I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 81

I Will Never Be Yours By Melan pamp

Chapter 81

Selena POV:

Hearing his husky voice beside me year jolts me upright and I lose my balance in the tube when I suddenly find my head under the water and my legs up in the air. Before his arms come down and drag me up. Hearing him chuckle at me and I want nothing more than teleport away from here!

Spitting water out of my mouth while he comes over with a towel.

Snatching it from his hand when he tries to grab me and lift me out of the tube.

“Ever heard of knocking before walking inside!” I snap at him and get out of the tube while wrapping the towel around my body. I didn’t hear him come inside the room and he had to walk in at the worse moment there could be!

And to top it off the gracious sight of me half drowning in the tube with my legs right up.

Trying to walk past him when he grabs me and pushes me back against the wall. Looking at him his canines are out and his eyes are pitch black.

I have to take a large breath at the sight of him! He looks savage, and just the sight of him is a turn–on! Letting my eyes travel down his body I see his n@ked muscular chest and his hands come down to his pants when he starts to unb*tton them. He drops them to the floor and a huge tent is shown in his boxers.

I can’t take away my eyes off him when I hear him clear his throat and I lift my eyes to look at him.

Meeting his eyes again I’m his prey at this moment and there is no escaping from him when he takes a large step over to me.

“That was the hottest sight I have ever seen my naughty girl!” He says and a low growl is heard from his chest.

“I’m not even sorry to sneak up on you! From now on I will do nothing else!” He says and pull my body flat against his when his hot breath lands on my shoulder and a shiver runs down my body. I gasp at the feeling when his teeth puncture the skin on my shoulder before he retracted them and lap over his love bite.

My c*ore starts to throb when his hand comes up and opens the towel from me. He drops it to the floor while he traces his nose over my neck and cheek. Stopping beside my ear when I feel him cup my p*uss*y. I gasp in response! Want his hands on my body.

“Now I’m going to have a taste of you!” His husky voice says to my ear and I feel my arousal spill out before he grabs my b*tt with his hands and lifts me.. Wrapping my legs around his waist when he pushes me back against the wall and captures my lips with his in a dominant, hungry kiss.

He pushes his tongue inside my mouth when I feel his hand come around and cup my bre@st. Squeezing it before he starts to roll my nipple between his fingers.

My c*ore starts to throb worse when I place my hands behind his neck and pull him closer to me, deepening the kiss. He lets go of my mouth and pushes off the wall before he starts to walk over to his bedroom.

Placing me down on the end of his bed when he leans over and gives me a deep kiss before he lets go and travels down my body with open mouth kisses to my bre@st. He doesn’t waste any time capturing my nipple in his mouth and starts to s*ck on it, making me squirm under him and my c*ore to throb harder.

I M0@n out from the feeling when he lets go and gets down on his knees on the floor and grabs my hips before he drags my body closer to him.

He places my legs to the side and opens me up to him before tilting my hips up. I’m all on display for him to see!

He doesn’t give me any more time to think about how exposed I am when his hot breath falls on my w*t f0lds before I feel him lick a straight line all the way up to my cl*t.

“Kian!” I cry out when he starts to s*ck on my cl*t. Every nerve in my body answers to his touch when his tongue easily pushes me over my peak and my 0rg@sm ripple through my body. Grabbing his hair with my hand while I ride out my 0rg@sm on his face.

My arousal spills out and I hear a low growl when he starts to lick it all up.

His fingers dig into my hips when he starts to lick me again harder this time and I know his beast is present.

I like this ruff side and let him have his way with me when he suddenly shoves a finger inside of me hard.

I almost come undone again when he starts to f*uc*k me with his finger and s*ck on my cl*t harder. My walls clench around his finger when he takes it out before adding another one and thrusting back inside.

His mouth is relentless on my cl*t when he draws me closer with every thrust.

“Kian!” I pant out and try to tug on his hair to have him slow down a bit or I will coat his bed with my juices when I come. He doesn’t stop and instead places his other hand on my stomach and pushes down to meet his fingers he bucks up instead, and there is no way I can hold back when my walls clench hard around his fingers and I almost stop breathing for a moment when my 0rg@sm run through my body making my toes curl. Holding a hard grip on his hair when I cry out his name and my juices spill out and run down my b*tt.

I try to catch my breath when he pulls his fingers out of me and starts to lick my juices.

Coming down from my high when he let go of me and get up on the bed. Towering over me before he leans down and catches my lips with his. Tasting myself on him when he deepened the kiss.

I have this urge to touch him!

Taking my hand down to his boxers and touch his hard d*ic*k when he breaks the kiss and take my hand away from him.

“No, I want to!” I say to him in protest.

“You will have as much d*ic*k as you want but not today!” He says and look at me.

“Why not?” I try to protest and get him to let go of my hand but he doesn’t let go and places it over my head when he leans down and pecks my lips.

“Because I have a surprise for you downstairs in a little while!” He says and gets off the bed and turns around and heads for the bathroom.

Laying on the bed and catching my breath when I hear the shower being turned on and the shower doors open and close.

No, I have had it and this time he will not get away from me! I’m going to taste him!

Getting up from the bed I head over to the bathroom and walk over to the shower before opening the door and getting inside. Kian is leaning his hand against the wall.

Turning him around I push his body against the shower wall and get down on my knees when I grab his hard c*oc*k in my hand.

“What are you doing!” He says when I turn my head slightly up to meet his eyes before opening my mouth and swirling my tongue on the tip of his c*oc*k. Hearing. Kian takes a large inhale when my lips wrap around the head. He looks down at me with hooded eyes when I open my mouth to the max and take him inside. He is huge and I have to take my hand down his sh@ft when I start to bob my head and s*ck him. His hand comes around and grabs my hair when he pushes his c*oc*k down my throat and I gag at first.

“Relax!” He says to me and I do before taking more of him inside my mouth. Love to feel him enjoy it even if my jaw has started to hurt with how wide I have to open my mouth. Bobbing my head faster and start to s*ck him harder when his hold on my hair increases.

“f*uc*k Selena!” He says in a pant and I feel his c*oc*k jerk in my mouth and I guess he is getting close. He pulls my hair back and tries to get it out of my mouth when I let go with a pop and only keep my hand stroking him fast.

It only takes a few long strokes before he comes over my mouth and down my bre@sts. Rows of his s*eed pump out of his d*ic*k and hearing his pant when he comes has to be the s*e*xiest sound I have ever heard. Looking at his face when he thrusts inside my hand one last time and the last of his cum pumps out.

I see him take deep breaths and his hand lets go of my hair when he takes his thumb and traces my bottom lip.

“you’re driving me crazy!” He says before he pulled me up to my feet and starts to push me back under the water until it starts to run down my body washing away his cum.

I see him take a bottle of wash and pull me out of the water before he starts to wash me gently over my whole body. When he is done he pushes me back under the water and gets under himself before he comes down and catches my lips with his in a heated kiss for a short moment.

“My little mate! I would love to stay in here with you for days but I have a surprise for you, and this one I know you are going to love!” He says when he lets go and peck my lips before he starts to wash his body.

“Are you sure I’m going to like the surprise?” I say and feel skeptical when he turns the water off and gets out of the shower.

Following him outside when he takes a towel and wraps it around him before walking over and wrapping one around my body.

“I know you will love it!” He says and pecks my lips before he turns around and walks out of the bathroom. Leaving me standing inside with a frown on my face.

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