I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 41

I will never be yours by Melan Pamp

Chapter 41

Selena POV:

When I came back to my pack yesterday I didn’t even know what day it was. Or how long I had been gone.

I was so drained of energy, after all, I had done so when I portal us it took everything I had left just to get back. Stepping out of the portal outside my pack I stumbled to get to the front door when Jessie came running and took my other arm. She and Emma helped me get inside.

Getting up to my room I crashed on my bed and slept through the rest of the day and the whole night. I just woke up when there is a knock on my door and Emma walked in. Sitting up in my bed and she comes and takes a seat beside me.

“You’re awake. How do you feel? We were so worried about you” she says and I hear sadness in her voice.

“1 will be fine, just give me a day or two and I will be back as usual. How do you feel? Finding your mate” I have to ask.

“He was nothing I ever imagined and I’m shocked to be mated to a werewolf” I chuckle at her.

“Maybe he is exactly what you need,” I say and wiggle my eyebrows at her. Before I get up from the bed and head over to the shower.

I hear her laugh when I turn on the water. Stepping under and start washing my hair. Rinsing out the shampoo from my hair I step out of the shower and dry myself on a towel. It starts to feel better now.

Just need some clothes and breakfast and I will be like a new person.

All the time I got dressed and ready she asked me questions about what happened when I was in the castle, I answered them all and when we got down to the kitchen Jessie was standing inside and making some breakfast. Emma couldn’t hold back the information so she spilled it all out to Jessie while I was enjoying my coffee.

I didn’t mind her telling Jessie everything, I would have told her myself anyway. Just sitting there and sipped on my coffee, looking at them both talking and laughing. I feel so blessed, I wouldn’t change it for anything. This is my new home and family. I want my family to be a part of my life and meet my pack too, and I know just how I can make it happen in the future.

Just have to be patient until that day comes.

I need to be free from Kian first, this few days only made me more certain I can’t forgive him for everything he has done.

“That was some interesting days you have been on,” Jessie says and smiles at me I give her a smile back

“Yeah you could say that” they both laugh. I pour myself another cup of coffee and walk over to the counter and take a seat on the chair.

“Can’t wait for you to find your mate, Then we can talk about it Jessie” I say to her “ I will never accept any mate! I don’t want one” Jessie says. I know she is as reluctant to find her mate as Emma is, they have different reasons. But I can understand hers too.

She is a werry strong female warrior and the best beta I could ever have, we have been in this together from the start and she has also seen it up close how many have been hurt and rejected by their mates. When I rescued her from her pack members and the alpha she swore to never let any man close to her again.

When she found her strength she have never stopped fighting for others. She quickly learned how to fight and she is one of the best warriors these days. She is a true beauty in her brown hair and hazel eyes, from the look of it you would think she is this sweet little woman until you get to know her and find out how headstrong and self-dependent she is.

It will be fun the day she finds her mate, I kind of feel sorry for him. He is up for a challenge! O

“The breakfast is ready,” she says and we grab plates and dig in. I put on scrambled eggs and toast, bacon on top, and some fruit. My stomach starts to tumble just at the sight of my food.

“Sit outside today?” I ask, the sun is up and I think it will be warm outside. I love these mornings when it’s peaceful and quiet before everyone is up.

They follow me outside and we take our seats. Sipping on my coffee and eating my breakfast.

“How long do you think we can keep this pack hidden now when we have two mates looking for us? ” Emma says and I take a bite of toast in my mouth, chewing slowly and thinking about it.

I already know Kian is searching for me and because his gamma is Emma’s mate and he was the one who came here to search for me I’m guessing they won’t give up.

“I just know they won’t give up and you might have to think about what you want to do with your mate!” Since she is a witch she feels the bond but not as strong as he does. She deserves to be happy and I will support whatever decision she takes.

“I don’t know Selena. All I know is that I won’t be leaving this family and I’m never going to accept a mate if you’re not accepting yours. We started this together and whatever happens, I’m staying” she says and I feel the same way as her.

We are a family here together and we have built the pack up from nothing, it will take a lot for anyone of us to give up on it.

We sit for the rest in silence and just enjoy our morning.

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