I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 143

I will never be yours By Melan pamp

Chapter 143

Selena POV:

Seeing a nursery being set up and Kian placing a crib beside another one while Declan is unpacking a box, they all are occupied whit what they are doing and I can’t believe what I’m seeing, when did he have time to do all this? 

Taking a long look at the walls I smell fresh paint and I guess he has had it all redone in a new color, standing in the same spot I try to take it all in, he hasn’t been doing this in only one day! 

Hearing some footsteps, I turn my head to see Kian come walking over to where I am with a smile on his lips before he stops right in front of me and wraps me up in a hug. 

“You are back already! I wanted this to be a surprise for you and hoped to manage and get more done before you came back!” he says to my hair and I wrap my arms around his waist. 

“I am surprised! When did you do all this!” I say when he looks down at me. 

“I started the day after we found out there were twins!” he says and traces his nose down my cheek. 

“But you were angry at me and haven’t spoken to me for three weeks!” I object when he places his hand behind my neck and tilts my head to look at him. 

“It doesn’t matter if I were angry, we are expecting twins and I couldn’t be happier about it! Wanted to have it done as a surprise for you!” he says and pecks my lips. 

“Come!” he says and starts to pull me inside the nursery to look at it all, stopping behind the cribs I place my hand on it, standing in here it all becomes more real! 

“Do you like them? We can change what you don’t want!” he says next to my ear when he has walked up behind me and wrapped his arms around my body. 

“No, they are perfect!” I say and lean back in his arms when Declan walks up beside me, turning my head to look at him he has dark circles under his eyes and I guess. he has had a hard time with Jessie. 

“Let me guess you want me to go and talk to her?” I say and keep my eyes on him when I hear him sigh. 

“Yes! She is broken this way and you two have to talk it out, she knows what a mistake they made and she can’t forgive herself!” he says and I know she wouldn’t be able to forgive what happened. I have some questions myself that she might be the only one who can answer! 

“I will go and talk to her!” I say when Kian pulls me closer to him. 

“Not today you aren’t!” he says and I hadn’t planned to go there today, knew he wanted to have me by himself. 

“I will come over tomorrow! Is everything alright with the pack?” I ask when Kian presses his lips to my cheek. 

“I’m happy to hear you want to be involved again, I will fill you in on everything!” he says and I know it’s time I take back my life and do what I’m supposed to do! 

“Yes, that would be good!” I say and turn my head to look at him when places his hand on my belly. 

“In one condition!” he says and why am I not surprised it wouldn’t be that easy? 

“Yes, what do you want?” I say and look at him 

“You don’t push yourself too hard and listen to your body, I’m here and will help you with everything you need!” I had thought his demand would be much harder, this will be no problem. 

“I won’t!” placing my hand over his on my stomach we are a part of this both of us and with a family on our way, we are in this together! 

“I’m not going to let her know you will be coming over tomorrow, if I did she would be up the whole night and passing around! Come to think of it she already does it every night!” he says and drags a hand through his hair. 

“Can’t Emma make a potion to help her sleep?” I ask and try to look over at Emma, where she stands beside Cannon. 

“I have been doing it but she refuses to take it!” she says and I’m not surprised about it when it comes to Jessie and how stubborn she is, turning back my head to look at Declan I have no idea what to do and help her today. 

“Do what you feel is necessary and I will be over tomorrow, I will handle it then! Do you need a quick way to get back?” I ask him when he smiles at me. 

“That would be perfect, only need to grab some more clothes and I’m ready to go!” he says and starts to walk out of the room in determined steps. 

“I think it’s better if we go with him over there tonight!” Emma says and looks at Cannon when I turn my head to look at them both. 

“I will help you over there whenever you want!” I tell them when I hear the debate about it for a moment. 

“We will go down and get some things then we will go with Declan!” Emma says, when Kian turns us around. 

“We have to go down and can meet you all up in the hallway when you are done!” he says and I see them give him a nod and walk out of the room. 

“Why do we have to go down?” I say and look around the room, there are several big boxes still unpacked and I want to be in here and look at everything and unpack the rest, then I will know what to buy that’s missing. 

“You have an appointment we have to go to, we can come up here whenever you want and continue fixing it up but we have time to do it and for the rest of the day I have something else planned,” he says and sniffs at my neck before he presses his lips to it. 

“What’s the appointment?” I say when he lets me go and places an arm around my waist before he starts to walk with me out of the room. 

“We are meeting with the doctor, I want him to check again to make sure your results are good, didn’t like the way you got dizzy today!” he says when we walk down the hallway. 

“I don’t think it’s necessary! I where there last week and I’m supposed to wait until next week for my next check–up! I’m sure he can show you the results if you want!” I say and try to protest against it, I think it’s unnecessary to do this today. He pulls me tighter to him and stops me before we are going down the stairs, turning me to face him when leans down and pecks my lips. 

I have already seen every result he has on you, I didn’t want to disturb you but nothing can ever keep me away from knowing what going on with you and our children!” he says and capture my lips with his in a warm kiss. 

“If you two can let go of each other for a few seconds then I’m ready to go!” I hear Declan say from down the stairs and turn my head that way to look at him. 

“Emma and Cannon wanted to come over, we are meeting them down in the hallway!” I say to him when we start to walk down to where he is and I see the others walking closer to where we are. 

“We are ready to go!” Cannon says when we have reached the last steps, looking between them I open a portal behind them and Declan is the first to walk through it. 

“See you tomorrow!” Emma says and I give her a nod before they all walk inside and leave us standing alone in the hall. 

“The doctor is waiting!” Kian says and we start to walk the way down to the exam room, when we almost have reached it the doctor opens the door for us, getting inside he closes the door after us, and Kian pulls me over to the bed when a nurse comes out with a tray. 

“How do you feel?” the doctor asks when the nurse starts to pull my shirt up. 

“I’m fine!” I say and shrug my shoulders when the doctor looks at me. 

“We will see if that’s true, Kian wanted us to check you today since you got dizzy this morning!” he says and starts to take my blood pressure and a blood sample in my arm before he takes some blood from my finger. 

“Give me a few minutes and I will check what I can today and the test I will have done for you tomorrow!” he says and start to head inside another room when the nurse takes the tray away and walk after him. Sitting on the bed Kian takes my hand in his and squeezes it. 

“I’m here for whatever is happening!” he says and I don’t feel worried there will be anything wrong, I feel fine most days. 

Hearing the doctor start to walk out to us he has a paper in his hand and looks troubled. 

“This doesn’t look good!” he says and looks up from his paper at us.

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