I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 34

I will never be yours by Melan Pamp

Chapter 34

Selena POV:

When I wake up again I try to reach my wolf but she is still sedated and I know we have been drugged with wolfsbane and I guess some sleeping drug. I have no memory of after the man spoke to me. I try not to make a sound when I look around where I am being held.

I am in a cellar behind bars and with the smell of it, the bars are coated with silver and wolfsbane. It makes it hard to break through. I am placed in a small bed with a blanket over me. At least it smells clean. I hear someone opening a door and two people are walking down.

I lay completely still.

Then I hear them talk.

“Why is she being held down here,” one of them says

“It’s just a precaution, she is a white wolf and we don’t know her mental state since she became rogue. Many become crazy after being alone” I laugh inside when I hear what they are saying about me, if they only knew.

I recognize their smell and I know my dear mate has found me.

“She won’t wake up for hours I guess not until tomorrow by the number of sleeping pills we put in her water. We just need to check up on her from time to time” I hear the two men climbing the stairs again and closing the door.

There is a dim light in the ceiling and I turn around to look at my surroundings. There are two cells down here in this large room. It’s high up to the ceiling and has some small windows with bars. I recognize the type of house and guess I am in the castle of all places.

Well, he won’t be keeping me here longer than I have to. I just need my wolf to wake up so I can pull on her strength and we will be leaving this place.

I lay back down if anyone comes back I need to quickly lay down in the same position. Times go by slowly when I wait for my wolf to wake up again.

It must be in the middle of the night when I hear the door open, laying on my side again and trying to relax I smell his intoxic scent and a shiver goes through my body.

I feel his presence on the other side of the bars. My mate, he just stands there for what feels like ages before he walks up the stairs again and closes the door. I sigh a breath of relief when he locks the

door. I guess it will be hours before anyone else comes down and look at me.

I start to feel sleepy when I lay there and I let sleep take over for a while, I am going to need all the strength I have later.

After a couple of hours, I wake up again and see some lights from the window peering through, my wolf starts to stir again and I get a glimmer of hope to be out of here in no time.

Her strength is not back yet but she is awake at least, and I know soon she will be back to herself. I hear the door open and I lay down, his scent is back and I hear more footsteps on the stairs. I put up a wall so my wolf can’t be reached. I can’t let her and his wolf speak, I don’t trust my wolf with our mate at all. She still wants her mate even after everything he has done.

Laying on my side I feel a lot of eyes on me, they are just standing there and not saying a word.

“Open the door” I hear him order and I know he is about to walk into me.

The door creaks open and I feel him standing beside my bed. I try not to make a move and my heartbeat is steady.

“I know you are awake! Get up” he commands me. I jolt out of bed with a growl. Standing in front of me with his tall and muscular body, I only reach to his chest and I know I look tiny against him.

“Look at me!” He commands and I try to fight against him. I have to give in to his alpha command since my wolf hasn’t got her strength yet. I slowly turn my head up and meet his dark amber eyes.

He is breathtakingly gorgeous.

His eyes scanned my face and body, taking me all in. “It’s time you tell me the truth,” he says and grips my chin with his large hand. Sparks rush through my body from his touch and I can’t help but shiver from the feeling,

“You had the guts to run from me! Now I will get you to answer where you live” he booms at me. If he thinks he is going to get any useful answers from me he better think again!

“At my land” and I wasn’t lying so it was an easy answer.

Booth persons behind him burst out laughing.

The grip on my chin increases and he pulls his face closer to mine.

“What’s the name of the pack you are living in” that is one question he will never get out of me. Not even if he starts to t*ortur*e me again, his alpha command washes over me, and sweat starts to form on my forehead. I hear one of his men trying to make him drop his command but he doesn’t, and the pain is starting to be too much. Black dots start to dance before my eyes. The last thing I see before I faint is my mate’s angry eyes.

I welcome the darkness, he didn’t get my pack’s name out of me. They are safe and I know he won’t be able to keep me here. I will break free from him.

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