I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 97

I will never be yours By Melan pamp

Chapter 97

Kian POV:

The car ride has taken several hours, and I have used the time to look at every map of the area I can find and satellite footage.

All I have been able to see is a thick forest over the area and nothing has been revealed on the ground.

“We’re almost there!” Cannon says when we take off from the main road.

It has started to get dark outside and it won’t take long before the sun has completely gone down. Cannon gets a phone call and answers it!

Trying to listen to who it is I instantly figure out it’s Emma by the tone of his voice. He ends the phone call after a short moment and drags a hand down his face, at the sight of him, he didn’t get any good news from her.

“Can you tell me what that was about?” I ask him when he doesn’t say anything.

“I guess we have found out how he can know about the herb and make the potions,” he says when the car comes to stop outside the pack house and looking over at the entrance I see the Alpha and his men standing and waiting for us.

“How?” I ask him when he turns to look at me.

“Sari found out that one of her closest friends where missing a granddaughter since a couple of weeks back, she had been learned by her and no one has seen her since she went to visit a friend!” he says and that would connect the dots, ff she has found Elijah and helped him somehow.

“Why would she help Elijah? Is she kidnapped by him?” I say out loud what I am thinking.

“that’s what everyone is thinking!” Cannon says when the door beside me is being opened and Declan pops his head inside.

“Her grandma said she always let them know if she where going somewhere and now she hasn’t contacted them in weeks, she would never go that long without calling them!” he says and I turn my head to look at Declan before I start to head out of the car.

“Who wouldn’t what?” Declan asks when I’m outside the car, Jessie and Zoey stand beside him and wait for us.

“It looks like we might have found out how Elijah knows about the herb and how to make the potion, Cannon can fill you in on the details!” I tell them before turning to greet the Alpha who has come over to meet us.

“Hi, Albert!” I say and take his hand and give it a shake.

“Your G*mma called and ask us for help, the area you want to go to is a swamp for most of the part we have knowledge about. It’s a hard terrain to walk through!” he says and I have figured as much by the satellite footage.

“I suggest we go in the early morning to have a look!” he says when Cannon walks over to where we stand.

“It sounds good to me!” he says and the rest comes over to where I stand.

“I would rather get going right away!” Jessie comes up behind me and says, I’m with her on this!

“NO!” Cannon barks out again.

“We haven’t eaten for the whole day and we need some food and sleep before we go, who knows what we will find once we get there!” he says and now I got a hunch about what he knows, looking at him for a long moment but he doesn’t takes his eyes away from me.

“Alright!” I say after a long moment of silence.

“Why are you giving in to him? Am I the only one who wants to find her or what!” Jessie burst out when Declan grabs her to the side and turning to look at them I see they have a heated argument, I know Emma has seen something and told it to Cannon. I will have to trust her on this one!

“Well then, come inside!” Albert says and I follow after him over to the pack house.

We get served dinner and sit to talk for a long time in the dining room, they explain everything suspicious they have seen in the last months, they haven’t loosed any pack members but there has been a lot of activity close to their borders.

When we are done they show us to a couple of rooms, I’m not tired and there is no way I’m going to sleep when I know she is out there and he got his hands on her.

“I’m sharing a room with you!” I hear Cannon say when we have reached a room with two beds inside, I don’t mind and open the door and step inside when he follows behind.

“Making sure I’m not leaving in the middle of the night!” I say and turn to look at him where he stands in the room before he walks over and places his bag on the bed.

“Something in that way!” he says when he takes a seat on the bed.

Taking off my shoes I sit down on the bed and drag a hand through my hair.

“We are facing something tomorrow once we get there! Aren’t we? And that’s why you have us all waiting until it’s morning?” I say to him and watch his movement.

“Perhaps!” he says before he sighs and gets up from the bed and walks over to his bag, I see him take out a small bag and hold it in his hands when I start to feel a tremendous amount of pain in my stomach and over my chest. It knocks the air out of my lungs and I fall forward on the floor, hitting it with my face first!

I hear Cannon’s footsteps when he walks over to where I lay on the ground, I get turned around on my back while I try to breathe through the pain but black dots start to play in front of my eyes.

“I’m here for this! What he is doing to her has begun!” he says and I try to fight it! If I feel this amount of pain what isn’t she feeling?

I feel the bond to her start to fade away slowly when Cannon place a bottle to my lips and pour some liquid down my throat.

“It will hurt worse but this is the only way! I’m not leaving your side so focus on the mate bond! Give Selena strength to fight it!” I hear him say from a far distance, the liquid burned all the way down to my stomach. I try to hold on to the bond and pull on it when my vision becomes black and I fall into darkness.

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