I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 40

I will never be yours by Melan Pamp

Chapter 40

Selena POV:

Kian let his hand fall to his side. He got our message!

Closing the distance between us we sniff at his wound and stop at the end of his chest. Looking around I see every one of his men is injured and bleeding and we know what we have to do. Looking at Kian I search for his connection with his men and when I found It we pull on our power and she starts to lick his wound from his hip over his chest. The deep gap starts to glow and he gasps.

Looking around I see all the men heal up with a faint glow from our healing power we transferred through Kian’s bond with his pack. His men are all healed up and I look around that’s when I feel a hand touching our furr and little sparks dance on our body. Turning our head to the side it’s our mate who is touching us.

Caressing our head, my wolf starts to purre and I try to stop her. I know she wants our mate and love to be close to him, but I don’t want him.

I try to fight her for dominance but she starts to stroke her body to Kian’s.

Earning a chuckle from him.

She is like a good dam cat, purring and stroking her body. Then she accidentally comes into close-up contact with his big c*oc*k on her face, making her step back and snort in shock.

Kian and his closest men start to laugh.

“Well it isn’t my fault. It was you who started to a*sault my body when I am n@ked” he says.

She snorts and turns her head making eye contact with Jaden She starts to wag her tail, our little brother! Our family.

“Selena” I hear him say. At least he has put on some shorts. Can’t hide our excitement she run over to him, jumping his body so he falls to the ground. My wolf starts to lick him all over his body like he is her lost puppy.

I let her have this moment, we have both missed our family.

I feel tingles on our furr and look up to see Kian standing there with a shirt for me in his hand. Shifting back I take it from him and pull it over my body. It covers everything down to my thigh.

“Let’s go back to the castle and talk,” he says and grabs my arm. I snap my arm back from him and take several steps back

“I am not going anywhere with you, ever again! And if you come any step closer to me I will make you sorry you ever met me!” I spit at him, meaning every word I say. I’m angry about everything!

He starts to walk closer to me and reach out his hand to me, I slap it away. Don’t want him to touch me ever again.

“Don’t you dare touch me! Ever again” I say to him through gritted teeth.

“MATE!” Swirling around I find Emma standing frozen to her spot a bit away and Kian’s Gamma growling. Oh no, this isn’t happening; I’m not letting her come to any harm again and she can’t defend herself against a werewolf, she is just a witch and has no power to defend herself.

Shifting we run over to where he stands and get in front of him. He will have to go through me first to come close to her! I’m not afraid to fight him for her safety. Giving a warning growl and all teeth on display for him to see we take a step closer and are ready to defend her.

Furr starts to coat his arms and I see he is about to shift, I’m ready to fight for her life. He will not come anywhere near her if she doesn’t want him close. He shifts to his big grey wolf and takes a stand ready to attack me. He growls at me and I see he is angry.

“Cannon stand down!” Kian shouts out and comes to stand between us. He doesn’t back down and I feel how he places his alpha command over him, he whimpers in pain before he shifts back.

We growl at him one move and I will K*ll him, I have no hesitation.

“Selena don’t K*ll him!” I hear Emma’s voice and try to calm down. Cannon is sitting on the ground with his head hanging low and Kian forcing him to stay that way. I feel Emma’s hand stroking our furr and I start to calm down. I don’t want to do anything that will hurt her in the end.

“It’s okay Selena. Let him be and we can go home instead” shifting back I stand there in front of them n@ked. I hear Kian growl and his men avert their eyes. His beta comes over and gives me a shirt. Taking it on me I look between Cannon and Kian. Taking a step back and reach for Emma’s hand and take it in mine. I know she never wanted to find her mate but here we are.

She looks at me and I see sadness in her eyes.

“Let’s just go home” she pleads to me and I turn to walk away with her.

“Where do you think you are you going ” I hear Kian say. I don’t answer him! I’m done talking to him and don’t want to stay here another minute. “Stop! He says and f0rces his alpha command over me. I turn around and let go of Emma’s hand.

walking closer to him, I have put up a barrier now when my wolf is awake so his command can’t get to me. I see surprise on his face that I could ignore his command.

“Your alpha command doesn’t work on me. Let me know when you are ready to be rejected then you know where to find me!’’ I spit the words to him, and then I turn around and walk back to Emma and take her hand in mine again.

When we are about to go from there I see several of his men caging us in, a large circle around us with no way out.

“I can’t let you leave Selena,” he says.

Turning around to look at him. Everyone is standing some steps away from me just waiting for the signal.

I start laughing! it’s hilarious he thinks he will be able to stop me. He surely has no idea what I can do. “And you think you have any say in that?” I raise an eyebrow at him.

“Still haven’t figured it out have you,” I say to him with a smirk on my lips.

I let my energy out when I look at him, want to see his expression when he understands. Opening a portal I quickly take a step in with Emna and the last thing I see on his face is shock.

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