I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 144

I will never be yours By Melan pamp

Chapter 144 

Selena POV: 

Turning my head I look at Kian and see him focusing completely on the doctor when he walks over and takes a seat in the chair beside the bed. 

“What is wrong?” Kian asks and I can hear how tense he is and I guess worried. 

The Doctor takes another look at his papers before looking up at us. 

“The iron in her blood is way too low and she immediately needs some blood into her system and better nutrition, or we have to fix a blood bag the next couple of days!” he says and looks at Kian. 

“She will not have any other blood than mine! How much does she need?” he asks when the doctor takes another look at his papers and the nurse comes walking into the room and starts to fix the ultrasound. 

“I suggest you start giving her yours every day till next week when we have her checkup, make sure she gets the right nutrition and we will take another look then. If it’s not better then we have to come up with something else! This is way too early in the pregnancy and for those that it has happened to before it comes later on, I have to talk to my colleagues about it till the next time we meet!” he says and gets up from his chair, I have a hard time taking in his words when I feel Kian squeeze my hand. 

“It explains why you have been dizzy and I guess extra tired!” he continues and I have been exhausted but thought it had to do with my long days. 

“I only thought I was tired because of the long days and being awake from time to time during the nights, didn’t think something where wrong with me!” I say and look at the doctor when I feel Kian closer to my side. 

“Why haven’t you been sleeping properly?” he asks and looking up at him I see he is concerned, sighing I pull his hand closer to me. 

“Trouble sleeping a whole night when you haven’t been by my side, usually sleep four hours a night!” I say and see him about to say something when the nurse pulls my shirt up before the doctor places the cold gel on my stomach and the room. goes dark. 

“We will talk about this when we are done here!” he says when I see our children on the screen kicking and going about it in my womb, I have felt small bumps but thought it was something else but now when I see them kick on the screen I feel it, like little b*tterflies in my stomach. 

“Do you want to know the gender? I might be able to see it?” the doctor asks and to me, I instantly want to know. 

“Yes, I want to know!” I say when the room falls silent and I turn my head to look at Kian, waiting for him to say how he wants it. 

“Yes!” he says after a while and he is focused on the screen, it takes a long moment before the doctor speaks up again. 

“I believe this pregnancy will be over in less than four months, they are growing fast! If you are looking closely at baby A I believe it’s a boy!” he says and I feel how tears prick behind my eyelids, we are expecting a little boy! 

Seeing the doctor turn and look at the other baby when he zooms in on it closely for a long time. 

“Well by the look of it baby B is a girl, I could be wrong about it!” he says and now there is no stopping my tears, I know it’s a baby girl and she is the gifted one, I have no idea how I can know this but I just do! A sob leaves my lips when the nurse turns on the lights before wiping away the gel. I take my hand out of Kian’s and wipe away my tears that keep falling. 

Feeling him closer and take away my hands he leans down and kisses me on my forehead. 

“We are having one of each!” he says and tilts my head before he gives me a hard kiss on my lips, didn’t think I would get this emotional by knowing the gender. 

“We will have a follow–up next week and if there is anything you get worried about or don’t feel well you contact me right away!” the doctor says when Kian leans down and pick me up in his arms before starting to walk out of the room. 

“I will! And let me know as fast you get the sample ready!” Kian says and walks out of the room after the doctor has given him a nod. 

“Where are you taking me?” I ask him when he turns the corner and heads over to the kitchen, someone is cooking dinner by the smell of it and once we come inside the dining table is set for two and a chef is standing by the stove. 

“You have to eat and today I prepared with our chef to make you a good dinner!” he says and places me down on my feet and holds me tight to him. 

“We have to make sure the mother gets what she needs?” he says and holds my jaw while looking into my eyes before pecking my lips quickly and turning around. 

I see him head over to talk with the man before he gets over to the fridge and takes out more ingred*ients, I get this urge for some pickles just by knowing they are there! 

I guess Kian felt it because he comes over with the can to me and a fork before he motioned for me to take a seat at the table. 

“Don’t eat too many before dinner!” he says when I have taken a seat, I just give him a nod and can’t wait another second before opening it and taking the first one, my eyes are about to roll back in my head by how good they are. Hearing him chuckle beside me I don’t care and continue wolfing it down. 

He walks away and I take another one while he is beside the chef, seeing him pick a plate and walk over to where I am and place it down in front of me. There are a big steak on it and my mouth start to water at the sight. 

“This looks delicious!” I say and can’t wait to dig in, waiting for him to take a seat when he pulls out a chair in front of me. 

Once he is sitting I start eating and the meat almost melts in my mouth, it’s rare in the middle and perfectly cooked. 

“This is amazing!” I say between chews and see Kian looking at me with a smile on his lips before he starts to eat himself. 

It doesn’t take long to empty my plate and I have to sit back and try to make some. room for my lungs to get air down. 

“You look full!” he says and chuckles from the other side of the table when some fast steps are moving inside the kitchen, turning my head I see his father walking inside with a troubled expression on his face. 

He walks closer to where we are sitting when stops and looks between us both. 

“Owen called and they are coming over early in the morning tomorrow, they have found something troubling and he is bringing a large group of warriors with him! There are several things that need to be done before they are here!” he says and I turn my head to look at Kian when he sits back in his seat. 

“I will be in the office when we are done here, get the old Gamma and Beta back here, Declan and Cannon are at her pack and they should stay there!” he says when his father gives him a nod before he is quick to turn around and walk out of the kitchen. 

“Who is Owen?” I have to ask him, don’t know who it is. 

“Owen is the vampire council I’m in contact with and we had planned for them to come here later on so whatever he has found alarming we have to take seriously!” he says and I snap my head to look his way, I know what he is trying to say but I’m not prepared for it yet! 

I need a lot more time to get this under control before going to a fight with the rogues!

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