I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 84

I will never be yours By Melan pamp

Chapter 84 

Selena POV: 

Walking out of the prison with Zoey behind me. Lost in my thought and trying to figure it out when she walks up beside me. 

“I have tried to think of any possibility when they told him the information but I can’t figure it out when they could have known!” she says what I’m thinking. 

“I just got this feeling we are missing something but I have to talk with Kian later and see if he can figure it out!” I say when we reach the pack house. 

“She is in the kitchen! She has been in there and making potions the whole time, only took a few hours off to get some sleep!” Zoey says and by that information, I know Emma is upset. Coming inside the kitchen Emma is stirring in some pots when she turns around and sees us, she drops everything and rushes over to me when she throws herself around my neck and holding tight. 

“I’m so sorry! I shouldn’t have argued with you that way!” she says and I hold her tighter to me. 

“You are not alone in it! I shouldn’t have come at you the way I did! I’m sorry Emma!” I say to her and hope she can take my apology. 

“Let’s get past it and move on instead. You are all the family I got and I would never leave you!” she says and let go of me 

“I would never let you leave!” I say and give her a wink. She starts to smile at me. 

“Come! I have made several potions for you while Sari is out and picking herbs” she says and starts to tug me with her. 

“I came here to ask if you could make a lot more potion to mask the scent. Kia and his men need it!” I say and look at her when she stirs in the pot. 

“How much are needed?” she asks and turns to look at me. I didn’t ask him how many were going over there and I can only guess there will be needed a lot. 

“I would say as much you can make, I have a feeling it’s going to be needed soon. We are going behind the cave and searching for the rogues!” I tell her when Zoey walks up behind me. 

“I’m coming with you!” she says and I guessed she would want to come, she has taken it upon herself to follow every trace around the cave for months. 

“Of course, you can!” I tell her when Emma looks between us. 

“Alright, then we have to make what we can! I will head out to look for Sari!” Emma says and starts to walk out of the kitchen. 

“I have to check up on work. It has been too long since I had the time look even if I have the time off!” I tell her before starting to head up to my office. 

“I will bring you some breakfast and coffee!” she says when I’m about to head out. from the kitchen. Remember I haven’t eaten anything yet 

“Sounds good!” I say to her before I leave and make my way up the stairs. Opening the office door and head inside. 

We need the money to the pack or I would have quit it a long time ago. It takes up to much of time I don’t have besides everything else I have to take care of in the pack. 

I like the job and its good money but it’s not worth the stress! 

Coming inside I turn on the computer and log in to my email. Seeing all the emails I have got I have to take a deep breath before starting to go through them. It takes me a long moment before I have managed to get some emails sorted when Zoey comes walking inside with a tray in her hands. 

The smell of food has my stomach rumbling loud when she places it down on my office desk and takes herself a coop of coffee from the tray. 

Picking up my own cup and taking a sandwich I sit back in my seat and start to eat. 

“Much to do on your work?” she asks when I try to find some documents who is supposed to be attached in an email. 

“Yes, and I’m missing some document that is supposed to be in an email. Afraid I have to make a quick visit to work later” I say and sip on my coffee while sitting back in my seat. 

“How far did you come with the documents you found in the rogue house?” she takes a seat in a chair while I eat up my sandwich. 

“It will take time before we have manages to get on top of it all! All the captured we 

brought here, how are they doing?” I ask her, hoping some of them will start to feel some better with the proper care. 

“Most of them have healed up in their body as much they can, but the 

psychological scars will take a long time!” we already know this from everyone else we have helped through the years. 

“Let me know what they want to do. I will help them get back to their homes if they have anywhere they want to go!” she gives me a nod when there is a knock on the door and Emma comes inside with a potion in her hand. 

“Here for your heat!” she says and walks over with it to me. She places it down in front of me on the desk and takes a seat on a chair. Reaching for the potion I take it in my hand while looking at it for a moment before I place it down on my desk again. 

“You’re not going to take it? Does it mean you have decided to complete the bond?” Emma says with excitement in her voice. 

“I’m going to think about it for a moment!” I say and take the last of my coffee before putting my cup back down on the tray. 

I see Zoey’s eyes glance over and she is mind linking with someone. It takes a moment before she gets up and is about to head out the door. 

“What’s wrong?” I ask her and get up on my feet. 

“A scout has seen a lot of birds in an area! I’m heading over to check it!” she says and I start to walk after her. 

“I’m coming with you!” I say and head out of the office. Have no time to talk more with Emma right now and follow after Zoey out of the pack house. She gets undressed on the porch and I do the same before we shift and start to run in the direction they were seen. 

A lot of birds could mean something lies dead on the ground and they are there for the meat. Whatever it is that has them flocking over the area is alarming and we have to check it. 

Running through our barrier it doesn’t take long inside the woods before we see what they have reported. A flock of birds is circling the sky. 

Whatever we find over there I’m sure it’s going to be dead!

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