I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 37

I will never be yours by Melan Pamp

Chapter 37

Selena POV:

I have been alone for a couple of hours and my wolf still isn’t up. This is taking too long! if I just could get out of the cell for a little while she would wake up I am sure of it. If I just could reject him and get this mate thing over with, but I know he will never accept it and I would only be revealing my name and that I am an Alpha of my pack.

It would do no good! I close my eyes and sigh.

The door on top of the stairs opens and I hear several people walking down, taking a sniff in the air I know it1 s my mate and the beta and I guess his gamma too.

“What brings me the ple@sure of all these high- rank wolves coming down to me, wanna try and have a chat with me again” I mock him. Only for his men to push back a laughter.

“Will you behave?” Kian ask me

“Like you did before?” I sarcastically say. I get a warning growl from Kian

“This is your last chance! I will take you up so you can have a shower. Will you behave” He ask me again, if I could I would leave the second I get out of here. We need the brake from this cellar so my wolf can get some strength back.

“What’s the catch?” I ask

“Nothing! You just need to behave” feeling skeptical but a shower and some time out would be great for us.

“Okay” he glares at me but opens the cell door. I stand there and look at them but no one moves so I walk out of the cell.

He shows with his hand that I should start walking. His gamma walks ahead of me and Kian and his beta after. What are they so afraid of? Me a little woman beside these big bulky men. I look like a midget between them.

We walk up the stairs and I can’t help myself.

“You can’t handle a woman? since there are three of you” I get slammed into the wall and caged in by Kian, before I get a chance to react.

He growls at me.

“Yeah yeah I will behave! Just saying” he glares at me before he rolls his eyes and releases me. I see his beta swallow and try not to laugh.

When we step out the door I find myself in a big hall. It’s beautifully decorated with big crystal chandeliers in the ceiling. The room is big and the height of the ceiling is much higher than a usual house since it’s an old castle. I can’t help but look around the rooms when we walk past them. Most of the interior is marble white with gold. We are about to walk up some stairs and on the side before the stairs is a table with a large flower bouquet. White flowers and some green petals. I can’t help myself but walk over and smell the flowers, there are white roses and I have never seen anyone that big before. Touching the petals I admire their beauty.

Hearing someone clearing their throat I remember where I am and turn around. Kian stands there with an amused look on his face and the other two just smile at me, I roll my eyes and start walking up the stairs.

He shows me to two big doors and opens them, his scent hit me like a wall and I know it’s his chambers. The smell is so strong. I halt on my spot and don’t want to go into the room. He pushes me inside and my bond urges me to take a large inhale. I can’t resist it and my body fills with his intoxic scent and I close my eyes. Trying to calm the bond down. O

“Want more of me!?” I hear his husky voice beside my ear and I jump in surprise. Opening my eyes I just glare at him.

He chuckles at me and walks ahead to another room and it’s the bathroom. I follow behind him and stop right by the door to the bathroom. He turns on the shower and hands me a towel.

“The door remains open,” he says and I just stare at him.

He walks out of the door and I close it halfway. Taking off my clothes I fold them and put them on the sink. Adjusting the temperature I step under the water, It feels so nice. I don’t know when I showered the last time is it three or four days ago?

I open his shampoo and it smells of him, I don’t care at this point just need to feel clean again. I rinse out the shampoo and wash my body. I feel his presence in the room and turn my head to see he is standing by the sink watching me.

“I think I am old enough to take a shower by myself,” I say and turn back my head and close my eyes, letting the warm water wash over my face.

He growls at me!

“New clothes for you at the sink,” he says and walks out. I don’t give a damn what he thinks of me.

Taking my time in the shower, enjoying the warmth and how some energy comes back. I could stay in here for hours but I know he would probably come in here and f0rce me out and I will not give him that satisfaction!

Turning off the water and getting out of the shower I dry myself on the towel. Finding my toothbrush on the sink for me I start brushing my teeth and rinsing my mouth I put the brush down and look at the clothes he has put out for me.

Some of my underwear is at the sink but not my clothes. Putting my underwear on I take up the shirt and smell it, it’s my mate’s. His scent is heavy on the shirt and I understand what he is trying to do. Forcing the bond on me!

Well, he can forget that! I hold the towel around my body and walk out of the bathroom with his shirt in my hand. He is sitting on his king size bed in the middle of the room.

“Where are my clothes?” I ask. He looks at me and his eyes travel down my body.

“You will wear that,” he says and keeps his eyes roaming over my body. I walk over to him and toss the shirt at him.

“Never” I spit at him!

He rises from the bed and I feel anger radiating from him.

“That’s the only thing you get to wear” I hear a threat in his voice but don’t care what he will try and do.

“Then I will do fine without,” I say and drop the towel on the floor and start walking to the door. I can find my way down the cellar myself. If he thinks I give a damn being in my underwear and who will see me he is in for a surprise.

I get slammed into the wall and his body is pressed against mine before I reach the door. His eyes are pitch black and I hear him growl at me.

I feel his hard c*oc*k pressed against my stomach and I hiss just by the feel of his size.

“If you don’t want me to mark you on the spot and take your body on my bed right now, you put on the shirt!”

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