I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 89

I will never be yours By Melan pamp 

Chapter 89 

Kian POV: 

“He has her!” she says repeatedly when she takes a step back and her eyes dilate when she looks at me right before they become white again and I know she gets another vision. Everyone is completely silent and waits for her to say something. 

I have to close my hands in fists to try and keep calm while we wait. 

It takes a moment before we see her take a large breath and her eyes become normal again. 

She looks between me and Cannon with her tears streaming down her cheeks before she quickly swirls around and starts to rush down the hallway. 

“Sari!” she screams out loud and bolts down the stairs. We all start to run after her down the stairs. 

“Sari!” she screams again in pain when she reaches down the last step and runs over to the kitchen. Following her inside we see Sari comes rushing inside the kitchen with some herbs in her hand when Emma is right beside her and wrap her arms around her shoulders when she starts to whisper something in her ear. To low for me to hear and I take a couple of steps forward when Jessie stops me from going further. 

Snapping my head in her direction she shakes her head no at me and I don’t understand why she stops me from going forward and hearing what Emma has to say. 

Hearing a gasp I turn my head and look at Emma and Sari when I see worry and shock on Sari’s face when she turns her head and looks at me. Her eyes hold pain before she averts her eyes and swirls around to go into their herb room. 

Emma stays still with her back against us and doesn’t say anything. It takes too long and I start to walk closer to her when Cannon stops me before I reach all the way over to her. 

“Will you tell us what you saw!” I boom out and see her take a deep breath before she slowly turns around to look at us. 

She looks devastated and worried when her eyes stop on my face. 

“I’m sorry Kian I can’t tell you all I have seen because it might change too much of the outcome!” she says and my anger rises in my body when I feel a hand on my shoulder and turn my head to see Jessie there again. 

“Calm down Kian! It’s always this way and Emma tells us what she can that will give us the best outcome. Trust her gift!” she says and looks at me before she lets go and takes a step forward. 

“Tell us what you can Emma!” she says and I see Emma wipe away some tears before she takes a large inhale. 

“I haven’t seen his face so I don’t know who it is yet. I do know he isn’t alone and several men were there! They drugged Selena before she got a chance to react!” she says and now I can’t contain my wrath and I roar out in anger for whoever dares to touch my mate. 

I will K*ll everyone for laying a finger on her! 

“Calm down Kian! We will get them!” I hear Declan say but it does nothing to calm my anger. 

“There is something you have to do!” Emma says and now everyone looks at her. 

“What is it?” Jessie is fast to say. 

“You need to go to her office. Outside you will find her secretary dead and I know Cannon will find some trace on her. daily new chapters upload only on alaniniz(dot)com Inside Selena’s office, there is a chocolate piece they forgot to bring with them! I need that piece to find out what they have been giving her!” she says and I don’t wait to hear more when I’m quick to turn around and head for the door. 

I will run over to her office right now! 

“Kian there is something more!” Emma says and it has me halting in my track and turning back to look at her. 

“What?” I say and wait for her to continue. 

“The chocolate piece needs to be brought here in one piece if you want to save your mate. I have to find out what they have given to her if I’m going to help her or you will lose her,” she says and you could hear a pin drop in the room. No one says a word when Sari comes walking out of the room with a tray and several potions on 

“You have to take these before you head over to the city. We can’t have your scent exposing you have been in her office if they come back to clean every trace of them!” she says and put the tray down on the counter. 

I see everyone else walk over and take a potion on the tray when Emma picks one up and walks over to where I stand. 

“You have to come back for another potion only for you! I will have it done while you are away. I want her back as much as you and whatever I can do to get her back I will!” she says and hands me the potion. Looking at her I know she is, it’s just frustrating to not know what she has seen. 

Taking the potion from her hand I take it in one go and hand the empty cup back to her. 

“I know you are!” I say to her when Jessie and Zoey start to head out of the kitchen. 

“The cars are waiting outside the borders ready to go right now!” Jessie says and we are quick to follow behind her when Cannon walks up beside me. 

“I have some information for you I manage to get out of the rogues before they d*ied. Selena was supposed to tell you after she had been at her office and I suspect she never got the chance to tell you!” he says when we walk out of the door and head towards the waiting cars.

“No, she never told me. What is it?” I ask him 

“The rogues have found out you are mated to a gifted white werewolf and they know of Selena. She is their biggest target! We couldn’t figure out how they could know about her!” he says and it has my mind railing. They are right! We haven’t exposed ourselves to anyone except our closest pack members and there isn’t anyone there I don’t trust! Then who can it be? 

“Who knows where she works beside us and her pack?” I ask the question I get on my mind. No one in my pack knows where she works and since they manage to get her there they know of it. 

“Since I marked her she hasn’t been back to work then why today?” I say out loud what I’m thinking about 

“She was going there today because she was missing some documents who was supposed to be in the mail!” Jessie answers that question and now it’s obvious someone was luring her there. 

“Then who could get access to the company?” I ask when we reach the cars and stop right outside when I see Jessie and Zoey look at each other. 

“I don’t know but we have to get there and figure it out!” Jessie says when we get inside the cars and start to head towards the office.

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