I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 62

I will never be yours by Melan Pamp

Chapter 62

Selena POV:

I hear voices from a distance and try to open my eyes, adjusting my eyes to the light I start to look around where I am.

Seeing I’m laying on a couch in a living room I listen for the voices and hear Emma’s voice talking. Tossing the quilt off me I place my feet on the ground and walk over to where I heard her talk.

Finding her in a kitchen with a man and stirring in a pot I hear in her voice how excited she is.

When she hears me enter the room she turns around and has the biggest smile on her lips.

“Oh! You are awake! How do you feel” she says with overexcitement in her voice and I don’t get what has made her this excited?

“I’m perfectly fine and feel strong!” I say to her when she starts to bounce on her feet. I can’t help but smile at the sight.

“YES!” she shouts

“What has made you this happy?” I have to ask her.

“You know what! They know a potion here that can help restore your energy and strength when you have used up too much. They use it themselves! And they have a lot of other options I want to learn” she says and starts to drag me over to where the man is staying by the stove. He has a big smile on his face. He looks friendly and I guess he is a wizard himself.

“Thank you! I’m Selena” I say and offer him my hand, he takes it and instantly feels his strong energy when our hands meet. Whatever kind of wizard he is he got some powers.

“You’re welcome! And I’m Michael” he says and I keep his hand in mine for a bit longer. Feeling his powers reaching out to mine a shiver coursed through my body.

“You’re gifted I have to say! But all of your gifts haven’t manifested yet” he says and his eyes become white for a moment. I don’t dare to take my hand away from his and keep standing in the same place.

I see his eyes become normal again and he looks at me with a concerned look on his face.

“Trust your gifts when you need them, don’t be afraid of what you don’t understand. The gift will help you” he says and I have a lot of questions I want to ask him. At the same time, I dread what he would say.

From the way, his eyes glanced over I know he can see some of the future just like Emma’s eyes do sometimes.

That he can see other people’s gifts are obvious. Taking my hand from his while I keep eye contact with him.

“Is there something else I should know!” I ask him. He looks at me for a moment more before he answers.

“No! Just take my words with you and whatever happens, trust your gifts” he says and it has me even more troubled. Giving him a nod I turn my head and look over to Emma.

“How long have I been out and where are Jessie and Zoey?” I ask her. She turns her head and looks at the clock on the wall behind her.

“You have been out almost one hour and they went out to scout around the village for any trace!” she says I’m not surprised they would be out and checking. Just hoping they haven’t wandered off further away when they are just the two of them, “alright I will go and look for them. Stay here with Sari and let me know if you want to go home!” I say and turn around to go out and search.

“I will!” I hear her say behind me before walking out of the kitchen. Finding the front door I open it and walk outside. Starting to look for them around the houses when I make my way over to find Sari and check if she knows where they are.

Trying to mindlink booth Jessie and Zoey in the meantime but both have blocked me out. I get a bad feeling about this.

Coming out to the place I left Sari and her sister before I look around for a moment when I see Sari further up by a house. Quicken my steps I make it over to her fast.

“Sari! Have you seen Jessie and Zoey?” I ask her before I even have reached to where she stands. Seeing her turning around and smiling at me when she notices me.

“No, not for a long time! Have they wandered off?” she says and place her hand on her hip. I bet she thinks the same as I do.

I sigh loudly and know there is no other option for where they are.

“Why can’t they ever just wait and stay put!” pinching the bridge of my nose in pure frustration. It is clear they have gone after the rogues to rescue the kidnapped one.

“Maybe they are just searching the area and won’t be far off!” Sari says and even if I hoped she would be right I know those two.

“You saw Jessie yourself before and her together with Zoey we already know what they are up to!” I say and try to mindlink them again without succeeding.

“And both of them are blocking me out when I’m trying to mindlink them! When I get ahold of them they are in big problems!” I’m getting angrier the more they shut me out.

“I saw them taking off into the woods where the rogues fought before, maybe start there!” Sari says and it’s where I will start. We have our scent masked and my only option is to take the same way they did after the rogues to find them.

Turning around I take off my shirt and shift to my wolf, starting to run over to where the fight was before we pick up a trace of the rogues and start running after them as fast we manage to go without losing our trace.

Trying to reach them from time to time while we make our way into the forest. I don’t know for how long we have been running when I finally get a mind link open with Zoey. Coming to an abrupt halt in the forest I shift back and stand ready to portal if I get a location.

“Zoey! Where the hell are you and why have you blocked me out!” I shout through the mind link the moment she unblocks me.

“Jessie wanted to follow the rogues and see if we could find where they are. We followed them to a small village right in the forest. It looks like they have several prisoners” she says and I don’t get any calmer by her words.

“Get back here now! You don’t try and take them out by yourselves! Do you hear me!” I try to f0rce dem to come back I know how they are. They are only two against I don’t know how many! f*

“I will try and convince Jessie!” Zoey says

“Tell her if she doesn’t come back, I will send her right to her mate the moment I catch her!” if she doesn’t listen to my orders then a small threat might work.

“f*uc*k!” I hear Zoey shout in the mind link. A shiver coursed through my body of fear for what is happening over there.

“What Zoey! Talk to me” I shout to her.

“Several men are about to attack a small girl, they have ripped her clothes off!” she screams through the mind link and that’s all I need to know there is nothing I can say to make them stop. None of them could ever stand by the side and witness something that brutal.

Zoey ends the mind link and I just stand there in the middle of the forest with only one option left. It is a long shoot and nothing I have ever tried before.

I could end up anywhere and find myself in danger, but for my friends, I will try.

Remember Michaels’s words to trust my gifts when I need them and this is one of those situations. Didn’t think I would be trying it so soon. I hope he is right when I try to pull on the link with Zoey and open a portal in front of me.

Seeing it I take a deep breath before stepping inside to what I hope is the way to Zoey and Jessie and nothing else! 

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