I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 140

I Will Never Be Yours By Melan pamp

Chapter 140

Selena POV: 

I Feeling a hand caressing my baby bump when I wake up I keep my eyes closed and try to keep my emotions under control, he is making it hard for me! 

I doubted I would ever feel his hand on my growing belly after the mess I did, I betrayed his trust and he shut me out of his life completely. 

Feeling how a tear slipped down my cheek I wasn’t able to contain it when his hand comes and turn me on my back when I feel his and wipe away my tear. 

Opening my eyes, I come to stare right into his eyes when he looks down at me. 

“What’s wrong?” he says and I try to turn away when he pulls my head back to look at him. 

I have to take a moment before answering him to make sure my voice will hold. 

“I never thought I would feel your hand on my belly!” I say when my heart squeezes in my chest, I can’t describe how much I have missed him. Closing my eyes for a moment to breathe through the pain in my chest when I feel his lips being pressed to mine. 

“I was angry but I would never leave you!” he says and capture my lips again, I can’t resist answering it back when my bladder reminds me it needs to be emptied right now. Breaking the kiss I try to get away from him when he won’t budge. 

“What is it?” he says when I push the quilt off me. 

“I need to use the bathroom right now!” I say when he lets me go and I instantly turn and get out of the bed, placing my feet on the ground and rising from the bed my head starts to spin violently and I have to hold on to the bedpost to steady myself when I feel his arms around me. 

“What’s wrong?” he says and I hear he is worried. 

“I just got up to quickly and got dizzy!” I say and try to drop my grip on the bedpost when his arms come under my body and he lifts me before he starts to walk over to the bathroom, I let him carry me when he places me down on the toilet and stays beside me. 

“Can I have some privacy?” I say and look at him when he takes a step back. 

“I’ll be right outside if you need me!” he says before walking out and closing the door after him. Standing up I push my p*an*tie*s down before I empty my bladder and take a breath of relief, it’s ridiculous how small my bladder is these days! 

When I’m done I wash up and brush my teeth before going out of the room, seeing him sitting on the bed with one of my books in his hands. He lifts his head when I walk by him and over to the closet to take out some clothes, starting to take on my pants I have a hard time getting them to fit over my belly and have to place them under instead, now it will be harder to find a shirt that can cover it all up completely. 

When did my stomach grow this big that fast? Sighing I take off my shirt and put on my bra before trying to find a shirt that can fit when I feel his body being pressed to my back before he pulls a shirt from him over my head. 

Trying to protest against it he turns me around. 

“I can’t walk around in your shirts!” I say and try to get it over my head when his arms come to mine and stop me from taking it off. 

“Why not?” he asks and pulls me closer to him. I turn my head away from him and don’t know how to answer him when his hand comes to my cheek and he turns my head up to look at him. 

“I will break down every wall you have put up! You are my mate and I will never let you continue this way! Our children need you to be well!” he says and trace my bottom lip with his thumb before he lets go and pulls my arms inside his shirt and lets it fall over my stomach. 

His hand comes to my stomach and he caresses it before he let go and turns around to put on a pair of pants, I’m frozen to my spot and just look at him. We have gone from not seeing each other for weeks to this in just a day, what happened? 

guess he feels my gaze on him when he turns around with a smile on his lips. before he walks over to where I am and places a hand on my lower back, he starts to pull me with him out of the room. 

“Where are we going?” I ask him when he walks with me down the hall. 

“You need some food!” he says and pulls me closer to him when we start to walk down the stairs and over to his office. He opens the door and pulls me inside when he lets go and heads over to a bunch of clothes that hang on a hanger beside his couch, I guess he has been sleeping inside here the whole time instead of coming up to his room. 

I understood he slept in another room instead of coming up to me, but the hard couch in his office is better than having to be in the same room as me! 

“Hey, where did your thoughts go!” I hear him say when he walks over to where I am while he put on a shirt, he stops right in front of me and hooks a finger under my jaw. 

“I don’t like the feeling you sent out, tell me!” he says and looks at me, I didn’t even know I did it. 

“Only that you rather sleep on the couch than be in the same bed as me!” I say when he looks close to me before he takes the other arm and pulls me closer to him. 

“I stayed in here to not have to disturb you when I come back in the mornings but by the look off it has to do the opposite instead, now I will take every chance I get to disturb my little mate!” he says before he captures my lips in a hungry kiss that’s make me weak in my knees. 

He bites down on my bottom lip and when I gasp he pushes his tongue inside my mouth, I feel how my resistance to keep my walls up start to crumble down when he holds me even closer and deepens the kiss. 

My lips start to move of their own free will, following his movement when a M0@n escapes my lips.

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