I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 15

I will never be yours by Melan Pamp

Chapter 15

Kian’s POV:

We were out in the field close to our borders, some rogues have been spotted and we needed to check it when I got a mind link my mate have made a run for it. Anger boiled in my body and I let out a furious roar.

How dare she try and escape from me!

Turning around I start to run in her direction, hearing my men run behind me I quickly make my way over to where she took off. When I get ahold of her she will find out who she is running from and she will regret her decision!

It doesn’t take long before I pick up the trace after her and running through the woods I catch up to her by the bridge. I’m furious and once I get my hands on her she will never be able to escape me again!

I see her turning around and bolt to the bridge. When she slipped down the hole in the bridge I could hardly believe it. She got some guts, I’ll give her that!

She kept surprising me by pulling the branch out of her thigh and when she shifted, I almost tripped over my own paws.

She’s just magnificent!

Seeing her take a jump from a rock and take off in the air and land on the other side had me speechless.

”That is f*uc*king impossible” I hear Declan mindlink me and I can’t find my words.

“That’s your mate! She’s the f*uc*king white wolf” Declan mindlink.

“It appears so” I mindlink back and just keep looking at her.

Suddenly we see wolves coming up behind her and Jaden screams to her. She turns around in time before one of them gets a hold of her. We are on the wrong side of the river and can’t help her.

“Get some warriors over there” I mindlink Declan and Cannon

We have warriors stationed up the stream and they can be with her in a little while if she just can keep them from her.

I see her fight off a cupel of wolves and I am impressed by her fighting sK*lls. It would explain how she has survived out there alone for all these years. I know she has been taught well by her father but I couldn’t imagine her being this talented. 0

I mindlink Jaden and tell him some warriors are on their way to her.

That’s when we see her take off into the woods. There is no way we can get over the river and my wolf is furious. We need to help our mate and protect her.

“Find a way over we need to help her” I mindlink my warriors.

She comes bursting through the trees and I hear Jaden scream. She is haunted by more wolves and they keep lunges for her. We run beside the water and follow her from the other side.

”Where are the warriors?” I shout in the mindlink, I know she won’t be able to fight all the wolves of her.

“On their way” Cannon mindlink back. She is a good fighter I have to say, she takes out a lot of wolves but more keep coming. She has no chance against them all.

“Where the f*uc*k do all these rogues come from” I mindlink Declan while anger boiling under my skin.  “I don’t know” he just answers.

“They are almost there” Cannon mindlink me and I hope they won’t be too late.

I hear Jaden trying to shout out to her to hold on help is almost there.

That’s when I see her shift back and before me stand my little mate. She’s all healed up and she is gorgeous. Her long blond hair waves down to her waist. She looks so small and fragile! If I haven’t seen her fight with my own eyes, I would never believe she could take another wolf out with how innocent she looks.

She is just beautiful and I want to rip the eyes of everyone who sees her standing there n@ked. My wolf whimpers in pain for not being able to protect our mate.

“They are almost here now, just seconds away” Declan mindlink.

That’s when I see her turning her head towards her brother and her eyes are like diamonds, shining bright blue. Tears are streaming down her cheeks. Everything happens in slow motion. She closes her eyes and I see the wind catching her hair and she leans back, falling over the cliff.

I leap to jump in the river when Declan hit me hard in the side, preventing me from jumping in.

I let out a heartbreaking howl, Jaden is held back from two warriors and he howls with me. The warriors come bursting through the trees and go after the rogues, we see some of the rogues get K*lled on the spot and the others start fleeing.

Jaden shifts to his wolf and starts running down the side so he can get to the bottom of the waterfall.

I follow behind him with my men and when we finally come all the way down he jumps in the water and starts to look for her.

I order some of my guards to jump in and search for her while I and Declan start running a bit further down the river. It might have carried her away a bit.

We search for hours and more guards come to help, running up and down the river and searching in the water. She is just gone without any trace. If she even survived the fall she would be hurt!

No one can fall from that high and come out unharmed in the end.

“How is it possible that we can’t even find her body? ” Declan mindlink me while we run further down the river again.

“How far could the river carry her?” Cannon says through the mindlink.

“Get more men to search further down! There has to be a trace after her somewhere” I mindlink them and look over the wild river. Some parts are calmer and others are wild and fast.

I don’t know how she even could have survived a fall like that and then end up in the river alive.

The thought makes my heart squeeze hard in my chest. Is she dead because of me?

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