I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 65

I will never be yours by Melan Pamp

Chapter 65

Selena POV:

I have to place all my focus on the thin thread I still have connected with Zoey, I have to be fast before it disappears and I can’t locate them.

Stepping out on the other side of the portal my mind is in a fog for a moment, had to place a lot of my energy to keep the thread connected.

I hear several snarls around me and wolves running a bit in front. Trying to clear up my mind and get a better vision I blink repeatedly before my vision becomes clear.

A bit in front of me I see Zoey’s and Jessie’s wolves in a full battlefield with at least seven wolves. To the left of them, I see more coming from the tree line. Two wolves are holding a young girl down to the ground where they have ripped her clothes off. Jessie is a fierce fighter who won’t back down for anything, and in front of me, she fights with all she got. She is in for the K*ll while Zoey tries to just take them out.

When the other wolves are about to reach them, I have to get a grip and help them. Shifting to my wolf we start to run over to where the fight is.

Jessie notices me when I come running and open a link to me.

“Nice of you to come and join us!” she mindlinks “or you could have waited until I was awake!” I mind link back before I reach the first wolf. We will have to discuss this later, now is not the time.

Reaching the first wolf we manage to knock it down quite easily when I hear a whimper to my right and quickly turn around. That sounded like Zoey’s wolf and I see her on the ground with two rogues over her.

Taking off at a high speed to reach her quickly before they seriously manage to hurt her.

Almost reaching to where she is we take a big jump and come flying at them. Hitting them on the side they get pushed a far bit away. Taking a glance at Zoey I see she has a big bite over her neck and she needs some help.

Start licking her over the wound while transferring some healing over to her. Standing over her I see her wound start to glow and if we can keep anyone else from reaching her she will be fine in just a moment.

“Are you alright!” I mind link her.

“Yes! Just give me a moment and I’m ready” she mind link back when two wolves come our way. I have no other choice but to use some of my energy to knock them out.

Gather some energy to our paws we take a jump in our place and when we hit the ground we push out the energy and shoot it up to the rogues. They fall unconscious to the ground.

Looking back at Zoey under us she starts to try and get up, taking a step to the side and looking over to the right where Jessie is fighting off two rogues by herself.

Zoey is up on her feet and I start to head over and help Jessie when she mind links me.

“Don’t you dare come here! They are mine!” she says and I chuckle at her.

“Alright! If you say so!” seeing her rip the throat out from one of them I just sigh. That’s just like her. Turning around the two rogues who held the girl shift and start running to the forest with the rest of them. Leaving us with some unconscious and some dead once.

Shifting back I head over to look at the girl. She has dragged herself up against a wall and is obviously shaken up by the event. Zoey comes and walks ahead of me, she squats down to her.

“Selena go and search the houses. I will stay with her!” she says and I look around. There are six houses here in the middle of the forest and I get a feeling the rogues use them permanently. We have to be quick if the rogues come back.

“Alright, mind link me if there are any problems!” I tell her before starting to head over to the first house.

“I will start in the one furthest away!” Jessie says and I see her start to walk when I head over to the door and push it open. I don’t sense anyone inside and when I start to look around there are a few rooms with a couple of mattresses, a dining room and that’s it.

Walking out I head over to the house in the middle when I see Jessie walking out with eight people behind her. Several of them look to be in a bad shape and I guess they have been their captives. Getting over to the front door of the house I push the door open.

Inside I see a big table in the kitchen and a couple of chairs, turning to my left I find two rooms.

Standing in front of the first one I get this feeling I won’t like what I’m going to find behind the door.

Pushing the door open I find a lonely bed in the middle, slowly walking forward I see someone is laying on the bed with the body covered by a blanket. I don’t even have to guess what I’m going to find once I lift the blanket.

Walking the last steps I try to brace myself when I reach for the blanket and slowly start to lift it off her. Seeing a small girl with raven black hair laying on the mattress bloody all over her face and down her body with cuts over her upper body.

She has been badly beaten and I want to K*ll everyone who has done this to her.

Closing my eyes for a moment when I feel tears run down my cheeks before I peel off the rest of the blanket.

She has cuts all over her body and what looks like she has been wiped. Her hands and feet are tied to the bedpost.

It doesn’t look like she has been r@ped yet and I take a big breath and try to steady the rage I feel.

Looking at her face when I reach for her wrist and try to feel for a pulse. She has a weak pulse but it’s there. Mind linking Jessie I need her inside here right now.

Starting to untie her hands and feet before Jessie comes running inside to where I am. I can feel her anger radiating out of her from the other side of the room.

“Check the next room!” I tell her when I have untied her.

“On it!” she says and the moment she opens the door I hear her curse loudly and I can only guess she has something similar in that room.

Sitting down beside the girl on the bed she whimpers when I take her hand in mine. Taking a few strains of her hair from her face I take all her appearance in. I don’t think a single bone in her face is whole.

“I’m sorry for this! It will hurt a bit worse before it’ s going to get better” I tell her and swallow the lump in my throat. I can heal her body, but the dark scars she will have in her memory I can’t do anything about.

Taking a big breath, I pull on my gift and transfer my healing over to her body through her hand.

She starts to whimper loudly before a heartbreaking scream comes from her throat just before I feel her bone snap in its right place and her wounds start to glow. I hear her take a deep breath and her eyes open up to look at me, they are the saddest eyes I have seen in a long time. Wish I could take her bad memory away!

“I’m so sorry!’ it’s all I manage to say when Jessie comes walking inside with a girl younger than her. I guess they would be around sixteen.

She is beaten up, but not bad and she rushes over to the bed and throws her arms around the girl in the bed.

“I thought you d*ied, sis!” I hear the youngest one say between sobs when I get up from the bed and walk over to Jessie.

she is just as angry as I am for finding these girls this way and at the same time I’m glad we came when we did.

A mind link opens up from Zoey.

“Get out here right now!” she says and I know it’s trouble by the tone of her voice.

“Stay inside here and wait until we are back!” I say to the girls and turn to walk out. Jessie is right beside me, understanding what’s going on without me having to say anything.

Feeling a link trying to reach out to me I know it’s Kian and quickly push it away. Blocking his attempt when we reach outside the doors. This is not the time to talk with him.

Outside I see about twenty rogues with a few young girls tied up in their hands standing a bit in front of Zoey and the ones we rescued from here. I have used up too much of my energy and can’t use any gift in the fight or portal all off us out of here. I could portal some of the people from here and the rest we would have to leave behind and try to run from them. That’s not an option for me, I won’t leave anyone behind!

“I can’t get us all out of here!” I say. Turning my head to look at Jessie she understands what I mean by just looking at her.

“Everyone goes or no one! I’m here to the end by your side! We have been outnumbered before and let us at least give them a good fight for the sh*t they have put those girls through!” she says and I take her hand in mine.

” let’s give them hell!” I say and squeeze her hand before we both shift and with a high roar we run forward to the rogues. We will at least give them one hell of a fight even if we won’t win it!

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