sight of it, and my heart starts to beat faster. All this is making it so real! And I guess Kian has set this up here so I don’t have to go outside his doors.

“My Queen come inside!” I hear the doctor say when the nurse comes out and grabs my arm before she starts to pull me inside the room.

“You don’t have to be nervous! We are only going to run some tests before the ultrasound, want to make sure both mother and children feeling well!” he says when the nurse walks over with me to the bed and I take a seat. I guess Kian have told them we believe there is more than one.

Hearing the door being closed I turn my head and see we are alone in here and I guess I have to do this by myself, a big part of me wanted him to be in here with me but after everything, I’m not surprised.

“Pull up your shirt I will take a blood test and check your blood pressure!” he says and I still can’t find my words when the nurse starts to pull on my arm. Letting her help me to pull it up the doctor takes my blood and checks my pressure before he turns around to place the blood somewhere and scribes down my blood pressure.

“Does everything look alright?” I have to ask him when he is done.

“Your blood pressure is fine and for the blood test, we have to wait for the results to come back before I know more. Now lay down and pull your shirt up a bit!” he says when I lay down on the bed and do what he wants. The nurse walks over and turns off the lights before she comes back and pulls down my pants a bit, the doctor turns on a screen and takes a tube in his hand.

“This will be a bit cold!” he says when he places some gel on my stomach. The door is suddenly opened and my eyes land on Kian when he walks inside the room, his eyes meet mine for a short moment and it makes my heart takes one extra beat in my chest.

He has dark circles under his eyes and he is completely cut off, I feel tears prick behind my eyelids at the sight of him when he walks closer to the bed and stands with his arms crossed over his chest and his back turned at me.

He doesn’t have to say anything I feel his unease about being in the same room as me. Feeling the doctor place something on my stomach I turn my head to look his way.

“it’s early in the pregnancy but I believe we will see enough!” he says when I see a black spot on the screen and a beating heart. Tears start to run down my cheeks when he moves it a bit and there is a second heartbeat.

“By the look of it, you are expecting twins and they both have a steady heartbeat! Congratulations!” the doctor says and I can’t take my eyes away from the screen, I’m going to be a mother of two.

“Can you see anything else? When is the due date?” I hear Kian say and it has me to turn my head and look at him. He stands there and looks at the screen with a face that shows no expression, I can’t tell if he is happy about it or what he feels.

“It’s too early, but since you are the Alpha king and she’s an Alpha the pregnancy often goes quicker! We have to make regular checkups to make sure both mother and children are doing fine!” the doctor says and I turn back my head and look at my womb. the screen, our children are alive with their small heartbeats and inside It’s hard to really understand it!

“When will you have the results of the tests?” Kian asks and the nurse starts to wipe away the gel from my stomach when the doctor turns off the screen and places it to the side.

“I believe they will be done by tomorrow after lunch! I will call you right away once I have them in my hands!” he says when the nurse walks over and turn on the lights again. Pulling down my shirt I sit up in the bed and toss my legs over the edge of the bed.

“Anything else?” Kian asks when he takes a step closer to the door, I get this feeling he wants to leave right away.

“We will keep a close watch on her blood tests and let you know if there is anything alarming and she needs some blood. If it’s the trait she gets from the vampire it will come quickly once it starts!” the doctor says and I snap my head and look at Kian. He knows! Who told him? By the numbers who know it, It could be any one of them.

“Anything else?” he says and I’m too stunned to find my words, someone has told him everything and I guess it’s Emma and Cannon

“She must get enough sleep and nutrition, it’s not good for her or the children if she is under too much stress! Other than that enjoy this time before you get your hands full!” the doctor says with a smile on his lips.

The last part I don’t see happening when it’s obvious Kian doesn’t even want to be in the same room as me. I see him give the doctor a nod before he heads out the door without looking at me even one more time.

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