I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 42

I will never be yours by Melan Pamp

Chapter 42

Selena POV:

After breakfast, I headed over to my office, needed to open my mail, and contact my work. I guess they have been wondering where I have been these days. Open my mailbox there are a lot of emails and I have work to do.

My office chat starts to beep the moment I am online.

“Where have you been? Why aren’t you answering your phone?” Elijah message me instantly.

“I was robbed and lost my phone the first day. I came back yesterday night so I haven’t been able to contact anyone” I lie to him and hope he will be fine with my answer.

“We contacted the company you visited, and they said you weren’t available. But they were satisfied with your visit. Sounds like everything else went well”

If he only knew what happened, he wouldn’t be saying that. Well if they want to pretend everything is fine, then I can play that game too.

“Yes everything was fine. I need to buy a new phone on Monday! I am working from home today since it’s Friday I will be taking a short day. Is there anything I need to urgently handle today?” I ask him

“No we have taken care of everything when you were away, just relax and I will see you on Monday.

Can’t wait to have you back. I Have missed you”

“ Good ! then I will see you on Monday, missed you too” I answer him and quickly log out of the chat. Don’t want to talk to him right now. Have no idea how I a going to handle meeting him on Monday.

After a few hours of work and I have gone through my inbox and finished everything I need to do there is a knock on my door and Jessie walks in.

“There are some things we need to handle in the pack” She takes a seat and we start to go through it all.

The rest of the weekend goes by fast, there is a lot we had to do in the pack, and finally, I can relax a bit. It’s Sunday evening and tomorrow is work.

Heading down to look for Emma and I find her in the backyard as I expected, Jessie is there two and they are drinking a gla*s of wine.

“I guessed you would be here,” I say

“Oh you are here! Perfect then I don’t have to go looking for you” Emma says

“You needed me for something?”

“No just wanted to chat with you!” She says and gives me a gla*s of wine. We talk for a while and catch up on everything before I feel tired and have a lot to handle tomorrow.

“I better take an early night!” I tell them and get up, they know when I want to be left alone.

Heading up to my room I decide to take a bath and see if I can relax a bit. I pour myself a gla*s of wine when the tub is filled with water. Taking off my clothes and getting in the hot water with my wine. I take a deep breath and relax back in the tube, sipping on my wine and trying to clear my mind.

After a little while, Emma comes walking in.

“What is it, Emma?” I ask her, seeing she has a frown on her face.

“Do you think my mate is good?” She asks me and sits down at the sink. Thinking about her question for a moment before I give her an answer.

“There is one thing I know about your mate. He would never let you come to any harm and he would easily take out anyone who would try and hurt you. That much I have picked up about him.” I say and look at her, I see she is sad and has something more on her mind.

“Tell me what’s bothering you!”

“I know he was the one who beat you up and almost had you K*lled in the prison. I didn’t know he was my mate then. Would you be able to forgive him for it? I could never accept a mate if you didn’t agree with him” she says and I give her a smile.

“You know what. Because I have seen what he can do and he won’t hesitate to protect his family I know he would be the best mate for you! I have no problems with him but if he is ever going to come near you I’m going to make one or two things clear to him!” I say when she gets down from the sink and comes over to sit on the side of the bathtub.

“Thank you!” She says and takes my hand.

I squeeze it before she sighs and walks out of my bathroom leaving me alone again. I finish my wine and when the water starts to get cold I get out and dry myself before putting on my clothes.

Heading over to my bed I get under the covers and try to get some sleep.

The next day I was early as usual to work, taking my time and starting the day in front of my computer and going through everything I need to catch up on. There was a box of chocolate on my desk when I came in today and I enjoy eating one to my coffee before I walk over to my door. I have some papers I have to place on my Secretary’s desk.

Opening the door I run right into Elijah and his arm comes around to steady me.

“Why the rush?” He asks and I get free from him and place the papers down on her desk before I turn around again.

“I was just going to give my Secretary some papers ” walking back into my office he follows behind me.

He closes the door and grabs my arm and turns me around.

“I was worried about you!” He says and drawing my body close to his and hugging me. I just stand there and don’t know what to do.

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