I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 49

I will never be yours by Melan Pamp

Chapter 49

Selena POV:

We reach where Zoey is standing with some warriors beside her. Shifting back we walk up to her and try to see what’s going on outside the barrier. “We have seen about ten rogues running around outside for quite some time now, they came from the north side and it looks like they are searching for something!” She says when I see four wolves running out from the trees and searching the area. It’s weird!

They have never been here looking around before, just running by and to the cave or from it.

Hearing footsteps behind me I turn around and roll my eyes when I see Kian and his men come running with my men behind. He has a problem listening to my orders!

When they reach us they shift back and Kian walks over to me.

“I told you to stay put! Problems listening to anyone else giving orders?!” I say with anger in my voice. I don’t have time to focus on them when there is another big problem outside.

Zoey claps me on my shoulder before he gets a chance to answer and I turn my head to look where she is looking. I see more rogues from the threes before they start running in the direction of the cave.

We know what to do and I turn my head to look at Kian.

“You stay in here! And listen to my orders!” I say with anger in my voice and try to get him to understand it’s serious before shifting and start running after them. Jessie and Zoey are right after me and we know exactly where to go and where to hide along the way to keep us at a safe distance from them. We have all taken the potion yesterday to mask our scent, the rogues can’t pick up anything from us so we are safe as long we don’t make any sound.

Running in behind the trees we follow their scent and as usual, they are on their way to the cave. Zoey takes off to the right and Jessie is on my left. We have our order how we are going and so far we haven’t run into any problems.

I see the rogues stop in their tracks and I hide behind some bushes where I can look at them without them seeing me.

Several of them start sniffing in the air and I have never seen them stopping before. I know they can’t smell us so I try to sniff in the air and figure out what they are sensing.

I don’t get the time when I hear a twig snap behind me and I swirl around to see who it is. Kian comes walking with his men behind, anger boiling in my body! He didn’t listen this time either.

I just get the time to register that someone is right next to me and I turn my head slightly to the left when I see a rogue lunge for me.

I already know it’s going to hurt before I feel it when he sinks his teeth into my throat and rips a large bit open. My wolf whimpers in pain before we shift back and fall to the ground. Blood spraying everywhere and I try to hold my gap together with my hand.

The rogue is quick on his feets and ready to attack me, I know I can’t defend myself with the amount of blood I “m losing. I try to prepare myself for the next hit when I see Jessie comes flying over the bushes and aim right for the rogue. They fall to the ground and she is furious and rips its throat out. She is quick over to me and whimpers at the sight of me when more rogues come barging through the bushes.

She is a fighter and take a stand over me like a shield and fighting the other wolves with what she got, I hear her whimper in pain when someone manages to bite her, Zoey comes attacking from the left and it becomes a full battlefield when Kian and his men reach us. I fall back to the ground and try to hold the gap together, I know I can heal from this if I just can hold the gap in place and don’t lose too much blood. I feel Jessie and Kian around me

holding other wolves off from reaching me when black dots start to dance in front of my eyes. My life is slowly slipping out of my veins, I feel my warm blood running down my side and neck. For every heartbeat, I know my life is about to end. This isn’t how I planned to go out!

Take a breath and try to get some air down my lungs, it hurts for every breath I try to take. I hear the fight going on around me and there are whimpers and growls from wolves, I try to listen for Jessie and Zoey. Just want to know they are safe at least!

I don’t hear them and try to turn my head and look for them. My breath hitches in my body when I see from a distance Emma comes running toward me, she has panic written all over her face.

“Selena!” I hear her heartbreaking scream to me while she is running. Everything goes in slow motion when I see a rogue running behind her and getting closer. She has nothing to put up against a wolf and fear takes over my body. I can’t do anything with the amount of blood I’m losing.

“Emma!” I rasp out with all voice I have and hold my hand out, if I just could gather enough energy and blast a ball against the rogue and she might be able to get away. If it’s the last thing I’m going to do then I will try and save her.

It takes everything I have to gather my last energy and blast away a purple energy ball at the rogue.

I feel when my energy leaves my hand how my body slowly shut down bit by bit. The sounds around me start to fade away, my vision becomes smaller and it starts to ring in my ears.

I see the ball hit the rogue and it falls to the ground, the wolf is quick on his feet again and starts

running after Emma. I hadn’t enough energy left to make an impact on the wolf. My heart beat hard in my chest from the sight in front of me. I can’t save her, I gave it everything I could.

Seconds feel like minutes when I see Cannon suddenly come running to Emma and lunge for the rogue behind her. He is furious and rips it into small pieces, leaving no pieces bigger than for the worms to eat. He is absolutely crazy but I take a breath of relief when I know Emma is safe.

My breath slowly evens out when she comes to my side. She drops to her knees and pulls my head into her lap.

Looking up at her I see she has tears running down her cheeks.

“I’m sorry Selena I got affected by Cannon and missed the vision! Don’t give up! Fight it” she says and places a hand over the gap in my neck.

“Kian get here now!” She screams at the top of her lungs and I hear how desperate she sounds.

She starts to shake on her hand while I just look at her. Trying to give her some strength and letting her know it’s alright. She is safe and that’s all that matters.

“f*uc*k Selena you have to fight it! I won’t let you go out like this you hear me!” She tries to threaten me and that’s the Emma I know and care about more than my own life.

I take a breath and feel when my lungs squeeze shut and that’s the last breath I manage to make. My eyelids feel so heavy and I can’t keep them open.

“Kian!” I hear Emma scream from what feels like a distance and some heavy feets comes to my side before I let darkness s*ck me down to nothingness.

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