I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 54

I will never be yours by Melan Pamp

Chapter 54

Kian POV:

I hold her for a moment taking in what she said, before releasing my grip on her hair and letting her go. Seeing her looking angry at me before she turns on her heel and walks out of the kitchen.

Declan walks up to me and stands by my side.

“Why don’t you tell her the truth?” He says and I start to walk out of the kitchen with him beside me. He is my best friend and I know he is going to lecture me. But I’m not up for it with all these rogues running around and Selena who won’t share what she knows.

“What truth?” I say and try to sound unbothered when we come out in the hall and no one is around. “You marked her because you wanted and can’t lose her! And you could tell her how sorry you are for making a mistake or several in fact!” He states before he gets ahead and stands in my way. The others have left the house and I stop right in front of him.

“It doesn’t matter! She hates me anyway for what I did” I just state to him and look sternly at him, wanting him to get out of my way right now.

He crosses his arms over his chest and looks seriously at me.

“Yes! But it doesn’t help that you are going at her with f0rce. Get a grip Kian and man up before you lose her for good!” He states before he turns around and heads for the door.

“Because that’s working so well for you!111 just bark at him, I’m not the only one having trouble with his mate here.

He turns around and looks at me angrily.

“Well, at least I’m trying my best and not forcing her!” He spits before going out the door and leaving me alone in the hall. I know he is right but how could I ever get her to forgive me for what I did to her? She is a far better leader than I am with the way she cares for her pack and would even sacrifice her own life for them. All I have done through the years is f0rce my pack to do as I say and bring order and routine. To me, the king’s business has always been to have total control over everything.

Nothing happens, in my kingdom without me knowing it first!

“You know he has a point!” Comes a voice from behind and I know Emma heard it all. I don’t answer and start to head for the door instead.

“She needs a mate that stands by her side! Not someone who will f0rce her to submit” she says and I take the handle and stand there a moment, taking in what she said.

“I know!” I say before opening the door and getting outside. I know what a mistake I did those years back, and I can’t change it.

Coming outside I see Declan and Cannon talking while they get undressed, in front of us is Selena in her white wolf with her men beside her.

Pulling my shirt over my head I place it on a chair before I take off my pants and briefs before quickly shifting.

Telling my wolf to keep some distance from her we slowly start to walk forward, stopping a bit behind with Declan and Cannon. Seeing her looking me all over I wait for her to move so we can follow.

“Ready?” Comes a voice in my head, which I wasn’t ready for.

“You can mindlink without being a pack?” I mindlink back in surprise. She looks at me before her wolf turns on her heel and starts running.

“Yes!” Comes a mindlink and we start to run after her, through her pack and out of her barrier. It’s the third time I’m crossing through it and I’m stunned at how it’s even possible.

I have so many questions if she would answer them. “Jacob and Zoey you know the way and take to the left! Jessie takes to the right while I’m going straight ahead. The rest follow what way you want! ” Comes Selena’s voice in a mindlink to us all at the same time. My choice is easy and I follow after her, cannon runs up beside me and sniffs in the air and ground. I’m just waiting for him to find a trace after rogues and it doesn’t take long before he gets a trace.

He takes the lead and we follow behind him, taking our surroundings in while he follows the trace.

“He is good!” Comes a mindlink from Selena after a long time, we have been running for at least two hours and we are just outside my borders.

“Yes! He’s my best tracker” I mindlink back when he turns and starts to head over to another pack grounds and we follow him. The trace goes right between my pack grounds and another one!

I know the Alpha well in that pack and need to have a conversation with him. This is a problem we have missed and I need to get to the bottom of this.

“Is it always from here the rogues come from?” I mindlink Selena.

“No there are from other places too!” She says and I sigh

“Can you show me on a map?” I ask her and hope she will at least show me this. It takes a moment before she answers.

“Yes!” Turning to look at her when her men come running up behind us.

“I will portal us back!” She says and shifts in front of us before she opens a portal and her men start to walk inside and mine after. I shift in front of her when we are the last ones left and she closes the portal when I don’t move.

“I have several maps on the area and around back in my office! I think it’s better to go there” I tell her and hope she will take us there. She sighs before she opened a portal and stops right in front of it.

“And you think I don’t!” She says and walks inside. Looking at the portal for a moment and wait for her to close it right in front of me, but she doesn’t. I walk over to it before taking a big step and find myself right in her bedroom and hear the shower on before the portal closes.

I’m too stunned and just stand there and looking at the space the portal was in when I hear the shower turns off and her footstep walks out to where I stand n@ked.

Her scent is prominent in this room and with the hot water it’s even stronger and I feel how my d*ic*k jerks where I stand. Placing my hands over it to try and cover my raising boner when she walks out of the bathroom in just a towel wrapped around her. Water droplets over her soft skin, and the memory of the moment we shared in the shower before still fresh in my memory.

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