I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 18

I will never be yours by Melan Pamp

Chapter 18

Selena POV:

I had a hard time sleeping last night, tossed and turned the whole night, and saw my brother’s face when I looked at him before going over the cliff.

Hate that I had to do this to him!

Early in the morning I gave up and got dressed for the day instead. I have been in my office for a few hours before Jessie comes walking inside.

“Everything ready for today?” She asks when she takes a seat in front of me.

“Some new deliveries are coming and I hope everything arrives for the hospital today! Can you take Jacob and Zoey’s men to guard it when it arrives?” I ask her. When I started rescuing people they stayed by my side and at one point we became our own pack. I became the Alpha and for me, it was an easy choice to have Jessie as my beta.

She is one of my family and I can always count on her.

The road we have been traveling to come to this point hasn’t been easy. My pack members are the rejected and outcasts, they have all been through hell and when we shoved up to their rescue we became a tight group of people. With one goal in mind. To build the best place for us and stay together!

On the way, I came across Jacob. He was a broken soul and it took some time before he found his strength again and for me, no one could fit better than him to be my gamma. He has a heart of gold and makes sure the pack members are fine. I wouldn’t know what to do if he wasn’t here! This pack has grown in members and some family members have come to join us, Jacob is the one to handle everything at first and make sure it’s good members we add to our pack before I take them in. “I will! And you need to send another letter to the king’s office. There are ten new members since you left and I have looked over our papers, we are about to become one of the largest packs around here. How are you going to keep that away from him?” She asks and I just flash her a smile.

“The same way I always do! And I think we already are past the biggest packs. We have pushed over six thousand pack members last month” I say and sit back in my chair.

The king’s office register packs and how many members there are, these years I have been smart. I found a loupe whole and took my chance. It might come back and bite me in my a*s one day but until then he has no idea I’m the alpha of this pack and since he hasn’t demanded to come to visit us he took my bait!

“I don’t want to be you when he finds out!” She says and chuckles

“Let him come! It would be fun to see him walk around and not find this place” in my pack there are some pretty talented witches and they have made an illusion around this place. It looks like an old swamp from the outside and no sounds or smells can be detected. We are completely hidden and safe inside our borders.

Everyone in this pack helps build it up, new homes are always being built and a lot of members live together. We help each other with everything. Some have regular work to go to and help get the money to keep this place running. Others help with gathering food and taking care of our vegetable gardens.

Most of them came here with nothing, and we are doing this together as a family. From being rejected and tossed away we have a family here, a home!

“I will go and tell Jacob before I head over to work,” she says and I give her a nod. I have to finish my things up quickly and head over to work myself.

When Jessie and I run into Sari she gave us shelter and helped get us jobs in the city. We started as cleaners and one day I bumped into a man called Elijah.

He was on the top floor where I did the cleaning in his room and accidentally swept some papers down his desk, we became friends and he taught me what they did at the company. He helped me get an account and started selling and buying stocks as fun on a very small scale at first.

I found it really fun and started to dive into it wholeheartedly.

I was good at it and it didn’t take too long before they saw my talent and offered me a job on their floor. I have been in the same office since and made a name for myself in this business. Today I have several customers and handling their accounts in the company.

I’m making good money and because of it I could buy this land and build this pack.

I’m forever grateful for Elijah and the things he has done for me, I know he has an interest in me, and even if I find him attractive and I owe him for everything he has done it could never be anything else. He is a human and they have no idea we even exist!

In the city we are working there are most humans even if some of us are there.

Turning off my computer I walk out of my office and head down to the kitchen. Just need to grab some breakfast and coffee before I head over to work. My closest men are living in this pack house and we often try to have dinner together. I wouldn’t change a thing!

“Had a nice w*et dream about your mate?!” Comes Emma’s voice and I just roll my eyes at her, I’m not sure I’m in the mood for her teasing this early in the morning.

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