I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 45

I will never be yours by Melan Pamp

Chapter 45

Selena POV:

Walking out of my portal in a dark alley behind work, the feeling is only getting stronger and my wolf is constantly pa*sing around in my head making me even more on edge. Reaching my office I am the first one again at work.

Looking around before I open my door and walk inside, closing it behind me.

I start to go through everything I need to do before the meeting, they only said it would be around lunch today.

After a little while, my secretary walks in.

“The meeting is set to today,” she says and waits for my answer.

“Alright! I will be ready.” I tell her and she walks back out of my office.

The hours go by slowly and my feeling only increases. Something is definitely up. Walking over to my bathroom, I wash my hands and put a w*et towel on my neck, just to try and calm down.

It doesn’t help much and before I can calm down any further my secretary knocks on my door and walk inside.

“The meeting is about to start,” she says

“I will be right there” I answer before looking at myself in the mirror I take a deep breath and try to relax. I can do this!

Walking out I grab my tablet and start to head out of my office. My legs start to feel like jelly and when I am about to reach the door to the meeting room my wolf puts her head up and her ear is pointing right up, she is on high alert for some reason.

Before I open the door I get a sniff of a mouthwatering scent. Instantly stopping in my track, a shiver runs down my back!

I know who is in the meeting room and I have no intention to meet him. I slowly start to walk backward. Need to get away! I just make it a few steps before I hit a wall.

“Going somewhere” I recognize that voice. Slowly turning around I am staring right into the eyes of his beta. He just stands there with a smirk on his lips. I try to walk away when I see his eyes glance over and I know he is mind-linking someone. I’m guessing my mate. He steps in front of me blocking my way and takes his arm around my waist and pulls me towards the meeting door.

When he open’s the door I am hit with his intoxic scent almost making my legs go out under me but he tightens his grip on my waist keeping me steady.

“Smelling something you like” he whispers in my ear before he pushes me inside the meeting room, and I come stumbling inside. My eyes are immediately drawn to him.

He is sitting in the room as if he owns it, his is bigger and bulkier than everyone in the room. You can see his muscles under his dark grey suit, his masculine jaw, and piercing eyes looking straight at me. He is taking in my whole body and I feel small and n@ked in front of his eyes. I can’t avert my eyes away from him, he is absolutely gorgeous.

I need to put up a barrier to my wolf. Can’t have her messing with my head right now. When I do Kian’s eyes become pitch black for a second and I know his wolf is pissed off and want to take control.

I am lost at just looking at him when I feel an arm around my waist and someone is starting to pull me to my seat I take my eyes away from my mate and look who it is, just to find it is Elijah. I hear a low warning growl and I know it’s my mate and he is not happy someone else is touching me. If you are not a wolf you wouldn’t hear it.

I don’t dare to look at him again, I don’t want to reveal my relationship with Elijah. He helps me take a seat and he sits beside me leaning closer to me he whispers in my ear.

“Don’t worry I guess he is not as intimidated as he looks” He says to me. He thinks I am scared of him. I hear another warning growl and I know he is furious.

I don’t dare to look at him again just to earn myself another warning growl before I hear him bark out “I only want her the rest can leave.”

My head snapped up to meet his eyes looking straight at me. I turn my head to my bosses

“I already have a lot to handle right now, I am not sure if I have time for another big account. Maybe someone else can take it” I am not lying, there is a lot on my table but my main reason is not that. I just don’t want anything to do with him.

“I won’t be accepting anyone else” he booms out and why am I not surprised to hear him say that? I gulp and fear what my bosses will say before they say it.

“We will help you with your other accounts, just let us know what you need.” they say and I feel how my hands start to sweat.

“Yes” is all I manage to say. I feel my anger rising in my body. I knew he was going to get his revenge on me! But I never thought he would actually come here himself and pester my life. What is his plan now?

“Everyone else besides Selena can leave,” my boss says and everyone gets up from their seats. I look at my bosses and feel defeated.

Elijah puts his hand on my shoulder I know he wants to ensure me it will be okay. I look up at him and get eye contact with him just for a second when I hear a low growl and a chair being dragged out with f0rce.

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