I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 67

I will never be yours by Melan Pamp

Chapter 67

Kian POV:

Outside the office door, we quickly walk over to the entrance doors and push them open. None of us have any time to waste and quickly shift once we are outside.

“Let’s get there quick!” I mind linking them and start running in the direction of their pack. Both Cannon and Declan are fast runners and will keep up with my fast pace.

Heading to our borders I mind linking my warriors and letting them know my father is in charge until we are back.

Cutting off the link once I’m done and focusing on running there as fast as we can.

I think we have pushed every speeding record we have when we reach their pack. It can’t have taken longer than forty minutes to run here.

None of us have mind linked during the run when I see Cannon put his nose in the ground and stop. Their borders lie just a bit ahead of where we are

“What is it?” I mind link him when he starts sniffing around on the ground.

“Several fresh traces of rogues and a faint scent of their pack!” he says and start to run to the right instead. I know from experience it is best to follow after him when he has picked up a trace. If he has picked up a faint smell of her pack it could mean they have recently run by here but their potion is about to go out.

Running after him we come closer to the cave when he takes off to the left. Behind some bushes we see Jacobs’s wolf walk out and some of their pack members behind.

None of us can mind link since we aren’t a pack. They turn around and start to run back to their borders while we follow behind them.

Stopping right before we reach their borders Jacob shift back and I do the same while the other wait, “can I help you with something? Like I told you before they are occupied with the new hospital and can’t be disturbed!” he says and keep up with the lie.

Taking a step closer to him I’m not interested to waste any more time.

“Both you and me know they are at Saris sister’s village so skip the lie or I will use my Alpha king command to f0rce you to tell me the truth! I would rather hear it from you than f0rce it out of you!” I say and cross my arms over my chest. I’m no one you mess with right now. I see him take a big breath and hang with his shoulders in defeat.

“Alright! Follow me!” he says and starts to walk over to their borders when it opens up and we can get inside before the barrier closes behind us. Some of his men come over with some clothes and we put them on.

“How did you find out?” he says when we start to walk over to their pack house.

“I remember Sari talking about it at dinner yesterday and knowing how the women are it wasn1 t hard to figure out they have been going over there. So, tell me what you know!” I say to him when we reach the pack house and walk inside. He heads over to the kitchen and starts to pour some coffee for us all.

“Take a seat!” he says and motions for us to take a seat at the dinner table. We do what he says when he hands out some cups of coffee before sitting down himself.

“After you left this morning, I was in the kitchen when Sari called her sister. It didn’t take long in the conversation until I understood something was terribly wrong. She dropped the phone and run out of the kitchen and up to Selena’s office. I took the phone and listen to what she had heard. There was nothing else than heartbreaking screams and growls.!” he says and takes a sip of his coffee before he continues.

“I knew what that meant and placed the phone down and run after her up to her office. Bet once in there they were all gone! It took some time before she got in touch with me and needed some of us to go through a portal and get some captive rogues!” he takes a pause and I am at the end of my patience.

“You’re telling me they had some rogues!” I say and lean forward too mad to stay still.

“Yes, some of our pack members were over there and brought them here. We have them tied up in one of our empty houses!” he says and now Cannon is up on his feet.

“You don’t have a prison here?” he barks out while Jacob leans back in his seat with his cup.

“We do but some of our warriors run into trouble and had to take some rogues back. We only have five cells and they are full!” he says and I drag a hand through my hair. This is a big problem we have to take care of.

“I want to interrogate them!” Cannon barks out “Cannon calm down! You will have your time with them!” I say to him when he sits back down

“I can’t let you talk to them without Selena’s approval!” Jacob says and It’s like throwing fuel on a fire with Cannon when he gets up in a rush and tips his chair to the ground.

“Cannon calm down! We are here to find our mates. The prisoners we can talk about later!” I say to him when he reaches down and picks it up.

“Did all of them go over there?” Declan asks and I see Jacob give him a nod.

“But they were alright when you got the prisoners? ” He asks and I see Jacob take a mouth full of his coffee. It takes a moment before he answers.

“Yes, but that was several hours ago and I have tried to reach them with both mind linking and the phone without any luck!” he says and places the mug down on the table and leans forward.

“When I saw Selena, she looked exhausted, she has a limit on how much she can use her gifts before she gets drained. If she has used up too much, she is probably asleep right now! But it doesn’t explain why no one is answering the phone” he says and you could hear a pin drop in the room.

No one says a thing while we take it all in. My worry about them just went out the roof! When I get ahold of her, I will tie her up to my bed and not let her out without being by my side!

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