I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 159

I Will Never Be Yours By Melan Pamp

Chapter 159 

Selena POV: 

They don’t get to come too close before I blast them unconscious and Jessie rushes over to them to make sure they are out. 

“I suggest we take them as prisoners and try to get as much information out of them as we can, they have to know where the new rogue camp is!” Jessie says when one of them starts to move a bit on the ground, she kicks him in his head and he falls back unconscious to the ground. 

“Maybe we should start to look for where they went instead!” I say when we hear some running before they come barging through the trees and halt in their track before shifting. 

Kian looks between us and down at the men on the ground, he shakes his head. 

“Well, you two can certainly take care of yourselves!” Cannon says and walk past the others before he squats down and looks closer at the rogues. 

“They are only unconscious!” I say when he rises again. 

“I suggest we take these and if anyone else of the others is alive we bring them with us to interrogate!” He says and turns to look at the others. 

“Where did you go exactly? Thought you were here to protect your defenseless mate” Jessie says and places her hands on her hips, I chuckle beside her from the way she looks at Declan, he will not have it easy with her. 

“I didn’t say you were defenseless, only want you safe!” he says and walks over to her and tries to get on her good side again. 

“Well, maybe we should head back instead and bring them with us!” I say when Cannon shifts and take off where they went, Kian shift and run after him while we stand and guard the rogues. It takes a moment before they come back and carry one unconscious man, opening a portal beside us Declan starts to drag one of the rogues before he comes back to help take the other one. 

It doesn’t take long before we have got everyone inside the portal and I close it after us when we stand inside the castle prison. 

“This is going to drive me nuts!” Jessie says beside me and I turn to look at her before grabbing her arm and pulling her with me outside instead 

“We have a lot of things to handle with the pack that doesn’t requires that you shift and you might want to start fixing a nursery, maybe we should have two rooms set up in the pack house as well!” I say out loud, we are going to be at booth places from time to time. 

“I’m not ready for this yet, can’t we wait until I know for sure!” she says and I know exactly how she feels about it. 

“Of course! I felt the same way even if we both know Emma is right!” I say and start to pull her with me over to the castle. 

“Yes, I know!” she says and sighs when we reach the stairs. 

“What do we do now?” she says and pushes the front door open. 

“How about we make a good dinner and dessert for us, I have a few things I crave for right now!” I tell her and we start to head down to the kitchen. 

We get a few hours inside alone and fix dinner, I have to sit down from time to time when my back starts to hurt. It’s heavy with the twins but today the pain is worse than it has been before. 

Hearing some footsteps when Kian comes walking inside and smells newly showered, he sees me sitting on a chair by the counter and leaning forward when he comes over and start to m@ssage my back. 

“Are you in more pain today?” he asks while I close my eyes, and feel better with his hands on my back. 

“Right now it’s the worse it has ever been!” I say and take a deep breath. 

“Do you want me to get the doctor!” he says while he keeps m@ssaging my back. 

“No, it’s fine I will lie down after dinner, it’s almost ready and we did a chocolate cake for dessert!” I say and look at Jessie when she starts to take down plates when Declan walks inside. 

“Stay in your seat, I got this!” Jessie says when Declan takes the plates from her and walks over to set the table. 

It feels like I get stabbed in my back and I hold my breath for a moment. 

“What’s wrong?” Kian asks and places a hand on my shoulder. 

“Just pain in my back!” I say when I see Jessie brings the food to the table and Cannon walk inside the kitchen 

“I talked to Emma and she is ready in fifteen minutes to come back!” he says and I give him a nod when Kian wraps his arm around my waist and starts to pull me with him over to the dining table. 

Taking a seat when pain shoots out from my back once again. 

“I think it’s best if I get the doctor here right now!” he says when he sits down beside me. 

“No, I want to eat first and then lay down on the bed, I will probably feel better after!” I say to him and pick up the water and pour it into my glassbefore taking several mouths of the water. 

“Alright I will get him over if you don’t feel better after you have eaten, it’s better to have him check up on you on extra time just to make sure everything is fine!” he says and starts to place food on my plate while I sip on my water and try to wait out the next wave of pain in my back. 

I try to eat as much I can and shew slowly so Kian won’t notice when the pain comes and goes, it’s nothing too painful but it lasts for a few seconds at a time. 

“Are you not hungry!” Jessie says when I swallow what I’ve got in my mouth before answering. 

“I ate several pickles while we made the dinner!” I did eat a bunch as usual but I’ve got a hard time getting the food down right now, I don’t know why it’s just like I’m full but still hungry. 

Feeling Emma trying to mind link me I pick it up. 

“I’m ready to go back!” she says when I have picked up the link. 

“All right!” I say and cut the link before opening a portal, she comes walking out with a box in her hand and place it down on the counter. Closing the portal I see her open the box and pick out a bottle, I already know it’s a potion inside and I wonder what it’s for when she turns around and starts walking over to where I sit. 

“Here drink this!” she says and I take the bottle from her hand and swallow the liquid before handing it back to her. 

“What’s it for!” I say and what the potion down with some water. 

“For the pain! Your labor has started and your babies will soon be here!”

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