I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 99

I will never be yours By Melan pamp

Chapter 99

Selena POV:

There is some movement beside me I realize I’m back in the bed again and Elijah is laying beside me. Feeling my body and I have started to get some strength back, I feel it deep down something has changed, and starting to gain strength.

“I hadn’t planned for you to p@ss out again! I was about to give you a nice moment when you suddenly were out!” I hear his voice and open my eyes to see the room is still black, turning my head I see him lying beside me in only a pair of boxers, I feel relieved he didn’t get to do something more to me!

“Now is time for your refill!” he says and I know I have to buy myself some time to try and get as much strength back as I can, whatever he is giving me has me weak and unable to move, cut off from my wolf.

“What is it you are giving me?” I ask the one thing I come to think of.

“Nice to hear your voice again!” he says when I feel him get up from the bed and move around in the room before he turns on a light by the window.

“It’s a rare herb that can do pretty much anything!” he says and with the knowledge, I have from these years with Sari and Emma they are extremely rare and I only know about two of them. Elijah is a vampire, then how come he knows about it?

low come you know about the herb?” I ask him and turn my head to the side and look at him when he walks over to the table in the middle of the room and picks up a bottle, he turns his head and looks at me with his wicked smile, I already know by now I won’t be liking his answer!

“Remember I told you I had a mate I K*lled!” he says and takes up a syringe from the table.

“I met her a few weeks back when she came to visit a friend in the city! When my eyes landed on her I knew she was nothing compared to you and one I would never accept, but I did have good use of her!” he says and starts to fill up the syringe with the liquid, looking at him when he places the bottle down on the tray.

“She did anything for me and all that pathetic little girl wanted to do was to please me, she was nothing more than someone to f***k while I waited for her to fix my

potions! You know she was a witch and granddaughter to Sari’s friend!” he says and now he got my whole attention, he knows about Sari then I guess he knows about my pack too!

“Now I got your attention, do I! Well, don’t be surprised! I know everything about your pack and what you are. If it weren’t for the rogue king who wants you out of the way for him to K*ll Kian and take over his kingdom I wouldn’t have gotten my hands on the herb I needed to break your bond!” he says and starts to walk closer to the bed with an evil smile.

“I don’t understand!” I say in shock, there are too many loose ends for me to connect it all.

“Well, your little stunt when you meet the rogue king on the cliff got you all his devoted attention! It took until I wanted the herb and went to their lands that we figured it all out who you are and what your connection to Kian is! He was eager to help me get what I needed and even supplied me with this house they have in the middle of the forest!” he says and it all brings me more questions, remembering the big grey wolf by the cliff I guess it’s the rogue King.

Why would the rogue King help him with everything? Even supply him with a house for him to use? All I can think of is that he is hoping to lure Kian here if he figures out somehow where I am, but he had to know I was his second chance mate and if Elijah succeeded in breaking the bond it would have Kian K*lled without them having to lift a finger against him, It doesn’t add up!

Or didn’t they believe Elijah could break the bond? This doesn’t make sense!

“Their lands?” I have to ask, what I know of the rogues doesn’t have any lands.

“Well, technically it’s not their lands, they are just occupying a piece of the no man’s land, no one is here and they can occupy the land without any interference. This little house is located in a swamp where the herb is growing right outside the door, I use to belong to a witch once, she was r@ped by a werewolf and gave birth to their child. He actually got some special gifts himself even if he is a werewolf! When he grew older he got mad at his mother for keeping him from meeting his father so he K*lled her, you can guess who his father is!” he says with an evil laugh.

I know exactly who he is referring to as his father and it all makes sense who’s the energy I felt that day in the rogue camp, he has to have been born from a very highly gifted witch to get treats from her while he is a shifter, I could feel his energy reach out to mine that day when we met.

With such a gifted wolf on their side, I know there will be a tuff battle once it begins!

Do they believe I will change sides and join them if Elijah manages to complete the bond and he is my mate? Is that what they are planning? Or do they lend him this house to him if he doesn’t manage to complete it and they are planning to kidnap me or try to K*ll me?

My mind is spinning with all these questions I just got! Elijah doesn’t seem to question the help at all!

Does he know more than I do or haven’t they filled him in on everything and not told him what I am and what I can do? Is that it?

“Elijah, do you know what I can do?” I have to ask him, I know if he answers it I will get some of my questions answered.

He takes a seat beside me and turns his head and looks at me.

“Of course, I do! You can portal! I even got to see it with my own eyes when you portal into the alley behind work. Have to say I’m impressed and that’s why I have to keep your wolf dormant so you don’t portal away from me before we have completed the mating!” he says and now I understand why they are helping him!

They haven’t told him what I can do and what gifts I possess, how can he be so blind that he doesn’t question their help at all? I only needed to hear this from him to understand what their motives are!

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