I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 156

I Will Never Be Yours By Melan Pamp

Chapter 156 

Selena POV: 

It has been two months since the fight went down, the group of men we met in the woods where another pack trying to find missing pack members. They helped us to find the rogue camp which were empty and even with how many days we were there and searched we didn’t find any clues as to what he cursed our children with. 

Days and nights I have been laying sleepless and worrying about it all, Kian has been a rock through all of this. He has pulled on every sting he has to get some help and solve this, but they all came up empty–handed. 

Michael told us they will know more once they are born and a big part of me fears finding out what it is and at the same time I can’t wait! 

I want to hold them and see them to make sure everything is alright. 

It took us almost a week to get things settled down after the fight, we got a lot of help from the vampire to swipe the area, and the pack that came running when the fight where about to start I learned was from the pack Kian thought where plotting against the Kingdom. It all turned out to be something the rogues had planned, to start a fight between the largest pack and the kingdom. All to make it easier for them to try and take over instead! 

“Here they come!” Jessie mind links me and I turn my head to look in her direction, seeing a small group of rogues come barging through the bushes and aiming for her, I blast the two rogues away that are trying to get to me. They easily fall to the ground unconscious when I see her fight the other two and easily K*ll them off, we have a lot of stifled anger with everything that happened and from time to time. when we get the opportunity to sneak out and fight with some rogues behind the cave we take it. 

None of our mates would agree to this if they found out, me being pregnant and doesn’t have a long time left before they are born with only Jessie by my side. They would be furious but Jessie understands the anger I feel about it and I know she enjoys our sneaking out time together. 

Seeing her head for the other two they are soon out of the picture and she shifts in front of me. 

“Don’t you think it’s strange there are still some rogues that are coming back here? 

It’s clear that they have moved on to somewhere else but still, some of them come back!” she says when she walks over to where I stand. 

“I have thought about it and I guess they might be checking out the area if we have dropped the search on it, or they have something here they want to collect!” I say what I have been thinking lately. 

“Maybe we should keep one alive and question him instead!” she says when I turn to look at her. 

“Do you want to be the one to explain why we have a rogue down in our prison and how we found him to any one of our mates right now?” I say and rub my belly when I feel one of them kick me hard in my ribs. 

“We could try and talk to Cannon again, he might have changed his mind!” she says and I chuckle at the thought. 

“He where pretty clear about him not wanting to get involved in our business since he can’t lie to our mates, I can @ssure you he hasn’t changed his mind!” I tell her when she starts to laugh 

“Yeah, it didn’t go as smoothly last time he tried!” she says and now I laugh with her. Cannon found out after our first trip over here when we tried to sneak back to the palace bloody from meeting some rogues here, he instantly took us to the side and questioned what we were doing when he tried to cover up for us he got in trouble himself for not doing what he where to suppose to do. 

After that we had to promise him to not go out here by ourselves again, well our mates don’t have it easy with us! 

We are probably too independent for our own good from time to time. 

“Well, we have to think of something! I bet we are missing something here if we can’t take one and get him to tell us why they keep coming back!” she says and I know she has a point 

“You are right! We have to figure this out, maybe it’s best to wait until the twins are born or we might have to involve Zoey and my brother!” I say as the only suggestion I can come to think about, those two almost have grown together as one and if one of them comes the other is beside as well. 

“Do you think they go to the toilet by themselves or are the other ones beside and holding the paper or what!” Jessie says and I burst out laughing, have to cross my legs to prevent myself from peeing myself, my bladder is not what it used to be 

“You have to stop or I’m going to pee myself right now!” I say while I try to catch my breath. 

“Yeah alright! Just wondering for myself!” she says and laughs when I feel Kian reaching out and trying to mind link me, I motion for Jessie to stop I can’t laugh and try to talk to him at the same time. 

Picking up the link to him. 

“Hi, love!” I say through the link and try to act normal, but he doesn’t say anything. for a long time 

“What are you up too!” he says and sounds suspicious 

“Nothing! Just talking to Jessie!” I say and try to sound convincing. 

“Get here right away, you are supposed to rest!” he says in his dominant voice, I just roll my eyes at him. Feeling just fine and being out here with Jessie only feels good. 

“Be right over!” I say and cut the link while I look at Jessie and she is bloody and b*tt n@ked. 

“Kian demands us back and you are n@ked and bloody, why can’t you take off your clothes before shifting instead of always shredding them? Next time we go out here you start by getting undressed!” I say and chuckle when I open a portal behind her and we get in, stepping out on the other side by a lake she sighs loudly. 

“Why do I have to jump in the cold water, why couldn’t you just portal me home to my shower?” she says and I laugh. 

“This is much funnier!” I say and tease her when she gets down to the water and jumps inside with a shriek before she is quickly up from the water again. 

“I will remember this and if you hadn’t been–pregnant I would have tossed you inside!” she says and walks over to where I stand and I laugh at her. 

“Well let’s go back then!” she says and I open a portal to the hallway in the castle, I try to hold in my laughs from how miserable she looks when we start to walk down the hall. She has to put on some clothes and I want something to eat, I’m still constantly hungry even if I get full fast I always want to eat. 

“Does anyone of you want to explain where you have been and why Jessie is like a drenched cat!” we hear someone say and instantly stop in our tracks, we had hoped to sneak inside without anyone seeing her this way!

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