I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 167

I Will Never Be Yours By Melan Pamp

Chapter 167

Selena POV:

My mother comes over and places our daughter in my arms she is hungry and in a short moment, she will be screaming at the top of her lungs if she doesn’t get food right away.

Walking inside the nursery I take a seat on the couch and start to feed her when I see them change on our son, he is calm and hopefully, I manage to get our daughter full before it’s his time to eat.

When I’m done feeding both of them I hand them over and go to get the bre@st pump, I still got some left and it’s good to have in store if there ever going to need it.

“Kian is waiting for you downstairs!” a maid comes inside the room and tells me, taking the bottle in my hand when I’m done I adjust my dress and get up from the couch when the nanny comes over and stops in front of me.

“let me take the bottle and you can get down to eat instead!” she says and I give it to her.

“Alright, I’m downstairs if there is anything and will be up again in a bit!” I say when she takes the bottle and walks over to my mother and takes a look at Mateo.

“Enjoy a night off, or at least a few hours! Well be here” Kian’s mother says when I’m about to head out the door.

“Alright!” I say and head out of the room, I’m not going to be away from them for several hours. Only through dinner then I’m planning to go up and be close to them.

Walking down the hallway and down the stairs I head over to the kitchen when I’m stopped by a maid who hands me a paper. Looking at her and the paper I’m puzzled about what’s going on but slowly open the paper and see what it is.

“Welcome out to the garden!” it’s the only thing the note says and I give it back to the maid when she points to the open door that leads to the garden I look that way before I slowly start to head that way.

Stopping right before I walk through the door I see several lamps and candles lit in the garden and it looks beautiful, the sun is almost on its way to go down and it gives the back garden a beautiful glow.

Taking a big step outside I follow the lights and once I come around some big bushes with flowers all around I see Kian standing in the middle of the garden with all these bushes around a table in the middle and candles are lit everywhere I look.

Taking a step closer he turns around and sees me standing there, he has put on a suit and he looks gorgeous. The way I almost lose where I am when I let my eyes travel down his body, hearing him clear his throat I snap my eyes up to meet his when he smiles big at me.

Taking steps closer to him I stop right in front of him and see all these white roses he remembers I liked from the first days in the castle.

“Why have you done all this?” I say and turn my head back to him when he stands in front of me on one knee and takes my hand in his, I almost don’t dare to breathe! Is he doing what I think he is doing?

Looking at his beautiful eyes I’m lost in this moment when I see him take out a box from his jacket.

“Will you marry me?” he asks and my tongue gets stuck in my mouth for a moment, I look into his eyes and hardly remember to breathe. I never had any idea he would want to get married, I didn’t see this coming at all!

“Yes!” I say when he instantly gets up and captures my lips with his in a hard kiss while he holds my head with his hand. Placing my hands behind his head I pull him closer and deepen the kiss when his arm comes around my waist and he pulls me tight to his body.

“I love you!” he says when he breaks the kiss and releases me before he takes my hand and places the ring on my finger, looking at it it’s a gorgeous diamante ring and fits perfectly.

Wrapping my arms around his neck I pull him closer and kiss him.

“I love you!” I say when he holds me close and pushes his tongue inside my mouth, my whole body answers to his touch and I want more from him right away breaking the kiss I place my hand on his back.

“We have a moment to ourselves how about we skip dinner and go up instead!” I say while he traces kisses over my cheek and down my neck.

“We got all evening and night to ourselves, let’s eat first before I ravish your body till you are satisfied enough!” his husky voice comes next to my ear and a shiver runs down my body and I start to feel hot in his arms.

“I’m not that hungry for food, can take a sandwich after!” I say and tease him when he chuckles and some people come walking over to where we are, they head over to the table in the middle and place some plates down with food when Kian pulls me with him OVQUQ the table.

“food first then I will give you what you want!” he says and pecks my lips before I take a seat at the table.

The food smells delicious and looking at it I feel how hungry I am even if I forgot at the moment with him.

Starting to eat I look down at the beautiful ring from time to time and admire how good taste he got to pick out this one, hearing him chuckle I lift my eyes from looking at the ring only to meet his eyes when he is looking at me from the other side.

“What?” I say and see him tilt his head to the side.

“Nothing!” he says and I turn my eyes down to look at it again.

“It’s gorgeous!” I say when I’m done eating and place my fork down, hearing him get up from his chair he walks over to my place and drags me up on my feet.

“Yes, she is! Absolutely ravishing!” he says and pulls me close to him when he traces his hand down my arm and over the side of my body before he takes a firm grip around my waist and pulls me flat against him.

“I think I’m going to take my dessert in our room and help you get out of this s*e*xy dress!” he says and grabs my b*tt before he squeezes it and captures my lips.

“I’m not going to stop you!” I say when he lifts me in his arms and start to walk with me over to the door again.

The love I feel for this man and our children is everything to me, all this time we wasted on being angry and hurt means nothing anymore all we have is here and now.

At one point I could have done anything to be free from this mate bond now I will do everything I can to cherish it and our time now

together, the love we share, and our future!

He is just perfect my mate!


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