I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 32

I will never be yours by Melan Pamp

Chapter 32

Selena POV:

Finishing the last on my computer I turn it off and gather all papers I need. Looking forward to having some time away from the office and I might be able to relax. Knowing they can’t find me when I am away on business.

Placing the papers down in a folder I look at the things needs to handle when I am away when Jessie and Jacob walk into my office.

“What’s the problem? ” Jessie says while they walk over and sit down in the chairs in front of my desk. I look between the both of them.

” I will be going away for a couple of days to work,” I tell them ’’ where are you going?” Jacob ask

” There is a new account in another city I’m going over to sign some contracts. I will leave all my information about where I am going and what flight I will be taking. You need to handle the pack alone while I am away and if anything happens to me, you can under no circumstances come looking for me.” I say and look stern at Jessie I know she is the one who would be breaking my orders if she thought I would be needing to be rescued, without hesitation!

“But,” she says and looks at me.

” There is no but Jessie! These are my orders and we all know I will make it, whatever happens. You know my codes if I only can connect a second you will be the one I contact” I say and see her have a concerned look on her face. O

“ I have a bad feeling about this,” she says.

“ I promise I will be back and I am leaving the pack in your hands until I get back! I have written down a list of what needs to be done and what to do with the king’s men. So calm down everything will be fine” I try to rea*sure her. I know she doesn’t like when I go away but I’m completely calm. Knowing the pack is in good hands.

I hand them the list and the information about where I am going and the flight I will be taking tomorrow. They take the time and look at the information, and I sit and wait for them to be done. “Are you sure about this? You have no one around to help you if there is a problem, and what if another pack picks up your scent?” Jacob says and I hear his concern.

“Don’t worry! I will bring myself enough potions to help keep my scent away until I come back again. No one will know what I am even if there is another pack!” I say and see him looking over at Jessie. O “Can’t I come with you?” Jessie says and I sigh. “I need you here to keep everyone safe! I will be alright, don’t worry” I rise and they get I don’t want to keep discussing it.

“I have to pack my bags and take a run around our borders to make sure it’s fine. We can talk later I say to them and start to walk out of my office. I hear them both walking behind me.

” Can I come with you on the run?” Jessie says when she catches up to me.

” of course! I’m planning on starting on the south borders” I tell her when we make out way down the stairs.

“Sounds good to me! How far in the woods do you want to look?” I take a moment to think about it. ” I want to go by the cave and see if we pick up any more scents, there haven’t been any more activity lately” we walk out of the pack house and start taking off our clothes on the porch before we shift and start running to the borders. O

We have always been very synced when we are out and patrolling, knowing what the other thinks without having to mindlink. Running in the forest we come closer to the cave where all rogues have been running and disappearing for weeks. Searching the area we find faint traces of some activity but they seem to be a bit old and running away from the cave.

We have seen booth rogues going in and others coming out a part of me wants to go in there and have a look at what’s on the other side, but the risk of being exposed is too high and I can’t risk my pack. O

Taking an extra run around we feel satisfied for now and start to head back. I will have a patrol going over here every day and check it out. I have a feeling something big is going on and we will have to keep a close watch until we figure out what to do.

Coming inside our borders again we head over to the pack house and shift back. Taking on our clothes we discuss what they need to do and make sure a patrol outside our borders all the time while I  m away. O

She goes to find Zoey and I head inside, need to start packing my bags and take a shower so I’m ready to go early in the morning.

I don’t see anyone inside and head over to the kitchen first, something to eat and drink would be good. Heating up some leftovers I sit down by the counter and start eating.

If I could figure out a way to tell Kian about all these rogues and the strange activity we have been having around here without revealing this pack or me I would do it. I don’t think he would be giving it much thought if I sent him a letter anonymously, if it were me I would think it was a trap. Sighing to myself I walk over with my empty plate and wash it up before I head up to my room and start packing.

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