I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 87

I will never be yours By Melan pamp

Chapter 87 

Selena POV: 

Walking out of the portal I stand in the dark alley behind work. It’s late and I know no one of my colleagues will be here! 

At least I hope so when I start to walk out of the alley and over to the front doors of the building. I don’t meet anyone on the way over! 

Walking inside I see some of the personnel are still at the front desk and closing it for the day. 

Walking past them I come to the elevator when it just arrives on the bottom floor and my secretary comes walking out with another secretary from our floor.  She stops beside the doors when she sees me. 

“I didn’t know you would be coming in or I would have waited for you upstairs! Do you want me to follow you back up?” she asks when I walk past her and inside the elevator. She is holding the doors open. 

“No, it’s fine! I’m only here for a quick stop and to pick up some documents I’m missing from the emails.” I tell her while looking her way. 

“What documents?” she asks me with concern in her voice. 

“I don’t know what it is but don’t worry I will find it!” I say and try to sound convincing. She doesn’t have to follow me upstairs. 

She drops her hold on the door and gets inside with me. 

“I should go with you and help you find what it is!” she says and presses the b*tton when the doors close and the elevator start to move. It’s no point in arguing she has made it pretty clear! 

“Alright!” I say to her and it will probably go faster if she is with me and help me to find the documents. 

I feel stressed over it and have to go over to Kian as fast as I can get this done here! The elevator arrives on our office floor and we get outside and start to head over 

to my office. Coming outside my door she heads over to her desk and begins to start her computer up while I push the door open into my office. 

Inside it’s just the way I left it except there is a big pile of papers on my desk. Something I have to get on top of when I’m back! 

Walking around my desk I take a seat in my chair and turn my computer on. Waiting for it to start up I see a new chocolate box on my desk and can’t resist opening it. 

There is no card on it so I have no idea who has given this one either. The other chocolate box that was in here before I left is gone and I guess someone found it and took the opportunity to eat it. 

Opening it I take a piece and put it in my mouth. It tastes good even if it’s a different flavor at the end, I can’t put my finger on what it is! 

Placing the box down beside me when I see my computer is ready. Clicking inside I look for the email and find it with ease. 

Calling out to my Secretary it doesn’t take long until she comes walking inside. 

“Here is the email!” I say and point at the computer when she walks around and looks at it. 

She stands in silence while I take another chocolate! 

“I don’t recognize it!” she says and start to click on the other emails I have on the computer. I’m feeling puzzled, she is the one who sent it to me! 

“the email is forwarded from your email! Who could have sent it if it wasn’t you?” I say and point at the address on the email. 

“I have never seen it before! And I haven’t sent it!” she says and now it’s getting more strange. 

“Give me a moment I will walk out and look in my computer if I can find it being sent from my email!” she says and walks out of my office. 

I start to click on the other emails and try to see the dates and times everything where sent. Feeling stressed I take another chocolate and keep clicking on the emails. 

I don’t see the point in sending me an email with nothing attached to it when it says it comes with important documents. I could have understood it if were someone who had to use her mail to send me something important. But why an empty one? And without her knowing anything about it. Have they forgotten to bring the documents with it? 

Sitting back in my seat and eating another chocolate. That tastes weird and I place it back in the box while I try to see what’s in them. Turning the box I can’t find any information at all! The box is clean! 

I have to ask my secretary who has brought it in here and take the box and get up on my feet. Taking a step around my desk I start to feel dizzy and have to support myself to it. 

I feel weird and my body doesn’t corporate like it should when I take another step forward. 

Trying to reach for my wolf but everything is cut off! I can’t reach anyone and my mind is in a fog when I drop the box to the ground. 

Realizing I have been drugged with the chocolate I try to puke it up but nothing happens when my vision starts to get blurry. 

I can’t reach my gifts and I’m feeling weaker by the minute! 

Taking another step forward when my legs go out under me and I fall right to the floor. Hitting it without being able to catch myself with my arms. My head hits the hard floor with a thud when my ears start to ring. 

All I can do is breathe and try to focus on any sound that someone is coming when I suddenly get turned on my back. Didn’t hear any footsteps! 

Looking right up into a pair of angry eyes on a man I have never seen before! 

I can’t speak or move a muscle when he grabs me and lifts me up in his arms. Trying to take a large inhale and find his scent but there is none at all! 

It’s alarming and by this information, I know whoever he is he can mask his scent! 

My head falls to the side and when he walks out with me from my office I see my secretary laying unconscious on the floor with blood on her neck. I guess she is dead! 

Who is behind all of this? Who knew I was coming here today? My mind is spinning while I try to figure it out and find the puzzle piece I have been missing when I hear a familiar voice and get placed in his arms. I know who it is! 

“Finally!” he says and now I have another puzzle piece. But why? I try to say 

something when black dots start to dance in front of my eyes and how hard I try to fight it I’m not able to resist the darkness. 

The last I register is I’m being carried away from my office!

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