I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 149

I Will Never Be Yours By Melan Pamp

Chapter 149 

Selena POV: 

Stepping out on the other side of the portal I come to stand right in front of the pack house, it feels like ages since I was here and it’s all different this time. 

Take a deep breath before I start to walk up the stairs and head over to the front door, opening it up I hear several voices and know they are in the kitchen and eating breakfast making my way over there I step into the kitchen and see everyone sitting around the table except Jessie, she is nowhere to be seen. 

“Selena you’re back!” Zoey says and gets up on her feet and walks over to me when she wraps me up in a tight hug. Feels good to be back with them! 

“Yes, I am, and need to talk to you after I have talked to Jessie!” I say to her when she releases me from her arms. 

“I have something to talk to you about as well, mind link me when you are done talking to her. You know where to find her!” she says and I think I do.” 

“I will catch up with you all later after I have talked to her!” I say and look at them when they give me a nod or a smile back in response. Turning around I head out of the kitchen and start to climb the stairs up to her room, finding her scent strong the closer I get when I stop in front of her door. 

Taking a breath to prepare myself for this talk when I give the door a knock before going inside, seeing her sitting on the bed she raises her head and looks at me in surprise before she is quick on her feet and runs over to where I am and wrap her arms around me, she breaks down in a sob on my shoulder. Wrapping my arms around her I can only imagine how bad she feels about all that happened. 

“I’m so sorry for everything Selena!” she says in a sob and I already know it. 

“I know! But you have to explain some things to me!” I say when she lets go of me and turns around to take a seat on the bed. 

“What do you want to know?” she asks and wipe away her tears, walking over I take a seat on the bed beside her. 

“Did everyone go with Jacob of their own free will or did he command them?” I have had this nagging at my mind since it happened. 

“Everyone went because they wanted and were tired of sitting inside here and only. waiting for what’s to come, I know we went against your orders and we shouldn’t have then they all would be alive now and you would still be in charge of the pack!” she says and I hear how troubled she is over the whole thing. 

“I’m still in charge of the pack, needed to focus on me and our children for what needed to be done, it was for the best he helped and take care of it for the time. being!” I say when she turns to look at me. 

“So, you are coming back as the Alpha?” she says. 

“I never stopped being the Alpha, only I had to focus on myself and how this could go so wrong! Both my Beta and my Gamma went against my orders and disobeyed their Alpha, what message does it send to the rest?” I ask and look at her, seeing. her take a deep breath before she gets up on her feet and starts to pace around the room. 

“We only wanted to keep the pack safe and you, that’s why we wanted to go. outside the barrier!” she stops and looks at me, I see the pain in her eyes after everything that happened and I can only imagine how hard she is blaming herself. for their death. 

“I know why you did it even if it were wrong, they all had to pay the price for it! I couldn’t save them and if I hadn’t f0rced you to come with me that day you would. probably lay dead like the others!” I say when she walks over and takes a seat beside me on the bed. 

“I know Selena, my conscious is heavy with their death on it!” she says and I grab her hand in mine. 

“No, Jessie! If they all went outside by their own free will knowing what is out there. and they would be outnumbered then you couldn’t have done anything to help. them, even I tried and couldn’t do anything!” I say when she hangs her head. 

“it was me and Jacob who talked about it, he wanted to go out there and persuade me to go, it wasn’t hard and I should have stood against it but it was easy to change my mind!” she says and drags her hand down her face. 

“We all have learned a hard lesson here and we have to move forward from this, I suggest you do a far better work from now on!” I say when she looks up at me 

“I think there are better persons to handle the job as your Beta than me!” she says when I place my arm around her shoulders. 

“No, there isn’t, we both have to change and take a learning from this!” I say when she looks down at my belly. 

“I haven’t seen you for weeks, you have grown big!” she says and chuckles, placing my hand on my stomach she is right about that. 

“Yes, I have and this morning I cried over an empty bottle of pickles! I need you to keep my head straight these hormones are starting to mess with me!” I say and laugh about it when she joins me and the door flies open when Emma comes. walking inside and laughing. 

“I recognize that feeling even if I think it’s hilarious you cried over some pickles!” she says and laughs hard. 

“Emma have you been eavesdropping outside the door!” I say and look at her. 

“Of course, I have! Need you two to be friends again and move past this, I want my pack back!” she says and raises her hands in the air while she laughs 

“Well, you won’t get rid of us and right now I have to talk to Zoey if we are okay!” I turn to Jessie when she gives me a big smile. 

“Of course, we are! Are you going to offer her to be the Gamma?” she asks and I see her look over at Emma before she looks back at me, I get this feeling they are hiding something from me. 

“Yes, I plan to, hoping she wants it this time! Why do I get a feeling you know something I don’t?” I say and look between them. 

“I will let her tell it to you!” Jessie says when I hear some footsteps in the hallway and Zoey comes walking to the doorway. 

“Alright how about we talk in my office!” I say to Zoey and get up from the bed and start to walk towards the door when she takes a step back. 

“I will talk to you later!” I say to Jessie and Emma when we walk out of the room. and head over to my office, Zoey doesn’t say anything on the way when we are walking down the hallway and stops outside my office door. Push my door open. and walk inside, Kian’s faint scent lingers in the room and I guess he has been. working in here from time to time when I have been over at Michaels. Zoey closes the door after her and I make my way over to my office desk and take a seat behind it when she slowly makes her way over to my desk, I know by the sight of her that she has something on her mind. 

“I know you already know what I plan to ask you but by the look of it you still haven’t changed your mind!” I say when she slowly takes a seat on a chair in front of me, it takes a moment before she raises her eyes and looks at me. 

“That’s not what’s bothering me!” she says and holds my gaze. 

“Then tell me what’s your problem?” I say and sit back in my seat and wait for her to tell me, she pulls her shirt to the side and I see a freshly made mark on it, I’m shocked at the sight! 

“You have met your mate!” I say and give her a big smile, couldn’t be happier for her when she put her shirt back and sit back in her seat. 

“Yes, I did, he came here with a group of Kian’s men to protect the pack,” she says and looks out the window 

“you don’t look happy!” I say and can’t understand a thing of it. 

“I’m happy, but you might not be!” she says when there is a knock on my office door before it’s opened. 

I’m shocked at the sight when my brother comes walking inside with a big smile his lips, he walks over to Zoey and places a kiss on her lips, I can’t help but smile at them and chuckle. 

“So, I’ve got a new sister by the look of it!” I say when my brother doesn’t let her go “told you she wouldn’t have any problem with it!” he says and pecks her lips before taking a seat beside her and placing his arm around her shoulders. 

“Why would I have a problem with it?” I say and look between them. 

“She was just worried you wouldn’t be alright with it since I am your brother!” Jaden says and I raise an eyebrow at them. 

“So? I already see you as my family Zoey!” I say when she turns to look at me. 

“I’m happy you approve it and if you still want, I will accept being your Gamma!” she says and turns to look at Jaden, by the sight of them I already know they have discussed it and with both of them to train the pack’s warrior there couldn’t be any better. 

“Then I hope you want to be in charge of the training with Zoey!” I say and look at my brother when he flashes me a big smile. 

“I’m on board!” he says and I’m about to say something else when there is a big bang and the ground starts to shake, holding on to my desk I turn my head and look outside, the sky is a mix of purple and yellow I instantly get a bad feeling about it. Reaching out to Kian I feel him pick up my link 

“Kian something is going on here!” I manage to say when the link is cut and I can’t reach him anymore. Getting up on my feet I start to move over to the door when Jaden and Zoey are right behind me, moving quickly down the hallway and rushing down the stairs we run towards the door when Jessie is right behind us. Opening the door and running outside when I see Declan and Cannon shift to their wolves and start to run towards the borders, there is another bang and the ground starts to shake when Jessie grabs my arm to help me stay up without falling. 

“What’s going on!” she yells out when I see Emma comes running to where we are. 

“Someone is trying to break down the barrier!” she screams with worry in her voice, I already guessed it when I try to reach out to Kian again but it feels like I’m cut off. 

“I can’t reach Kian!” I tell her and look around at the barrier. 

“The witches are trying to fight whoever is on the other side and try to break the barrier, that’s why you can’t contact him. They have cut everyone out while they try to keep everyone safe inside here!” Emma says and I get this feeling I know who it is outside and with how strong I felt him be there is no way they are going to be able and stand against them forever. 

“We have a plan for this do you remember?” I shout to them and look at them when there is another hit on the barrier. 

“Yes, we remember!” Jessie says and holds my arm tighter. 

“Now get everyone inside the second line and make sure they are put to safety! Protect everyone we can and get the others to be ready at the borders!” I order out before mind linking everyone in my pack to get behind the second line! We have to make it easier for the witches and make a smaller barrier if it’s needed and protect our pack inside it. 

Jessie shifts beside my brother and Zoey when I see them take off and start to run toward the second line and try to help everyone get behind it, placing my hand on my stomach I feel worried for our children. I knew this probably would happen at one point but had hoped it would take longer before it where about to go down. 

“Remember what we told you about keeping dark magic away from the babies and remember Michael can clean an energy if it’s needed!” Emma says when people start to run over to the pack house and Sari helps them inside before more run inside the closer houses around, some stand outside and wants to see what’s going on when the witches come walking over with some help. I know it takes a big toll on them to keep the barrier up and I’m grateful they have manages to handle it for this long. 

“That would be every one that needs to stay behind the barrier!” Jessie comes over and shifts beside me before she speaks. 

There is no point in trying to get a hold of Kian again, I only hope he heard my link and is on his way, we need all the help we can get! 

“Selena!” I hear a dark voice roars out and a chill runs down my spine when I hear it. I know who it is and somehow he knows I’m here! 

Taking a step to head over to the barrier Emma holds my arm in a tight grip and prevents me from moving forward, turning my head and looking at her I see she has tears rolling down her cheeks. 

“I don’t want you to go!” she says in a shaky voice and I know she has had a vision. before about this. 

“Is there an option for me to stay inside here?” I ask her the only question I want an answer to! I can’t know if or who will d*ie when we fight, I have to believe there is a good outcome from this and not give up before we are there. 

She shakes her head no at me and a sob leaves her lips. 

“I love you Selena!” she says and I’m frozen to my spot. 

“I love you, Emma! Take care of everyone inside here and do what you have to!” I say when she squeezes my arm and takes a step back while she bites her bottom lip and she looks devastated. 

“Selena!” the voice booms out again and I turn my head to look the way the voice is coming from and start to slowly walk that way, seeing my men standing a bit behind the barrier some in wolf form ready to fight and some ready to shift as fast it’s needed. 

“Have you got a hold of Kian?” Cannon’s voice comes from the side and I turn my 

head to look at him when I walk closer. 

“I tried! Said there was something going on here but I where cut off before I heard any response!” I honestly tell him when there is another hit on the barrier and now black spots start to show, I know they won’t be able to keep it up much longer this way. 

“I can promise he is on his way over if we only can wait it out a bit longer!” he says but I know there is no way they can hold out for that long. 

“He is too far away!” I say when the ground starts to shake and I got a hard time standing on my legs. 

“Selena come out! I will spare the lives of your pack if you only get out here!” the man roars out again and I snap my head in that direction when I hear he is close and start to take several steps closer. A black figure stands outside and once I come closer he turns around my way when his black eyes meet mine. 

“Oh, there you are!” he says in a wicked voice.

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