I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 82

I Will Never Be Yours By Melan pamp

Chapter 82

Kian POV:

Seeing my little mate walk around and take on her clothes I want to rip them off her and place her on my bed instead. I’m far from done exploring her and giving her ple@sure!

“What are you looking at?” I hear her soft voice and lift my eyes from roaming over her body and look into her eyes instead. Take long strides over to her and h***k my finger under her jaw.

“My beautiful little mate!” I say and capture her plump lips with mine.

“Are you ready?” I ask her when I let her go.

“Yes!” she says pulling her tight dress down her legs. She looks absolutely ravishing! Remember what I came up here for in the first place.

“Can we get some of your potion to mask our scent?” I ask her when she lifts her head and looks at me.

“If you tell me what you are going to use it for!” she says with a raised eyebrow at me. I knew she wouldn’t give it to us without knowing what we need it for.

“We are planning to scout the area behind the cave and see if there is a rogue camp there!” I say and keep my eyes locked on her.

“And I’m not allowed to come or what are you telling me?” she says and instantly gets a bit angry.

“You will not have it if I’m not coming with you!” she says before I even got a chance to speak up. Seeing her place her hands on her hips I can’t help but smile how adorable she is when she is angry!

Wrapping her up in my arms I lean down to her ear.

“You can come but if you put yourself in unnecessary danger I’m going to punish that nice b*tt of yours!” I say and give her b*tt cheek a hard squeeze. Her delicious scent reaches my nose and I let her go and look down at her. She is chewing her bottom lip and has a blush on her cheeks. I can’t help but chuckle at her and take my thumb to her bottom lip and pull it out.

“Anytime you want some good sp***king, I’m here!” I say and see her blush even more. I could not have been blessed with a better mate than her.

“How about we don’t go down then!” she says and looks at me with her innocent eyes.

“Tempting but you don’t want to miss the surprise!” I say and give her lips a peck before taking my arm around her waist and starting to walk with her out of the room. She follows beside me and when we reach down to the first floor, I get a mindkink from my mother.

Everything is done and waiting for her!

Reaching outside the big dining room I stop and turn her to look at me. Seeing her take a sniff in the air before she snaps her head and looks at me. She stands there with dilated eyes and a shocked expression on her face before a single tear slip down her cheek.

Taking my hand up and wiping it away.

“They are here for you! I have talked to them and told them everything I have done to you and where you have been all this time! I’m sorry love for everything! I have invited them here for you tonight. Take your time and food will be brought in a little while for you!” I tell her. It’s hard seeing how badly I have hurt her!

Wrapping her up in my arms I feel her place her arms around my waist.

We stand there in silence before I push her from me, it’s better if she goes inside and meets them than stand here with me.

“Go inside! I’m in my office if you want to find me.” After opening the door I push her inside and close the door after her. Don’t wait and hear her answer but head over to my office instead. We have a lot to handle to try and get on top of all these documents.

Pushing my door open to my office I find my father and his beta and g*mma inside the room, fully occupied with the documents. Several papers are pinned to my walls and different piles of papers are all around the table and chairs. Do they have any idea where it all is or have they managed to mix it all up?

Stopping inside the room I shove the door closed and it has them to raise their heads and look at me.

“Is there any order to all this mess?” I say and point around the room. Seeing them look around I have no idea even where to begin.

“Yes, we have! A paper is placed on all the piles with what we have found in that pile we have been going through. All these piles we haven’t looked at yet and the papers on the wall are the most important papers from the piles, including our side notes!” my father says and I look around the room. It will take ages to get this sorted properly!

We need more help inside here!

“Have you reached anyone of the packs while I was away?” I ask them and walk inside to the table and take a seat.

“We have managed to get a hold of one of the packs and the only problem they have had is missing pack members! We are going through the pile from the area and see if we can find any information about it here from the notes!” my father says and points to a pile.

It’s better to dive right into it! Take some of the notes and start to look them over thoroughly.

We sit inside here for several hours and go over the one pile only to find more alarming things and it’s urgent to go there.

When we have got through what we can tonight the others leave my office and I head over to give the Alpha a call and let him know what we have found out.

It takes a long moment and tries to sort it with him when I hear my office door open and Selens comes walking inside. She has a big smile on her lips, her cheeks are red and I guess she has been crying a bit. Waving her over to me with my fingers while I try to finish the call quickly.

When she reaches over to me I drag her down in my lap while I end the call and place the phone down.

“How was it?” I ask her and place her hair behind her ear, wanting to see her whole face.

“It was great to see them again. Thank you for bringing them here!” she says and I pull her closer to me and place her head on my shoulder, she looks exhausted.

“It was the least I could do!” I say when she starts to drag a file closer to her.

“What’s this?” she says and looks at what file she is pulling at.

“Open it and see for yourself!” I tell her and sit back in my seat when she leans forward and opens her file. The pictured I have of her and where I have had my men to look for her. Every rapport from my search team. She sits in silence for a long moment and looks at it.

“Open the last drawer on your side!” I tell her and she puts the file down and opens the drawer where everything she has on her the day she shifted on the run under my command.

“You saved these?” she says and turns to look at me. Taking my hand up to her cheek and pull away some hair before tracing my hand down her cheek.

“I couldn’t get rid of them! I tried to look for you but you left without a trace. I knew what I did to you was wrong and I believe I would have acted differently if it wasn’t so close to their burial and I was drunk! You didn’t deserve to be mated to me and what I have put you through. They are a reminder to me of how badly I have screwed this up!” I honestly tell her what I feel.

She places her things down in the drawer with the file and closes it before she turns and looks at me.

“Then we are going to keep them! It’s perfect to take out when I want something from you. I can just take them out and you will do anything for me!” she says and winks at me and I chuckle at her.

“You don’t need them. I will do anything you ask of me anyway!” I say and peck her lips.

“Then take me up to bed! I’m tired and want to snuggle!” she says and smiles big at me. Like I would ever be able and say no to that.

Chuckle at her while I stand up with her in my arms.

“You don’t have to tell me twice!” I say and start to walk out of my office with her.

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