I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 80

I will never be yours by Melan Pamp

Chapter 80

Kian POV:

Watching my little mate leaving my office I want to go after her! When she closes the door after her I have to focus and get back to all the papers they found. Give her some time to herself and a nice bath!

“That’s a special mate you got!” My father’s beta says. Raising my eyes to look at him.

“Yes, she is!” I say and sit back in my seat, prepared for some questions.

“I would hurry up with that mating if I were you! We need you together and strong for the rogue threat” he says and I know it too. But I won’t f0rce her to accept me and take me as her mate. I will wait till she can forgive me and want it.

“When she is ready!” I say and end that discussion.

“Look at this!” My father says and I get up on my feet and walk around the table to where he sits with a map in front of him and several papers around it. Looking down at the paper I see a map of the kingdom and all the way over to her pack grounds. The cave is marked on the map and what lay behind peak my interest.

“Here!” My father hands me a paper and when I start to read it, I understand what she has come across.

“They have a territory on the other side of the cave with kidnapped pack members and rogues. A training camp to get them prepaid for a battle! How many are there?” I ask and look around at the table. Tons of papers and files lay on the table in piles.

“With the number of papers here, it will take a long time to get a number!” He says when I hand him the paper back to him.

“Where is the closest pack on the other side of the cave?” My father’s Gamma asks and I get over to my desk and pull a drawer open. Picking up my book with the records of every pack I take it and get over to the map.

Looking at it and in my book, I can easily see there are miles of no man’s land before there is any pack close, leaving them with every opportunity to operate and start an army without any interferences and no one to notice it. If it wasn’t for

Selena’s hidden pack and they have noticed the cave and all the activity we wouldn’t have known about it!

“Here!” I point to the map and everyone is silent for a long moment. We all see the problem!

“We have to get someone over there and start to scout the area!” My father says and I have the same thought as him. If we could get some of Selena’s potion to mask our scent we would have a better chance to get close to their camp!

“We have to know the number of rogues there could be on the other side of the cave before we get over there. Selena’s packs have a potion to mask their scent and it would be good if we could get some of it before trying to go there! Going through the cave at this moment and the possibility to run right into their camp is out of the question. We will have to go around all the way over here!” I point at the map and the way we could enter the woods.

“We need to contact the closest packs around the area and see if they have noticed the rogues!” My father’s Gamma says and he is right. We have to get a full picture of this situation before deciding what is the best way.

“Once we know it all maybe Selena could help us and portal us right over there?” My father says and I know she wouldn’t hesitate to help us and portal there. I just know there is no way she wouldn’t be following with us and I don’t want her anywhere near any danger! If I could lock her inside this castle until the threat is gone I would.

“I know she wouldn’t hesitate to help, but I don’t want her anywhere near any danger!” I tell them and take my book over to my desk and place it down in the drawer again.

I hear my father chuckle and lift my head and look at him, he sits there with a smile on his lips. Raising an eyebrow at him in response

“You are being overprotective son! Your mate is capable of taking care of herself and probably would have to protect you instead from a threat! Her gifts are something I have never seen before and the way she took every rogue out on the field she is more than a dozen fighters. Have a little faith in her!” He says and I drag a hand through my hair.

“I know she is and I know what she is capable of but I can’t stand it if anything happens to her!” I say and look at him. The room is silent for a moment. I know he is right and I am overprotective.

“I’ll go and talk to her!” I say and give up. Starting to head for the door before I stop and look at him.

“Try and get in contact with the packs and I will come back in a while! I have a surprise for Selena first” I tell him before opening the door.

“We will get right on it!” I hear my father say behind my back when I walk out of the room. Heading down the hallway and up the stairs I come in front of the doors to my chambers when her intoxic scent reaches my nose.

What is my little mate up to?

Slowly turning the door handle and opening the door I take a large inhale and her arousal reaches my nose. My d*ic*k instantly jerks in my pants from her delicious smell.

Closing the door soundlessly I take off my shoes and socks before starting to head over to the bathroom as silently as I can.

I don’t want to reveal I’m in here!

Walking closer to the bathroom door I see it’s open and the sight in front of me almost has me losing my footing.

She is laying in the bathtub and touching herself!

This is by far the hottest thing I have ever seen in my life and there is no question in my mind this woman is going to be the death of me!

I can’t seem to manage and peel my eyes from the sight and I’m painfully hard. Starting to unb*tton my shirt and drop it on the floor soundlessly. This time she won’t escape me and I will have a taste of her!

Pushing the door open and slowly walking over to where she is sitting in the bath tube. She is too occupied to notice I’m here and once I reach the tube I feel how my canines start to extend by her delicious smell.

Leaning closer to her head.

“I’m going to have a taste of you!” I say close to her ear.

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