I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 90

I will never be yours By Melan pamp

Chapter 90

Kian POV:

Reaching the office building the car comes to a halt and we are quickly outside. Jessie is the first one to head to the entrance floors and take out her passage card.

We follow behind her and get inside the entrance.

Looking around the place it looks empty except for some cleaners. I instantly get worried they have been cleaning on her floor when we head over to the elevator.

When it arrives we all get inside and no one says a word until the doors are closed. “how many have access to her office floor?” I ask and turn to look at Jessie.

“Except everyone who works on her floor there are all the cleaners and delivery personal!” she says and it’s obvious there are a lot of people with access. A card can easily be stolen for only this purpose to get into her office.

It does nothing to help and narrow down any suspects!

“Are there any cameras in the building at least?” I ask when the elevator has arrived at her floor.

“Yes, there are some!” Jessie says when the doors open and we are quick outside to head over to her office. Walking down the hallway and several offices on the way before we come closer to her door. The light in the ceiling turns on when we come closer.

Looking at her secretary’s desk we walk around it and see her secretary laying dead on the floor behind her desk. A pool of blood is around her head when Cannon walks over and turn her on her back.

“It’s a vampire bite!” he says and I walk to his side and look down at the floor. He is right!

On her neck is a vampire bite and by the pool of blood the person where only out to K*ll the secretary. I guess she only got in the way and needed to be taken out quickly by the sight of her.

“What would a vampire do here? Aren’t they only in the north?” Zoey says and she is right! No vampire has been down here for decades. They always stay in their cities and won’t come down and disturb us or the humans living in here. Not since the last fight took place and we all signed a peace agreement.

“I have no idea! They aren’t supposed to come down here!” I say and take a step back. Looking to the side I see her office door open a bit and push it open all the way before taking a step inside when the lights are turned on. I don’t see anything on the floor or her desk when Jessie comes to walk beside me

“Wait!” I say and stop her from going any further. She turns to look at me.

“What!” she says in an angry voice and raises her arms in the air in surrender.

“It’s better if Cannon walks in there first to search the room. He will find any trace before we get inside and destroy any scent there is!” I tell her and see her give up and take a step out of the room. I get to the side of the door and let Cannon walk inside alone.

He walks past me and starts to search the room when I see him get down on all fours and sniff around her desk before he lays down on the floor and reaches for something behind her desk.

When he gets a hold of what it is he gets up on his feet and looks at the chocolate in his hand. I see him turn the chocolate in his hand before he takes a large inhale of it. He sniffs all around it before he walks over and takes a paper from her desk before placing it inside.

“Have you found anything?” I have to ask him when he walks around in the room before he comes over to stand in front of me.

“That’s just it! I don’t smell anything in her room except her secretary scent and she isn’t the one behind this!” he says and looks down at the paper in his hand and takes a long sniff at it. I see him thinking of something for a long time before he raises his eyes to look at me.

“This has several different smells, I can sense different herbs inside and I guess that’s what Emma needs to figure out. I can’t place anyone of them. But besides all of that I can sense a faint smell of something else!” he says and places the chocolate under my nose.

He is right! I can smell something different about the chocolate but can’t put my finger on it. I know I have smelled it before.

“There is something weird going on with that piece of chocolate!” I say when I hand it back to him.

“You didn’t find anything else in her room?” Jessie asks and I see him look over at her.

“No that’s just it! Nothing! We all know Selena has her scent masked, but the one who did this to her has done the same! How many know how to mask their scent?” Cannon says and I try to put the pieces together.

“So, we are dealing with a vampire who can mask his scent two! that’s just great!” Zoey says and sighs loudly. She is right about it!

“Any surveillance film we can look at?” I ask when Zoey walks past us and into her office. She walks behind her office desk and takes a seat when we follow behind

her. Stopping behind her desk I see Zoey click inside her computer and start to take out some film from the hallway outside her office.

When the film starts to play on the screen it doesn’t take long before the whole screen becomes black. Looking at the time the screen is black before we see Selena walking down the hallway with her secretary beside her. Someone has erased the film and it doesn’t record anything after!

“For f*uc*k sake!” Jessie burst out and slam her first into her office desk. She is just as frustrated as I am but this only makes me understand it’s someone from inside this building who is involved in her kidnapping.

“There has to be someone inside this building who is involved with her kidnapping!” Zoey says and turns off her computer before she gets up on her feet.

“I think we should let the cleaners find the body and get back to Emma with the chocolate!” Jessie says and they start to walk out of the room with Declan behind her.

Walking up beside Cannon I don’t understand what Emma meant by him finding a trace of who did this. There was nothing inside her room and the secretary only gave away that there are a vampire involved.

Walking down the hallway when Cannon takes a sniff of the chocolate in his hand. when he suddenly stops and sniffs in the air. He turns around a corner and sniffs while he slowly starts to walk that way instead.

“What is it?” Jessie says when I start to walk behind him.

“Cannon has found a trace of something!” I hear Declan says when we come to stop outside an office door and Cannon sniffs around it before he takes another sniff of the chocolate. I don’t dare to speak and disturb him at this moment when he suddenly kicks the door in. He takes a large in hail before he turns around and looks at us.

His eyes are pitch black and I can see his veins pulsate on his forehead. His beast is percent and he is furious!

“Who’s this office!” he booms out and turns his whole body our way.

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