I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 73

I will never be yours by Melan Pamp

Chapter 73

Selena POV:

I see her sigh and grab me harder on my shoulder and shake her head no at me when I’m fast and look at the wall. Ripping down a map and a piece of paper when she drags me away from the wall and several footsteps are heard inside the house on the bottom floor.

Feeling the strange energy trying to reach over to mine I push it away and understand we have to get out of there right now!

I have no idea what we are up against with the gifted rogue outside and we better go back before it’ s too late.

Holding the papers close to my chest I open a portal behind Jessie and start to head over there when she taps me on my shoulder and point at the man on the floor.

She can’t be serious with me right now! She wants to bring him but leave the rest of the papers.

Hearing the footstep getting up the stairs there is no time to waste and I grab the shoulder of the man at one side and she does the same when we start dragging him over to the portal. Cursing inside my head at her stubborn way!

I knew she wouldn’t leave without bringing him.

We have almost reached the portal when they have reached the top of the stairs and my heart starts to beat hard in my chest!

“They are over here!” I hear a man booms out when we reach the portal. I don’t have time to turn and look at the men when we drag him inside and I am quick to close the portal once we are out on the other side.

Dropping the heavy man to the floor I shrink to the ground and have to calm my raising heart down. Whatever that was I didn’t like the feeling he brought to me.

“That was close!” Jessie says and drops to her knees on the other side of the rogue. Shaking my head at her.

“You f0rced me to leave the papers on the wall but had to bring this heavy dude back?” I say and look sternly at her. She chuckles at first.

” Yes! Can’t leave a rogue behind. He might be useful!” she says and I roll my eyes at her.

“And you don’t think the papers were more important?” I say and raise an eyebrow at her.

“No! If we can’t get any useful information out of him at least I will end his life and we have one less rogue to worry about!” she says and giggles. I should have known what her intentions with the rogue were.

“I think you are about to lose it!” I say and shake my head at her. Looking down at the papers in my hands I take a breath when I remember the bag. My heart almost stops beating in anxiety we forgot it there! Then I will have to go back somehow.

Looking back over at Jessie she has a puzzled expression on her face when she looks at me.

“Please tell me you got the bag!” I say when I hear several footsteps running over to where we are. I portaled us over outside the pack house and without looking, I feel Jacob is one among the others.

She has a mischievous smile on her lips before she reaches behind her.

“Of course, I got the bag!” she says and places it on the unconscious rogue. I take a deep breath of relief. Feeling Jacob has stopped behind me.

“Happy to see you back! Where are Emma and Sari? ” he asks when I reach for the bag and open it up to place the other papers I was holding inside. Laying them on the top and closing the bag again.

“In her sister’s village! I will portal her back right away!” I tell him and search for Emma. Finding her I open a mind link.

“Ready to come back?” I ask her when she opens the mind link.

“f*uc*k Selena! I’m grateful you listened for once!” she says and I smile at her.

“Yes! And I think it’s time for you to come back!” I mind link and look when Jacob and two others walk around and look at the rogue.

“Yes, we are! Sari is here beside me and we are ready when you are,” she says and I get up on my feet and take the bag of the rogue when Jessie turns him over. He starts to stir a bit and I know it won’t take long until he is awake.

Jacob squat down and tie his hands in front of him while Jessie puts on a shirt and shorts.

“In a second!” I tell Emma and cut the link when one of my warriors’ hands me a shirt and a pair of shorts. Placing the bag down on the ground I take the clothes and put them on me when Jacob and Jessie grab the rogue in his arms.

Opening a portal in front of us to Emma and Sari it doesn’t take long until I see them walking through the portal with big smiles on their lips when they notice us.

I couldn’t be happier they are safe and back here.

Emma takes a few quick steps forward when her eyes land on the rogue Jessie and Jacob are starting to drag with them.

All colors drain from Emma’s face and the bag she was holding she drops to the ground

My stomach turns at the sight of her and I’m quickly over to her. Standing in front of her I turn my head and look at Jessie when she gets my point and let another one take her place and hold the man. She is quick over and stands beside Emma.

Placing my hand on her shoulder she jumps at my touch but doesn’t take her eyes off the rogue. Sari walks up behind her and places her arm around her shoulder when Emma starts to tremble in front of us.

“You all have to promise me something!” she says in a monotone voice. I know whatever it is this ain’t good.

“I can’t promise you anything without knowing first what this is all about!” I have a hunch about what it might be.

“You have to promise me or I won’t tell you a thing!” She says in a stern voice and looks at me. I have seen her angry but this is something completely different from angry. This is hate!

Taking my time and looking at her face I try to figure out what it is. I can’t let her keep whatever this is to herself!

Turning my head and looking at the rogue and over at my pack members, it looks like we all have the same thought.

This is serious and she has to tell us!

“Promise me! All of you!” she screams out and this time there is no question about it.

I give her a nod and see her take a large bit of breath before tears start to run down her cheeks. Never in my life have I ever seen her cry at the sight of any rogue!

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